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Monday, December 28, 2009

A perspective war-

Author's note-

A few sketches of random Dialogs often hit us in the face with some fresh perspectives. Sometimes silly, sometimes outrageous, sometimes even unacceptabe but then, don't perspectives make the world what it is?? :)

This post, guys is a conversation I had with my friend a couple of days ago.

The snap--

The dialog-

Pari- "How about you muthu. Will you take any dowry."

Myself- "Nope. I think that dowry in a way degrades the man more than the women. What kind of a man will take money from the women he promises to love and care for."

Pari- "hmhm.... but didn't you say that you want a working girl."

Myself- "Of course, yeah.... I paused for a second.....Why??? Whats wrong with that.. "

Pari- "Well... she going to bring her earnings along with her for life. Isn't that dowry enough."

Myself- "But...... " I paused, my mind scampering for a proper reply and returned back empty handed. I thought aloud. "I have never thought of it that way"

"But then..... " I retaliated. "A marriage is not a buying and a selling issue. You are going to share your life and I wanted a married girl coz I want the girl to be somebody on her own, have a passion of her own, a story of her own."

Pari sighed. "Yeah... yeah... yeah... but then you could not really refuse my argument head on. Could you...."

I replied back. "It's just perspectives my friend. Just perspectives.... "

I had no other reply.


A happy new year guys. I hope that every single one of you have a great year ahead, do what you guys always wanted to do, get everything that you guys always wished for.

& I wanted to see where the Telangana issue is heading before I write about it as a post. Since this issue rises a lot of questions of rather uncomfortable in nature- I felt it would not do justice unless I write a complete trilogy on the subject. My last trilogy which indeed was my first was a self satisfying, in a way self questioning experience. So, I look forward to write this. Do give me some time.

(If you do wanna try out my Trilogy on sex and society :- Do chk out- the links are- part1 , part2 , part 3 )

See you in my next post guys....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Of lives being wasted. -- A fiction.

The snap---

The fiction---

He spoke with a vested passion words pouring out of him. Anger coated, pulsating with agony.

"A pure waste. How can people throw away their lives so easily. In a world where even the hungry and the beggars choose to live..... Teenagers molesting themselves is just too much to bear."

He paused and coughed. The cigarette was at it's end. Todays 12th one.

He sighed. At least he was taking the longer route to meet his maker.

Author's note-

I wanted to write a simple satire on Teen Suicide. I wanted to keep it short and sharp. Hope the tale pricks your conscience!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome to heaven- A 55 fiction.

The Snap---

The fiction--

"Welcome to heaven...." They greeted him warmly.

Luminescent halos,
flowing robes,
floating angels,
beautifully divine: Everything a joyous shade of crystal white.

Suffocated with cascades of escatasy he blurted out "But what did I do to deserve this..."

A kind voice answered him back

Of course you deserve this. Afterall Arent you coming from the planet earth???

Author's note-

In this story, I have left the ending open so as that people can draw their own conclusions from the vague but slightly leading ending. I would like to know your views on this write. Do humor me on your thoughts.


Until next post...

Monday, November 23, 2009

A city that will get to you - Hydrebad.

The snap--

The tale--

The dark night's landscape sparkled with a million electric fireflies as maruthis, Hyundais and Accents rushed past, tiny but still luminescent adding flavour to the crisp coldness in a warm distant manner. The sky was filled with heavy clouds that looked down empathetically at the miniscule humans rushing about in the chaos commited to keep themselves fed and comfortable. A few pigeons tired after a day of searching for trees in this concrete maze of a city had settled on some rooftop corners, complelled to be satisfied with whatever that left green in the city, even the green paint of the nearby walls.

I always love heights. Seeing things from above puts everything into perspective- your own life, your commitments, your own heart and the world buzzing around you. And standing at the 7 th floor of my hostel, the paranomic view Hydrebad gives, always astounds me. I look back at the last 50 days of my stay in hydrebad. Quite a few days and yeah, quite a few emotions that the city has put me through.

A city where I got my watch stolen, A city where I found friends whom I could cherish for life, A city whose zest for life has thrown me offgaurd, A city where someone had the dare steal my mobile which was under the pillow with me sleeping on it, A city whose hot biriyanis and spicy cusine- I have grown to love, A city where I am learning a lot, may be a bit more than I bargained for, A city where even beggars compete for your money, A city where your everyday pedestrial activity on the road becomes quite an ordeal with all the vehicles trying to run you down, A city where the same local newspaper boasts about some achiever everyday while the last page of the same news paper carries the sad news of some young fellow taking his own life.

A multi- dimentional spectrum of a million colors, A girl who will always remain a mystery to you. An engima. A quest. The more you try to get to know her, the more she throws at you twists & turns that you never expected.

A city which you can never love completely but then you cant even hate her completely.

A broken glass -- a lost cause.

A kaleidascope -- of broken glass.

I took a deep breath and turned back slowly tracing my steps towards my room. I need to rest. Who knows what the city is planning for me tomorrow.

Author's note--

This is a way is a short reminescense of my stay here in Hydrebad. In a couple more months, I will be back at my home with ample time at my disposal, then- I will sure write in detail about the varied experiences and people that the city shared with me.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The honors-- A short fiction

The snap-

The fiction--

She welcomed him with a sad smile...

"I was waiting for you... What took you so long...."

"Really" he prodded. His rusted voice visibly surprised.

"It's just that I dont have the nerve to do it. Can you do me honors..."

Freddy shrugged before ripping her apart.

Killing rampages on Friday 13 does have it's wierd moments....

Author's note-

Guys, I am writing 55 fictions and short stories a lot nowadays coz I dont get to be online for a wholesome post. Hydrebad, I must say is too intense a lady who keeps me busy most of the time. And this particular story, I wrote keeping in mind the last Friday which came to be on a 13th.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

An arabian tale with a twist - A flash fiction

The snap --

The tale -

"Is that all you want?... "


"You sure"

With a calm voice Alladin persisted - "Yes... I am sure of it.."

The genie frowned completely puzzled. Nobody in it's history has placed such a weird wish. Gone were the days of simple minded guys who wanted to become rich overnight and court the princess of their land. But then people do change with time.

A second or two passed with the genie lost in thought, at the end of which it shrugged & asked it's master --

"OK.... done- So you want her with fair skin, blue eyes, dark flowing hair, melodious voice, red lips, ample bosom, accommodating and sweet personality,luscious cleavage and of course she should love you to death. Do you have any other calibration changes in your jasmine."

Alladin beamed. "Nothing more"

The genie sighed as it started to create the girl.

The best things in life do come customized.

Author's note-

This fiction is my own satirical dig at how all most everything nowadays is being made available customized. The story itself was inspired by the movie Alladin -- starring the BIG B as the genie -- which was severely disappointing to me- failing miserably to retell the age old Arabian tale with any new twists. But then what else could you expect from a film industry where originality is becoming a rare commodity.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The second life - A 55 fiction

The snap-

The fiction-

"So, Did you name your daughter after me...."

"No.. What about you? Did you name your son after me..."

"Do you even need to ask... Of course... No."

They both chuckled.
Dry humor, as always....

Just like the old days. A cool breeze swept past them as they inquired about each other health and family.

Living on with a broken heart isn't really that bad. Is it??

Author's note-

I wrote this story after reading in a daily about how a lot of people end their lives because of broken hearts. I believe that love should make people live & enjoy life rather than the opposite.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The last Parody - A 55 fiction.

The snap -- A final prayer--

The fiction-

Nothing was lift behind,
but ashes & death....

Humans were finally extinct.

& all it took was a few true Indians, Pakistanis, Americans, Chinese, Palestinians, Iranians and other country brands -- all heavily nationalistic and armed.

But one couldn't blame them.

Finally a nation did prevail. With brown wings, they flew around eating away at the unblinking human eyes.

