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Thursday, July 17, 2014

All in a Train's Day - 55 Fictions

"Four Different Stories - Four Different Times - Four Different Emotions - About One Character - The Train"

0600 Hours:

A moist breeze laden with wet promises of the day rushed past the speeding train. A few early risers and a few empty cabins floated past a city rising to the embers of the sun.

Littered out on the roof tops and on the window sills, a few kids alone stared at the passage mesmerized.

1200 Hours:

Nobody knew who dropped their lunch on the entrance of the carriage; Warm rice and curry, still steaming and thrumming along with the rhythm of the train; its spicy flavor and fragrance flicking the roiling appetites of the passengers.

The passengers jumped across the spilled food, their attire and their hunger neat & intact.

1800 Hours:

The train started to sweat. It’s every orifice enamored with the crowd returning from their jobs to their homes. Humans hung to each and every piece of holding and standing space available; jostling at each other; their parts and pieces hanging out of the vehicle; squirming with life;

The train plodded on.

2400 Hours:

A few beggars moved from compartment to compartment; picking up whatever hooped their fancy. A red kerchief, a bottle with some water left in it, a few news papers, a couple of ear buds. Carrying the echoes of life left behind, the train clanged hollow.

Amidst these empty ensembles, those beggars compared their today’s loots with glee.

Author's Note:

I have been wanting to start blogging again for quite a while. For that, I was looking for an idea both interesting and also challenging. A jump start of sorts. And when i was playing football today evening, I had a eureka moment about what I was going to write.

A group of 55 fictions, that would all stand alone as separate fictions but when put together can evoke a singular narrative. A single character narrative.

And hence, the story! after some deliberation, I decided to take train as the character. (Last Week, I visited Chennai by train and had an awesome weekend. Hence the inspiration.) I hope you guys like it. Also, I got a few amazing photos while searching for nice snaps of trains. Do visit again to read the stories I frame on those images. Cheers. 

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