The Quote -

"Nope, I don't really have anything new to say. but then, I always have something amazing to tell about things that you already know!!"


Thursday, March 25, 2010

A few tweets tweaked-

Guys, these are a few tweets that I tweeted over the past week. Its part thoughtful, part gibberish and part satirical. Hope it entertains. Do leave your opinions on them.

The snap-

Women’s reservation –

Of course, I 22 want women’s empowerment but then with numbers alone in the house (& tat 2 of the elite), can U really guarantee it ??

Reservation within reservations– am happy 2 see tat Indian politicians still have their sense of war intact. If U cant win, at least assure ursef a piece of d pie.

Politics ?? -

Mulayam Singh says- If women belonging 2 affluent families were elected MPs, they wud be “whistled” at by young boys. I say- dude 1st of all, Do you know 2 whistle.. :P

US vice president joseph biden says- this is a big fucking deal 2 Obama during signing of the health care bill. I say- ah, so good 2 know tat they 2 know. :D

Alagiri says- I cannot accept anyone as leader after Karunanidithi. I say- Good that U cleared that up b4 that fellow kicks the bucket. So U 2 in the run for future CM :P


Waugh says- T20 is seductive. I say- Hmhm… good 4 U. Afterall it’s the new money spinner & u 2 deserve a few swings. Don’t cha.. :D

Tiger woods says- I was living a lie. I say- no offence dude. I can see tat u r saying stuff 4m ur heart but after reading abt ur liaisons, I realized am 2 living a lie.

The lighter side -- :P

Did U see headley’s pic. Crap. I mean He luks like a villain straight out of bond movies. & still our police force missed him until the last second. God save India.

Katrina kaif luks so hot in the new Panasonic fridge ad. Argh.. I hate those AD photographers, coming up with new ways 2 make me want a girl frd. :(

the next best thing other than being bored is being bored and being able to share it with people on twitter.... :)

Its easy to inspire me. Just tell to me -- tat you love me.. :)

Author's note-

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Short of choices - A short fiction

The snap-

The Fiction-

He looked around. His eager eyes searching for company. Some soul company. But then not are blessed.

He sighed & looked back into his question paper. It stared back at him with just the questions or rather the answers,he did not study.

Perhaps a cruel twist of fate. He took a deep breath and raised his hands asking for extra sheet.

Fiction writers can't always have choice on the topics they write about. Can they??

Author's note--

The month of march. A month of exams. Every school goer suddenly gets attached to his until now neglected books (much like Mr.P.Chidambaram talking about calling back Mr.Hussain after Qatar recognized him for what he is). But then the question paper does have a mind of it's own. Don't you think so. (esp when a topic is left without studying, automatically the probability of it to show up in the question paper raises up. :D )

This story is in a way, dedicated to my own memories of attending school exams and my best wishes to everyone attending their board exams.