Author's note-

Regional feeling, Nationalistic feelings are good and an important part of our society & but then when the same feelings are taken too deep into the heart, it becomes a fanaticism that does not accept anything other than it's own kind.

The same is the reason for India's heavily region specific politics & also this sense of regionalism is the reason that every country is trying to develop it's own technology, wealth & arsenal of weapons - without any consideration for others.

If there is to be an apocalypse, then possibly, it will be at our own hands.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Randomness - a few selected dialogues-

Of a random lot of people we get to talk to and of the chaos of conversations in our daily lives, a few do stay with us. Having it's own sense of sense of humor and satire, even a mild bit of romanticism included, this is a summation of a few interesting conversations that I had with the guys I met over here in Hyderabad.

Of girls and future partners-

Deepak - "I want a nice cultured gal. A girl who hasn't been introduced yet to the fast life style of the modern society, preferably a village girl. Perhaps a bit cute and bubbly. Imagine all the fun, I will have taking her to all new places, looking into her eyes when they go wide with awe as she looks at all the new things to which she hasn't been introduced to in life."

"Ahh... It will be a total blast. I want my marriage life to be an exploration for her. May be, I will convert her into a village girl into a modern girl."

He paused. Took a deep breath taking in the bliss of his dream. After a second or two of silent reminiscence, he turned & looked at me.

"What about you? What kind of girl, you want?"

"hmhm, I want a modern girl. Someone who knows about everything. Someone knowledgeable and yeah, She should have a great smile"

"A modern girl" Deepak retorted.

"Yeah, Perhaps someone who has already been in a relationship..."

"What" His voice punched me back.

"Yeah, someone who has already been in a relationship. Someone who knows the value of what it is to be in a relationship. Someone who knows that relationships are more than sharing SMSes and flirting. Someone who can be mature when I get silly, Someone who can see me beyond all the facade of hormones. Someone who knows, what it is to be heartbroken. Someone to share life with."

"But, in that case, you won't be the first love for that girl, Muthu. They wont be fresh for you." Deepak looked at me questioningly.

I calmly answered back - "That's OK. I never said that I am fresh either."

The snap-

Of Morality as a life issue-

Harish- So you drink?

"Yeah, Occasionally & when I do so, I prefer vodka."

Harish did not reply anything back. He just sat there looking at me with a mild smile.

"What da?? Do you think that drinking is that bad?" I asked him.

He shrugged. "Of course, It's bad. Right?"

After a second of silent thought I replied- "Depends on how you look at it..."

"Really, & what do you mean by that?"

"Well, lets say, you are a guy who always has stood for what you think is good. Righteous. Always living your life by the norms of the society. So you get a good job, get married to a good girl, create a good family, leave a good legacy behind. In the end, what do you think you have achieved. You have achieved nothing. You have just followed the road that was taken & still being taken by countless Indians, who live their lives not for what they desire but for what the society desires out of them."

"People will say - Accept today's pain for tomorrow's happiness. That's the most silly piece of advice anybody can give you. You can never enjoy anything that you did not love doing. It's no different from school education, we study because we are told that's what everybody does. A bunch of sheep following another bunch of sheep. So, you work hard to get accepted by the society, what next. After you have achieved, the so called public acceptance, what are you going to do? Is your life that all... Trying to gain the approval of someone doesn't even have a face to be identified with."

"I live life the way I love it. Maybe, it's not in accordance with the morality that's usually defined. But I do not disturb anybody. I just want to live life for me, do things that I rejoice, Be happy for what I am. I wont be appreciated for that after my death. But then by my death, I would have millions of cherished memories. So what people are going to say about me, now or ever- doesn't really matter, Does it??"

"& anyways only when you love what you are doing, the spectacular best in you comes out... Right??" I challenged him with a questioning smile.

"You are dangerous guy da. I should try stay away from you" He replied back.

"Really!!" I laughed. "Why??"

"You almost had me convinced there.."

Of Love & Marriage --

Mukesh- "What about you da... love marriage or arranged marriage."

"Hopefully, Love marriage da." I replied.

"Really, do you have a girl friend now"



"Well, I think, I will fall in love in the near future."

"What if, you never fall in love da"

"That probably wont happen...."

"I only asked, what if??"

"Then probably, I wont marry...."

"What?? Really" He asked me incredulously.

"yeah, a marriage for the sake of marriage is a waste of everything da.."

After a second of thought, he asked me back-

"Then what about your sex life da??"

And for once I did not have a wise retort to answer him back. I looked at him blankly for a moment before changing the topic with a mild joke. But then, It did make me wonder- Do people really get married so that they can have legalised sex.

Author's note-

This post is not an attempt to criticize anyone's point of view but I wrote it, so as to bring the variety of opinions that people can have with regard to everything and anything in life.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Romance; Eternal - A Poem

The poem -

An evening's eve
Orange light in sieve.
The sky majestic,
Loudly artistic;

-the vibrant spread of blue
Red, yellow & white in hue;
A renaissance painting,
The dusk's lovely setting.

A fleeting stage,
For the last act;
Of a love's pact;

A romance eternal;
A passion Infernal-


He looked at her,
A warm look;
-his charm's brook,
Gushing care &
lust a bare.

He looked at her,
his love; his heart,
his spirit set apart;


A fairy; fair,
A beauty rare.
In a sari white,
Gracefully light.

A classy lady,
His eye's own candy.

With coy blush; her face,
-A pink flush;

She looked at him.

Her love's knight;
Her night's light;

An angel regal;
Simmering passion-
Her love's paralegal;

She looked at him.

The love-

Time halted;
It's chime thwarted.

Nothing was spoken &
Nothing was needed to be; When

Silence was heard &
Silence was all that needed be.

The end of her lips,
Cringed & crooked.
The bend of her smile,
Singed & sparked.

As drunk he was;
Of her beauty
He got drunk more-

-in her love,
In her love for him.

They rushed.

They hugged,
their lips locked.
Nooks & corners,
caressed and kissed.
Million stories,
shared & cherished.

Sweat & semen-
Wet in heaven.

No- body moved;
No- thing was seen;

Love alone moved;
Love alone was seen;

Seconds were savored;
By two hearts love favored.

The parting-

Like every sublime
that moment too passed.
Like love, time too
doesn't fall nor
does it falter

A moment had; unhad.
A love had; forever had.

He kissed her hand &
took his leave.
Bidding him adieu,
She smiled - exquisite.

They parted their ways,
Still lost in each others rays.
Still red, the warmth of the brace,
They parted their ways.

A Romance eternal.
A passion Infernal.

Never did they show
the tears they swallowed

The sun and the Moon ----

Author's Note -

I dedicate this poem to My blogging & online chat friend Richa, who got married recently. Girl, I wish you with all my heart - A blissful married life. & a love as divine as between that of the sun & the moon during the dusk.

Guys,you can wish her at her blog --

About the Poem, I have tried to bring out the love that I felt between the sun and the moon in the passing moment they shared in the sky during the dusk time. & Since I wanted it to be special for Richa- I took my time to write and post it. Hope you guys like it.

Will meet you guys soon..
With more of my experiences in Hyderabad.

Until then...


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Of humans & humanity -

The city-

A city that was found on the banks of the river Musi, A juxtaposition of the magnificence of the old and trendiness of the new. A city whose development in the last decade is not just astounding but mind boggling. A city that still reeks of a rustic charm with the edges of sophistication and refinement creeping in. A city that once courted the Nizams. A city where the beauty of the language Telugu flourishes along with lavishes of Urdu and Hindi added. The city of pearls, of lakes, of a climate red hot and of girls hotter than that. :D

A city which will be my home for the next three months -- Hyderabad.

The snap-

A chaotic hub of activity welcomed me when I arrived here, at the junction of Secundrabad one week ago. The buzz of rushing human life played around me, always constant and engaging. Dozens of stores with a million goods of every sort; T shirts, bags, flowers, combs, locks, fruits, trousers, Remote control covers, Cushions, Cushions covers. A multitude of things that were being haggled over for better prices by both the seller and the customer.

Auto Rickshaw wallahs looking out for everyone and anyone coming from inside the junction for a prospective passenger. People with pale shirts clean and pressed rushing over to their destination unknown, offices probably to confront whatever the morning has prepared for them. Students with ties and a twinkle in their eyes hurrying past the milieu, their heavy bags lugging behind their backs. A few teens fooling around; A couple of men in lungis* sitting in front of closed shops reading the news papers; Buses, taxis, Autos and what not zooming past loaded with people and their early morning concerns; A haste of activity, An onslaught of life.

And as I stood there, a kid enthralled by the flurry of whats happening around him; I saw her.


White wisps of hair; greying in the frays probably from the dust billowing from the road, dry and lifeless, a sad shine in it's last days in those old eyes, clothes beaten and faded; colors long forgotten, A face wrinkled blue more with the worry of hunger than of age, A poor old women looking around for someone who would be her savior today; giving her a few coins; winning her today's bread.

And of all those people who moved past her in haste or of even those just loafing around, nobody seem to even notice her. They were too lost in the maze of their own life that they have just become a bit too immune to see the pain and sufferings that's at their door steps.

As I stood there waiting for my bus, I really wanted to see someone help out that frail figure of an old lady. But alas, even though the explosion of activity increased ceaselessly along with the trickle of time and the blooming of the sun, nobody, not even one seemed to mind her. The hunger in her eyes,her dry, parched lips, the streaks of her tears; dried.

A lost soul amongst a million lost souls.

Humans if needed may learn to eat humans to live. But can we be called humans then?

A few more moments crawled by. The lady lost all her hope that she will get to eat something today and sat down with hunched shoulders trying to bear another day of her drab life.

May be I was destined to buy the lady her morning food. I smiled to myself. Quite a destiny.

I gave the lady some money and asked her to go and eat. She looked at me with those silver eyes with mixed emotions. I moved away before she could thank me.

After all, I was just trying to salvage the reminder of the humanism and kindness in my heart & for that, sorry but you don't really need thanks.

Author's note--

This post is but what I felt when I looked at that poor lady & by no means, do I credit the city for the plight she was in.

And Guys, I am having quite a time in here in Hyderabad. Will soon post about my wanderings and experiences here. :)


Guys, Since I am staying here in Hyderabad in a hostel and doing my blogging from a nearby net cafe, I am not able to keep up with your blogging. So, so pardon me. Will sure catch up soon.

Until then... Cheers.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Forgetting you

The snap-

The poem-

A child; My mind
jumped with glee,
Two feet in air-
Joy abound & bare.

Two wings unhinged
lunged; lupine,
A sky lark's dance-
Of a forgotten romance.

Of kisses; salty,
& tears; saltier.

Of memories; sweet,
& thy pain; sweeter.

The pain of my love;
An angel lost;
eons past;

In a
Lucid tone; of
A lurid atone-

My mind's lark rejoices
And harps,
Rambling drunk;

Soaked up &
exuberant that,

it has forgotten you,

You, my girl

Fair lady of thy lot;
The thumping melody of my heart;

The rhyme of
her clear crystal voice.

The shine of
her sheer liquid eyes.

As in bliss
as my mind may be,

Singing out, of
forgotten you;

A pity it is-

It also forgot-
Even for the ecstasy of forgetting you;
It needs you-

You; my love.

An angel lost
eons past.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The chocolate – A short story

The snap-

The fiction-

“Please mom” pleaded the kid. Her 8 year old eyes were yearning for the milk chocolate that was sitting on the window sill of the shop in a beautiful glass jar. It had a royal blue wrapper with silver letterings that stood out claiming the chocolate to be “Richer smoother & milkier”. The wrapper even had a gold lining that caught the dull light of the sun shrouded by the rain clouds and dazzled. The small girl would have given anything in exchange to have a piece of that chocolate. Anything – anything including the best of her toys, the color ribbons that she loved to play with, to the Mickey and Donald cartoon stickers that she enjoyed sticking on her note books. She was lovelorn with that chocolate. And that was enough to push her to desperation.

She tugged at her mother’s sari* and once again pleaded with all her heart thrust into her voice.

“Pleeeeeeeease mom”

Her mother gave her a smile and a 5 rupee* coin to get the chocolate and resumed her gossip with the other mothers who have come to the school to take their children home. The school was one of the most recognized in the city and most of the locality children studied there. It was a magnificent building with a white facade, airy corridors, spacious well lit classrooms and it housed a large playground that was bordered by shady banyan trees. The success of every single market is based on the factors of nearness and need for their products and the variety of shops, stationeries and malls that outlined the school made the best profitable use of that basic fact of consumerism. It was in one of those shops that the milk chocolate was taunting the kid’s eyes.

The girl jumping with glee the moment she got the money in her hands. Her feet raced her to the shop and with a smile a mile; she gave the shop keeper the money and pointed to the chocolate. The shop keeper shook his head returning the money saying that the chocolate costs 15 more rupees. Hopes dashed, the kid stood there for a moment not knowing what to do. The kind shop keeper leaned forward and with a warm voice said “why don’t you get me 15 more rupees and I will keep one chocolate especially for you” and gave her enthusiastic wink. The girl renewed with energy went back to her mom who was just finishing up with her gossiping.

The kid prayed that her mom won’t make a fuss about the extra money. And just as she reached near her mom, the dark clouds started to spew warm drops of scattered rain.

A beautifully stunning virgin of a drizzle that laughed, sang and danced around the skies with the splash of spectrum trailing along on its tail came rushing to the ground lost in the lovely moment like a girl rushing out to meet her man returning from the war. The dry, virile ground proudly jutted out to embrace the warmness of the touch as the cold fingers of the drizzle drenched and soaked its surface with love. Blatantly orgasmic was the plethora of colors, tastes, senses and pleasures as the rain and the earth held each other in their arms cajoling with one another, fighting with each other, peppering one another with baby kisses, losing themselves in the sensuality of holding and being held. The beauty of their union was splendidly fantabulous.

But alas like everyone else who scattered away when it rained, the girl and her mom too rushed off to their homes missing the orchestral performance of the century. The girl’s mind still hung over the chocolate of which she was determined to ask her mom when they reached home. The drizzle hit her face pretty hard as she sat behind her mom holding to her tightly as her mother sped the scooter towards home. After a few minutes of driving and tussling they reached their destination. The small girl got down from the scooter, ran to the door and shrieked in delight. Her father who obviously did not share her exuberance waiting there completely sodden by the rain. The kid disappointed with her father’s response sat there long faced trying to get off her wet shoes.

Her mother opened the door and both her parents went inside. Her father who fell upon the couch the instant he got inside the hall started to remove his tie.

“Why the hell did you not give the key to the neighbors when you went out???” He shouted at his wife. “I have been waiting here for almost an hour getting drenched in the rain!!!”

“How was I to know that you will come back home today early? Am I Houdini or what?? His wife answered back in a calm tone. “And don’t you blame me for this. You forgot your keys this morning and so you stood out. Period”

Her father frustrated and angered with the attitude from her mom tried to forget it by immersing himself into the sports channel in the television. Her mom helped her to dry herself and put on new clothes. The girl was pulsating with the urge to tell her mom about the money she needed for the chocolate but she knew that it was a bad time to do so with her mother busy doing chores and her father absorbed in his sports. So she waited. She waited until it was dinner time. Until they were just half way through the dinner and then told them about the chocolate.

After patiently listening to her, her mother assured her that she will get her the chocolate when she comes to pick her up tomorrow. The girl completely satisfied slept sound that night when it rained cats and dogs outside.

She just couldn’t wait for the next evening to come and to have her hands on the chocolate. She was on her best behavior in the school, did the home work during the interval itself, helped the teacher to collect the notes, she even tried to be good to the boy who always teased her. Her mind was preoccupied with the chocolate and the evening that it gave her the heart to be her best. The day wore beautifully – the teacher had put an “excellent” remark in her note, she had the best time playing with her friends, she had even picked up a pure white pigeon feather that she always wanted from the playground and she was going to have the best chocolate in the world in the evening.

Life couldn’t be more beautiful. By the evening she was feeling completely exhausted.

But she was too happy to notice it. She is going to get the chocolate. She marched up to her mother and held out her hand with a flourish. Her mother’s smiling face disappeared as she felt her daughter’s extended hand. It was burning, burning with fever. She scooped up her daughter in her arm, seated her on the scooter and accelerated towards the nearby hospital with a speed and concern that only a mother could rival. The girl was torn apart as she saw the receding figure of the shop and the half empty milk chocolate glass bottle disappearing in a haze of human activity as the vehicle sped along the road.

After checking, the doctor diagnosed it as viral fever and advised hospitalization for a couple of days. He assured that she would be fine as the disease was at the starting stage and if treated properly she would be back to normal in a couple of days. Her father and mother sat beside her bed holding her hands trying to whisper into her ears that all would be well soon. As agonized they were at seeing their precious little daughter lying helpless and prostrate on the hospital bed but they tried not to show it to her. The night fell in solemn whispers as the cold evening wind blew its way past the hospital.

The little girl laid there on the bed dreaming. Milk chocolates were falling from the sky all around her but kept vanishing when she tried to pick them off from the ground. She kept at it for a while until she was exhausted. She was almost in tears. Then suddenly the raining stopped and out of the blue came the half filled chocolate jar. It laughed at her taunting her to catch it and however much she tried to catch the jar, it rolled out of her reach and with each of her failure to catch the jar, one chocolate disappeared from it. She felt cheated, disappointed and utterly let down. She started to cry.

Her father noticed the tears first. He checked her temperature. It was still a bit high. He slowly woke up his daughter caressing her cheek. She woke up with a start and seeing her father in front of her, she hugged him tightly. Her father held her stroking her back with his calm voice reassuring her – “It’s just a dream honey. Nothing more………….. It’s just a dream.” She drifted back to a dreamless deep sleep.

After 4 days at the hospital, she returned home with her health completely restored. She went to school the next day and when the evening came she begged her mother to give her money for the chocolate. Her mother was reluctant to get her the chocolate keeping in mind their last episode at the hospital. But the girl won’t hear of it. It has become an obsession to get her hands on that chocolate and she was not going to give up easily. She pleaded with her mom who gave in at last after she promised not to eat the chocolate until tomorrow. She will just get the chocolate now for keep’s sake.

With the money tightly held in her hand and her mother walking beside her, the kid in the best spirits walked towards the shop. Finally she was about to get the chocolate.

Then as she neared the shop the kid saw that the jar was empty. Oh no….. She started to run towards the shop with her eyes on the jar. Yes….. Yes…… Yes…… There was still one single chocolate in the jar. She increased her pace. But ……. Oh my….. Oh my…… Someone else was buying it. She was at her wits end. Her heart was pounding and her feet were aching. This wasn’t supposed to happen. It couldn’t end like this. She loved that chocolate. She wanted that chocolate. She reached the shop and with tears streaming down her eyes, she looked at the empty jar and then at the last piece of that chocolate as the one who brought it slowly walked away. The kid stood there crushed and battered. It has been too much for her.

She did not cry out loud nor did she try to make a scene. She did not care. Tears swelled and flowed glistening across her pinkish face.

Her mother sat down beside her not knowing what to do. She tried to calm her. But the girl was not listening. She was simply staring at the empty jar. Her mother stood up, went to the shop keeper and asked about where else she could get the milk chocolate. Then she asked the shop keeper to look after her daughter for a while and rushed off in her scooter to get the damn chocolate.

God has his fun playing with you when you least expect it and when you are least equipped to face it. He taunts you, piles up problems in you, blocks your every exit pushing you to your extreme limits. No matter how much you pray, no matter how much faithful you are, no matter how many times you have played the Good Samaritan, no matter whether you are a Catholic or a Protestant or a Hindu or a Jew or a Muslim or even an atheist for that matter – he rarely cares. May be he is just caught up a bit having too much of fun or may be there isn’t even a god for that matter. But who cares. It feels good to have somebody to turn to when things become too heavy to bear.

After searching for almost forty minutes without any success, her mother in her mind was praying for such deliverance to no avail. Her mother just didn’t have the heart to return to her empty handed but had no other choice. She didn’t really know how she was going to face her daughter. She didn’t really know what she was going to say to her to console her. She drove her scooter slowly towards the shop with a heavy heart.

When she got there, she parked the vehicle and entered the shop. She had no idea how what she was going to say to daughter. She was then quite a bit shocked to see her daughter squealing with peals of laughter. In her right hand she had a large candy and with her left she was trying to stop the shop keeper from tickling her belly. Her face lit up when she saw her mom and came rushing to greet her. She bobbed up and down as she told her how the shop keeper has taught her a new game that was so cool, how the new vanilla candy the shop keeper gave was very very sweet and showed with flourish the brand new Mickey Mouse stickers he had given her. The kid was deliriously drunk with happiness.

She never did get the milk chocolate that she so much yearned for.

But still she survived. Enjoying her most to say the least.

And life went on.

The end.


Guys, If you enjoyed the story, then do check out my other similar fictions in the link over here. Happy reading. Cheers.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

An Everyday Tale - A 55 fiction

The Snap-

The Fiction-

“It’s the same everyday. What’s the problem with you? Don’t you know how to cook anything else?”

The Television resonated with resentment.

The couple stopped eating, looked up at the television anticipating the wife’s reply.

--- Blip ----

The dining room was thrown into darkness. A power failure. The couple sighed to themselves, lost in their own thoughts.

Author's note-

PS- I left the fiction to be open ended so that people can draw their own conclusions from it. What I have written below is my own general observation.

Sometimes I wonder, Why is that everyone gets married at one time or another. Is that the only course of life thats available or to put it in more blunt terms, the only course of life thats possible?

I have nothing against marriage. In fact, in a way I am happy that the majority of the society still goes along with it. I was born because of it & it does give a sense of order to the society that would otherwise become a chaotic fist fight of which guy gets which girl.

But what completely eludes me is that why do couples who learn that they don't get along with each other after marriage, still prefer to be together.

Maybe, they are afraid of their own loneliness that they choose to live on with their partners, cursing fate for the predicament they are left with.

People are such fragile creatures.

Will meet you guys in the next tale. (I am planning to write a fable next time. :) )

Until then,


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A satirical silhouette - a few thoughts tweeted

Guys, This is another collection of my tweets. I have made an attempt at satirical tweets. A few brutal ones, a few silly ones and a few even rhetorical as always.

The Quote -

It is when we learn to laugh at ourselves, we get to know what it is to be ourselves.


Morality -

There is no good & bad. Just a Grey area of uncertain morals. People paint them definite colors with their own prejudices.

Nobody wants to hurt any1 unless of course they don't know about it. After all gun makers don't cry over the victims.

Of course sex is the most natural thing in the word& that why people's faces usually turn red when U say anything about it.

In a way all humans are masochists, even though life has shown us it's painful face more than once we still learn to enjoy life.

There is no such thing as a clear conscience- It s a myth like tooth fairy. U make it up 4 kids who still believe sex is kissing.

The snap- A wicked definition.

Out of the box--

When sum1 asked me 2 inspire him fast. I slapped him hard& "boom" he was inspired 2 slap me back. After all hate 22 inspires.

Some1 said real beauty is skin deep& am still searching him 2 kick his ass. Wat really is d use of having a beautiful pancreas.

Of course all guys are jerks and shit heads. How else do U think we manage to fall for gals. :P

Bathing everyday is just a reminder 2 let U know tat- there is space 4 improvement everyday-

Wen people say they don't have regrets, they just don't want to accept that they could have done things better. Its OK 2 regret.

The snap- Sometimes it's fun, even inside the box.

Of Politics & Society-

Sharad Yadav says- Pass d women's reservation bill& I will consume poison& die- I say- Thank U Sir, Indian govt could really use your early retirement

Comedians are not politicians but of course U cannot always say d same about thing about politicians being comedians.. :D

Politics is of course a potty hole of shit- but then we do need to keep our toilet clean. Right??

Lalu says- d society is adversely affected by gay sex. I say-Of course Lalu ji-Ur wisdom trespasses all boundaries just the way ur family size has.

Why does Lalu think Gay sex is a crime- He is afraid that some guy might make a pass @ him. After all he is the father of a dozen children :P

Of course everybody watches rakhi ka swayamvar - It feels good 2 know tat even Rakhi has competition for her hand. :P

My mom is totally against same sex marriage. She think tat its against nature. But then mom- even dressing is not natural Y should we do it?

The snap- Too much thinking can also have adverse effects. Do be careful-

Author's note-

Satire is one of my favorite genres. To ridicule with wit is the basic idea of satire. The tweets posted in the political section are a bit old in the time line(Since I wanted to post them as a collection, I delayed the post). & also these tweets are not absolute truths(they are variable with difference in opinion) and If you feel different, do feel free to spar words. After all it is the difference in Ideas and Ideals that makes life chaotic and beautiful.

If you liked the above, please do follow me in twitter. My handle is @aarthycrazy. I may not tweet regularly but then my tweets aren't that regular either.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Definitely Dowry – A Short Story

Dowry - The definition

Money, goods or estate that a woman brings to her husband in marriage. It has a long history in Europe, South Asia and Africa. Being a conditional gift helping the husband to discharge the responsibilities of marriage, its practice more or less disappeared in Europe in the 19th and 20th century. However the practice grew in South Asia where in some cases delayed or insufficient dowry has made some young wives the victims of torture and sometimes death by the in-laws.

The snap-

The Story:

He slowly opened his eyes, waking himself out of the final traces of slumber and found his hands instinctively reaching out to his side to his newly wed wife. The warmth of her sent a tingle through his skin and just as he lifted his head of the pillow to see whether she was asleep or awake, he felt her hands ruffle through his hair and simply smiled. The room was bathing in the morning’s golden sunlight- warm and lustrous thrusting life into every thing it touches. She got up, walked up to the window and stood there looking outside, the light bounced on her and exploded into a million rainbows. He took a deep breath savoring the loveliness of the morning on his wife and thanked his lucky stars that he got married to this lovely lady, as he got behind her and slightly brushed his lips against her cheek kissing her.

It looked to him as if she was deep in thought and like any new husband ready to impress his wife in a jiffy, he asked her what was on her mind. She looked into his eyes, gave a slow sad smile, then said “Nothing, it was just something I was thinking”

“Something huh???”

“Yeah it’s ok. It’s no big deal”

He stood there looking at his wife ordering some tea through the room service telephone, totally bewildered and stumped, unable to understand why she just blew him off without any answer. He must have stood there for a while; she looked at him, tilted her head as she always does when she questions him and quipped “What?? Why are you staring like that??"

“Nothing, it’s just that I was wondering whats keeping you so lost in thought…….”

She simply sat down at the tea table without showing any intent of responding to the question. What are men supposed to do when they met with such indifference while talking to a girl? After all men are logical creatures, who would rather understand quantum mechanics than the workings of the mind of the fairer sex. Without an inkling of an idea on what to do, he did the right thing, he simply waited for her to answer.

Exasperated with the long silence, he started to contemplate on breaking it with some idle prattle, just then the tea arrived. Eying his large tip, the room service who brought the tea pot gave a big smile and after making sure that the couple did not need any other thing, he left the room as deftly as he entered. The tea was tepidly warm and refreshing. He inhaled the aroma and started to sip it. It gave him something to do rather than to stare at his wife who doesn't seem to acknowledge him.

“Have I been sold to you darling??”

He chocked. Her feminine voice, so calm yet sharp in an morbid manner churned up his insides, rattling him. The tea along with the words and the tone that she delivered them, it couldn’t have been more bizarre. When kicked in the balls by a girl, a guy though in pure torturous pain rarely responds violently instead he simply stands there wondering what in god’s holy name did he do to deserve this. It was in such a state of poetic pity, that the newly married husband was left with.

Women are invariably comfortable with monologues especially when they need to speak their heart out. They just need someone who would listen. Someone who would listen to them seriously, then chide them with a smile and a kiss for thinking things in such a silly pretext.

“It’s the dowry that keeps bugging my mind. I don’t really see the need of it, in the least the reason behind it. Well, it’s not like we are in medieval ages, it’s the 21st century and for heaven’s sake I earn as much as you do. It hurts me plenty to know that I have just been sold to the best bidder. How else can I put the money and property that you and your parents got out of mine? How more pathetic my father could have been blaming the society when I asked the same question to him – Am I being sold?”

She then gave a sardonic smile and brushing away a few strands of hair that were falling to her gloomy eyes; she looked at him and quipped like saying the punch line for a bad joke. “And you know what the real fun part is, not even a single soul understood me, even barely listened to me”

After a second or may be two, he stood up from the tea table and went to her, laying his hands on her shoulder he kissed her forehead, and looking deep in those dark raven black eyes, he said in the most empathizing voice “I understand”. Blossoming flowers drenched in dew were put to shame as her eyes turned moist and she kissed him as if it was the most natural thing to happen and overwhelmed with gratitude, she quipped “Thank You”. He couldn’t have been more understanding.

After a few cherished seconds of cuddled warmth, she gave him a peck on the cheek and went to the bathroom to shower. He moved about to the balcony and after a few seconds of thought, rang up his father in law from his mobile and was greeted by his sleepy voice. After the usual chit chat, the newly married son in law stammered more than a little bit trying to find the right words. “Actually……..I called to confirm……… whether you credited to my account ……… that money you promised”

“No, not yet. I was thinking of transferring it to you in a couple of days. Why? Is there any problem? Are you guys doing OK?”

“Yes of course we are fine. Well, the thing is……. It would be good if it’s done by tomorrow and please don’t let her know that I requested this of you. I mean………. you know her. It would upset her”

The father in law answered with the most empathizing voice “I understand”

The son in law was so overwhelmed with gratitude, that he simply quipped “Thank you”. After all he couldn’t have been more understanding.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Guidance-- A 55 fiction

The Snap-

The Fiction-

"Papa, He took my ball...... took my ball...."

The child came whining at the top of her unbroken virgin voice.

"It's your ball. Right??"

The six year old looked up at her father and nodded.

"So, What are you going to do about it??"

The sharp question put the child to silent thinking.

Her father just smiled.

Author's note-

A child is an individual with it's own thinking, capabilities and creative intuition. More often I come across parents who feed their children on what to do, rather than kindling their own child's problem solving quotient. In a culture like ours, where kids stay with the parent until almost they get married, I think parents guide their children a little too much.

After all, how many times have we heard parents saying- "I made all the decisions for her till now. I care for her. So wouldn't it be appropriate for me to find her a good suitor."

Parenting is a gift, a bliss. To see a child make it's own mistakes, it's own choices and to take part of it's tears and laughs in it's life is a privilege in it's own right.

Guys, If you would like to read more of my 55 fictions, kindly do so with given link. Hope you enjoy the same, Cheers.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rest In Peace – A short story.

The Snap-

Even the most daring of the prostitutes, avoided that alley, not because that it did not have customers with deep pockets and weird fantasies to be fulfilled but because it was a bad omen. In better words, a suicide wish. Death was blatantly splashed across the walls like cheap paint peeling away at it's frayed corners. Life just decayed there, breathing into the environment it's remains, dark, damp, putrid smell of rotting soul. A better stage could not have been asked for, for the drama that was about to happen.

It was inhumanly cold like the silence that cloaked and drank the alley in it's darkness. The three men stood there staring at each other, daring the others to make a move. One of them, a dull red shirt was the first one to make the move. He rushed at the other two with his knife, eyes full of murderous intent, no wonder he missed the misgivings of the ground below him. He tripped and fell down with a dull thud. He laid there on the bare lifeless gravel, with his own life slowly ebbing out of him along with the blood dripping out of his broken forehead.

The other two looked at each other and exchanged a smirk. “What a shmuck!!!”. Fucking died; without even putting up a decent fight. One of the standing two, the sadistic leader slowly came forward, with measured steps, eying the red shirt for any last signs of life. After all they will have to confirm the kill but what really is the fun in rushing things. After all, the fun has just started. Hasn't it?? .

He tried arousing the dying man with his feet, which answered with no response. “Shit!!” He thought. He never got his arousals until he heard them cry and beg for mercy, to just finish them off and when people went out without that last cry of anguish, it enraged him. He kicked with his heavy soles into the abdomen, the victim cried out in the bliss of the pain. The tormentor grunted his approval with a malicious grin that lit his face in the dead darkness of the alley. He turned and looked at the face of his partner and beckoned him to join the fun.

It was then that fate started to cast it's own dice. He felt pain, sudden succumbing pain. A knife stuck into his shin was so hard, it ruptured a few veins that blood didn’t just ooze out but slowly flowed to paint the alley road a dense dark crimson. Instinct took over all his senses and be simply bended over holding his leg. A mistake and just as he realized that the knife was all the way through his left eye, tearing apart the softer tissues of the brain. He fell down dead.

Exhausted with his vengeance with the knife, the dull red shirt laid there panting and fighting for air in the cesspool of blood. The third guy now shivering and white faced enough to term him a corpse slowly edged towards them; dead and the nearly dead, and stood there twitching in fear not knowing what to do. Must have been a bit of a gutsy guy for his first murder, he slowly knelt down to check on his comrade and just then, it happened. The red shirt in his attempt to breath through all the gathering blood opened his mouth and started to choke in his own bloody mess. He died, giving gave away his last breath;A ghoulish guttural.

That low haunting sound broke whatever remaining guts, the third guy had. He started to run as if he was possessed. Not just out of the alley but he ran until every single muscle in his soul was totally exhausted. His fear washed away with the remnants of his sweat. He did not want to be there. He wished he did not see what he just saw. He did not want to stop running. He just ran.People, when they fighting death after putting up what they think it is their final struggle, simply surrender themselves to it without even trying. Maybe that was why, when the third guy realized that he had stopped running in front of a speeding truck, he didn’t even try to dodge. He became one of those hit and run casualties, dead even before hitting the ground.

The sky slowly darkened in mourning and the sound of the rain drops mixed with the sirens of the ambulance and resonated all along the alley as distant echoes.

Three were dead. There was no relation or any similarities that were found between them in investigation except of course in the burial ceremony, where all the three were said to be the children of god who were pure in soul and though good in character, had been corrupted and forgiveness was asked, for the almighty is all forgiving and benevolent.

And the dead could rest in peace. For after all, the dead rarely lament.


Author's note-

I have always loved dark stories & I think that this is just my own version of a very short murder story. I wrote this a while ago. I just thought it would be apt for posting after editing a few parts of it. Hope you guys like it.

I am a bit busy traveling and may not visit your blogs regularly. Please do bear with me. I will catch up with you guys soon.


Friday, July 10, 2009

The tag- A few books that have stuck to me.

The Tag-

A couple of days ago, I got tagged by pranksygang to name 15 books that will always stick with you in your memories. Thank You for tagging me girl. I am a voracious reader (both fiction and non fiction). I love to try out new genre of writing, new authors and after almost a decade of reading a whole lot of books- I found it funny that, my most memorable reads were just a few(have written detailed description of them).

The Books-

Don’t stand too close to a naked man- Tim Allen

An outrageously funny, truthfully bold, satirically sincere book by Tim Allen. He talks about men, women, the differences, the quirkiness, the compatibility issues and everything else in between. Even his silly rant on sex seems to have a mild philosophical edge to it. A bawdy laugh-out-loud-book that I guarantee will sure tickle your humor ribs.

Men look at women the way men look at cars. Everyone looks at Ferraris. Now and then we like a pick up truck, and we all end up with station wagons. -- Tim Allen

The day of wrath- Sever Gansovsky

A book that I caught my attention when I was going through aimlessly at a garage book sale. A book that cost me just Rs.6. A book that redefined my entire perception of what science fiction should be. A book that was not only original in idea but also revolutionary in what it incited me to think. A book that I am addicted to read whenever I feel down.

I researched the author after I read the book & found out very little information about his work. Most of the articles were in Russian & there was not much in any encyclopedias either. I was a bit disappointed. Why is that people who are doing research thesis in their post graduation studies always choose the much treaded path like Shakespeare to work on. Why can’t they take an initiative & work on much less recognized authors like Sever Gansovsky. How else will people know the geniuses that are lost in the treading of the time?

Pillars of the earth-Ken Follet –

Not just a novel, A epic. Not just a story, a memory. Not just words, but lives. Not just plots, but people. Not just cathedrals & churches, but history. Not just faith but love that eats up eons on its path.

Such is the intensity of the Novel by one of my all time favorite authors. And also it is in this novel – that Follet brings to life the fictional girl who I will eternally pine for.

Ellen -- A rebel who defies the orthodoxy of the medieval church. A free thinker who stands up against every form of oppression, a beauty with a passion for life that will burn even the sun, a virago with a tongue that can sting & curse with vengeance when scorned, A lover with a zest for love that will throw you off guard, a drizzle that wets you to your heart but, still somehow her warmness refuses to wash off you.

The Sicilian – Mario Puzo

Yes, Of course- Godfather is the holy grail of all mobster novels. No questions. The perfection of the plot, the staggering visual display put up by the easel of Puzo’s words, the bluntness of the violence and gore, the twists that always keep you on the edge – It has no rivals.

But I think “The Sicilian” has something more. It is not perfect but unlike Godfather, it has a rawness to it that attracts me. It has poignancy to all the blood shed. A dark deep satire in the plot that wretches the soul. People lost in a way of life that reeks of greed, money, freedom, fiefdom, beauty, love, violence, governance and a lot and lot of Sicily, so fresh and sunny that U may smell the olives that are grown
over there.

The other books that I seriously recommend reading are

White out- Ken Follet ---

One heart gripping page turner that has so many twists & surprises that take care, you don’t fall down as you read along. :)

Air Frame - Micheal Cricton ---

The world’s best science fiction writer gives you a bite of what it is that makes a aero plane fly all the while keeping you on the seats edge.

The timeline- Micheal Cricton ---

The most perfect snap of history to be done by an author with strong characters and a story line that leaves you wanting more.

The life of Pi- Yann Martel ---

My most favorite booker prize winner – a book that treads between the realm of reality & fantasy. A fairy tale set in the modern times. Said in words that will not only make you believe but will make you doubt what you imagine as real.

Angels & Demons – By Dan Brown

The da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

The horse Whisperer -Nicholas Evan

If tomorrow comes – Sidney Sheldon

Faking it – Jennifer cruise

Lord of the Rings – J.R.R.Tolkien (Strictly for people who love epics with verses.)

Mahabharatha – Vyasa (Again strictly for people who love epics with verses)

Happy reading guys--

am kind a working on a short story-

Will post that soon.

Until then. Cheers.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Poems tweeted-

The snap-

Her smile-

The curve of her smile- The crescent moon's isle; The sound of her laugh- a few flowers broke, bloomed & coughed- love is bliss.

My love-

In the silence of the night, I am in bliss. The symphony of her voice - thy music. My love - the crescendo of thy orchestra.

The rant-

No I am not a poet. It's just that my heart overflows with so much love seeing her smile that it cant help but rant a bit.

The soul music-

The curve of her rainbow earlobes jingling with the dance of the dew drop earrings is music,life,reason & treason to my soul.

The difference-

My love is a solitary lass. Wither it will not; Tethered with hopes; I will wait; a few seconds or a few centuries makes no difference.

The dawn-

Dew drops few; on the green leaves new; grinned to yew; with sun shine skew; Just born dawn sparkled & smiled.


It drizzled & then drenched- rainbows rained- She blushed & brushed spectra amok. Picasso's & Van Gogh's failed miserably in vain.

Author's note-

Guys, these are a few poems that I tweeted a while ago. & no these do not form any rhyming patterns. They are just a few wild thoughts put together. Hope U guys like them.

Cheers.. :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A few single lilies - A poem

The Snap-

The Poem-

A few single lilies - lost in her locks

Sparkled; laughed with delight;
Sparked; broke a few rays of light;

Scattered a few rainbows
Splattered were a skew of Spectra-

Of the seven colors known &
Of a dozen few unknown-

A few single lilies - lost in her locks

Danced along with the rhythm of the wind;
Salsa & Tango; with a bit of
foxtrot thrown in.

Waltz & quickstep;
Zinging it up with-
the east coast swing.

A few single lilies- lost in her locks

were blessed & kissed

And as stars they were christened.

Their laughter & twinkle immortalized.

In curves of her hair;
swaying with the breeze-
playing in the bliss
of eternal despair;

Her flowing hair-
Her beauty's lair;

As dark as the night's sky can never be-
As dense as love will ever always be-

A few single lilies - lost in her locks

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Elegy of the coitus- A short story

The snap:

The story:

Note: This story has two plausible endings like taking two different routes to come to the same finale. One is the shorter route “The Slap” and the other one is the longer one “The Kiss”. The slap has a very abrupt ending and leaves a lot for the reader’s own deduction and understanding. The kiss has a long and fully explained ending giving the reader all the facts of one possible assumed ending that the story can take. As the name suggests, the slap may be offensive, but do read the kiss and then comment.

The Conversation-

You know something….


I….. I have always wondered….


Well if you hear this, you may think I am bit of a freak. I know this kind of thought is rarely expressed but I think that all the married girls will at least think about it, one time or another.

Hm hm…

The thing is I really don’t know how to start it. I am afraid I am going to be blunt with you. Is that ok with you?


Ok, here it goes… I have always wondered what it would be like to actually have sex in a physical sense and then get pregnant as a result. Not getting impregnated with sperm from your husband’s removed balls. In my case your ……………removed balls.


Well it’s not like I don’t like doing it with you. I love you. I love making love to you. But its just that I kind a don’t feel it right getting pregnant artificially. You know what I mean, don’t you??

Kind a!!

The thing is ….. Can’t you keep a check over the population by using other contraceptive stuff ---condoms and ? Do you really need to go this extreme as to making all men seedless on their marriage and storing away their balls in a cryogenic freeze??


Yeah, I know we humans don’t have enough living space and the population has been in control after implementing this system but I really think that its odd, to have a technician say to you that you have been artificially impregnated and you are pregnant. It simply lacks the surprise and the pleasant anxiety of waiting for the doctor’s verdict of your pregnancy.

Hmhm…… yup..

Ending 1 - The Slap:

More than that, you know what I think ………. I think that when we alter nature, it has its own side effects on which we can have no control over. Of course, we always know the probability of things that are to happen, perhaps like the toss of a coin but what if on the toss, the ceiling falls down and no ones left to see the result of the toss.


Yeah, that’s highly improbable with the advanced neural networks looking after the sequence of our daily activity. But I do have my qualms after going through chaos theory in detail. Taking in hand a theory that says anything can affect anything and using it to predict everything is quite contradictory. Don’t you think so?

May be….

Yeah, it is….. It is a clear case of conflicting interests.

Baby, just a second….


Can you just turn over please…… I want to do it in your anus now.

Ending 2- The Kiss

More than that, you know what I think ………. I think that when we alter nature, it has its own side effects on which we can have no control over. Of course, we always know the probability of things happening, perhaps like the toss of a coin but what if on the toss, the ceiling falls down and no ones left to see the result of the toss.


That’s highly improbable with the advanced neural networks looking after the sequence of our daily activity. But I do have my qualms after going through chaos theory in detail. Taking in hand a theory that says anything can affect anything and using it to predict everything is contradictory. Don’t you think so?

May be….

Yeah, it is….. It is a clear case of conflicting interests.

Baby, one sec….


I think I am done.

Oh, ok then. Let’s get dressed up. By the way do you really think that these experiments and reports will do any good? May be, will help us to get back what we have lost or in the least understand what we have lost.

Frankly, I don’t know.

--The report:

Experiment no- 4561; Experiment code- d beta; Date- 12-10-3045;

There is still no available practical proof of why our ancestors practiced the act of sex or coitus other than to create their own progeny. The material evidence suggests that the coitus must have been quite a pleasurable experience to undergo for both the male and the female. But the experimental evidence suggest otherwise. Further research into the dead end theory that suggests “hormonal changes that must have resulted from the complete birth control technique implemented a century ago must have done irreversible damages to several primal hormones destroying the sexual drive and the coital pleasure of humans” is advised.

The End-

Author's note-

I have used the idea of chaos theory in this science fiction. Chaos theory in simple words can be said as a theory that suggests that every random happening in turn causes another random happening that may in essence never be related. For example, the flutter of the butterfly wings in California may cause a cyclone in Sri Lanka (hence the theory is also called the butterfly effect.
A lot of movies & novels have been based on this Idea. Eg- The movie Jurassic park & the novel- The lost world on which it's based. The movie- Butterfly effect. For more information on the theory- try this- [link]

This is one of the first science fictions that I wrote long time back. I have tried to give a fiction that forwards itself just by the conversation between two individuals. The idea of an alternative ending was inspired by Jeffrey Archer's short story - One man's meat, that had 3 different endings. Though I am not a serious fan of Jeffrey Archer's short stories, I found the idea worth a try. I myself love short stories(science fictions) of Sever Gansovsky, who is my soul inspiration as a short story author. His stories have not just awed me but have always left me inspired and thinking. I just want to achieve the same with my stories.


I am a bit sick with fever, running cold and infected throat guys so I was not able to blog for a few days. And thats why i am posting this story that I did a while back. I think I will get back to my usual cheery self in a couple of days. Will sure post a few stories that I am mentally working on.

Until then-



Monday, June 15, 2009

A few Tweets- A light delight.

Guys, I have made a composition of a few tweets that I tweeted in the past month. Usually my tweets are the results of a bored mind rhetorically rambling about whatever it fancies. They can be silly, sometimes profoundly thoughtful or may be sometimes brutal. But then they are just tweets & as tweets Do enjoy them.


What do u do when twitter bores- u realize u just reached d ultimate destiny of every modern kid. cheers. ;P

Whnever i feel tat i cant sleep cant rest my head,I dont despair- 4 I still hav my 10th civics book & readin it always puts me 2 deep sleep

U are never alone, at least until u give up on urself & get married. :P

Blaming is fun at least until u run out of people u can blame... :P

Humans are a failed species- u see the more we live the more- we find problems with ourselves & everything else.

The fairer sex

Compliment gals not coz it will get u into their pants or hearts but just to see her smile- bloom seeing that u hav noticed. ;D

It is OK 2 get slapped by a gal as long as she is angry wid u. But if she s angry with herself & she slaps u, then thats supreme trouble

Really guys suck when it comes to understanding gals & all u gals wanna do is- play around with this weakness. U cruel heartless ladies.. :P

Every man is a stud at least until some women marries him & knocks some sense into him...


Love is of course insanity but gal once u smile, insanity is bliss.

Love is like smoking -addictive & If ur gal still refuses to get addicted to you may be she is allergic 2 ur brand.

Please don't ask me if am interested in sex Of course I am but I think love would really spice up the mix. So am waiting. ;P

Of course U will get a cool gal, but knowing tat doesn't really help u when u r single & wondering where the hell is she. Does it??


Sex is lovely, divine & beautiful - and no I haven't yet done it. ;P

Why is that people are always interested in sex- coz they wanna know what they are missing.... :P:P:P

Unconvincing as it may sound, we males do not want 2 have sex all the time. We also believe in foreplay yaar.. :P


A friend is 1 who has d patience 2 listen 2 every shit tat u did & d heart- love u even more after hearing & give u space 2 do more shit :P

Suicide point- kodaikanal renamed as d green valley view. thats dumb. after all everything things green & of valleys in kodaikanal. :P:P:P

He loves dreaming.. thats why even in his dreams he only gets 2 dream & nothing more.

U cant really blame guys 4 not listening to gals. After all its gals who mean one thing & say another. :P


I thought of doing some light post after the trilogy that I did on Sex & the society. And since I have been traveling around a lot for the last month, I plan to make a few posts out of my experiences. And as a start of those upcoming uncomplicated posts, I have posted a collection of my tweets. Do tell me- What do you think about them.

Will soon post about my travels.

Until then.

Cheers. Muthu.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sex & the society - Last part of the trilogy


Highly Adult content. The post discusses sex, men and women, so people who think they are not mature enough to read about the subject please do not read any further.

The Snap-

The quote-

If People can understand that women too are human beings with sexual desires like everyone else, if the segmentation of sex alone can be defeated, the entire system of prejudice and misunderstanding will take a heavy dent.
And that dent will be the start of a more liberated and dynamic society in every single way.


I thought I had all the answers – All the answers to all the questions that would be raised on this particularly controversial topic of sex - a need & a pleasure for both men and women.

A society that has the ability to question and break away from a century of sexual prejudice between men and women can achieve anything. It will be a learned society that will be intelligent enough to question the makers of politics to the brokers of economy. I want to be a part of such a group of people. People who would listen to reason and love rather than to bigotries and hate.

Yeah, but the final question boils down to the singular level. How much do we want to be a part of that society? How much radical are we willing to be? Where will we draw the lines of acceptable and not acceptable, if we are to erase those present now?
How will you react to the situations of controversial nature that may rise in the future? How will I react to the same?

And the question that the Bondgal_rulz posted in the comments section of the last post was right on the bull’s eye.

The kick in the balls -

Bondgal - As we go on vehemently discussing here about issues such as sexual discrimination, sexual liberation, need for people to recognize women too as sexual beings---
Think 20 years down the line. You are a family man, who has a say 19 year old daughter. Will YOU be comfortable enough with her partying out in the night and boozing with her friends?

Muthu- *Scratches the head* *Clears the throat* *After a distant thoughtful look* I think I need time to think.

I feel like I have just been kicked in the balls. Courtesy- Bondgal_rulz. (Yeah sure she rules).

The singular questions-

The question bondgal asked was the beginning of a fresh batch of questions that rose in my mind & every single of those new questions that had a singular trait to them. They questioned me as to how I will react to the scenario on my direct involvement in the prospective future.

--- Will I dominate my wife with my comparatively strong male physicality on subjects our opinions differ rather than trying to convince her of the merit of my stand?

--- How understanding will I be if I am extremely horny and my wife refuses me in the bed saying that she is not in the mood?

--- How much liberal and understanding will I be to my wife on the aspect of her past sexual relationships?

--- How will I react If my daughter says to me- that she is thinking of moving in with her boy friend after she has become a major?

--- Will I be able to accept the fact that my daughter may want to have sex with the guy she is going out in the future (that is when she is major)?

--- Will I be ready to accept and appreciate my daughter or son, if their sexual orientation turns out to be homosexual?

--- What will be my advice to my own daughter on sex, on the ethics of sex, on what the society thinks about sex?

The answers-

I believe myself to be a liberal leaning heavily towards the radical. My opinions have always been blunt and pointedly progressive on the aspects on sexual equality, discrimination based on sex, color & creed. I believe you need not be a supporter of women’s right to see what’s wrong and right. To see what’s prejudiced and what needs a change desperately. But propagandas and beliefs aside, we are all humans who go around with our daily activities.

How much can we be -what we think is right.

I am not going to make statements about how radical I am going to be with my wife & daughter. This after all is not any election campaign. It more of a search of how much I really am of what I propagate.

And the search I believe is infused in the blood and soul of my everyday activity as is the case in yours. In every of our decisions and actions, we express what we believe. And it’s not going to be easy to do things as to say them.

I want to love my mother, sister, future wife, daughter and every other woman I meet without any prejudice or predetermined beliefs. I will desire to give them space and faith that I myself would expect in their shoes. And in that desire I will hold my spirit of seeing the society change for the good.
(And yeah bondgal my daughter will party if she wants to and the only thing I will want to make sure is that she knows what she does. I will want to allow her to make her own decisions, her own rights, her own mistakes- After all it her own life to live.)

The lever of change-

Education is learning from others. And whatever is learned from others will always have a part of them, a part of their own system of values, a part of their own beliefs, prejudices that are passed along. Education will never solve social problems. The only salvation is to self questioning. Self realization.

Every one of us of every segment of the self segregated society that we are, are born to be rejoiced and celebrated. Not to be discriminated. Do you think the child that passionately hugs the bosom of its mother and quenches its thirst suckling knows that what its doing can be also classified as vulgar & not as divine? Our ideas of chastity, sexual morality and concept of discrimination are learned behavior.

And it is in this learned behavior- that we learnt eagerly without questioning its merits and its basis, we have allowed the roots of prejudice and bigoted discriminations to bore deep.

Society in understanding is nothing more than a herd going along with the stride. It would not just be a monumental task but impossibility and a suicide to social life to go against the society.

But of course, the least you could do is to question whats right & ethical rather than to choose to go along with the herd.

And that you can do.Cant you??

Author's note-

The above is the third and last part of the trilogy series I have been writing. So please do read the other two parts to appreciate the conclusion given in this last episode.
Part 1 [link]
Part 2 [link]

In this concluding post, I took the line of what drives each of us individuals personally rather than relying on statistics. Of course the statistics says that In India alone once on two hours one girl gets raped. Two women are subjected to house hold violence. In the course of writing this trilogy, I went through a lot of info on the web about the every aspect of discriminations in every nature that people face.

And I realized something, it isn't ignorance that makes people go along with these prejudices & bigotries but people choose to just follow the crowd rather than questioning things as to why should they be done so in the way they are being done now.

Please, all I ask is to question things. Make it a habit. Inculcate questioning attitude in kids. We are born perfect & all the answers to the questions are within us. But the only way we are going to find those answers within ourselves is though questioning.


Sorry guys, I took almost a week to publish the concluding post. Unexpectedly, I got stuck in Chennai for almost 4 days and also this is my first time writing about such a heavy topic as a trilogy. Please do leave back your comments and criticisms on my attempt. I have tried to cover every aspect of the problem and people I bow to your comments as they showed me the different perspectives of the problem.

And lastly I sincerely appreciate people who inspired me by reading this trilogy and commenting on it.

Thank you guys.

Will soon post the poems i wrote when I traveled. (I always write when traveling)

Until then.