The Quote -

"Nope, I don't really have anything new to say. but then, I always have something amazing to tell about things that you already know!!"


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A satirical silhouette - a few thoughts tweeted

Guys, This is another collection of my tweets. I have made an attempt at satirical tweets. A few brutal ones, a few silly ones and a few even rhetorical as always.

The Quote -

It is when we learn to laugh at ourselves, we get to know what it is to be ourselves.


Morality -

There is no good & bad. Just a Grey area of uncertain morals. People paint them definite colors with their own prejudices.

Nobody wants to hurt any1 unless of course they don't know about it. After all gun makers don't cry over the victims.

Of course sex is the most natural thing in the word& that why people's faces usually turn red when U say anything about it.

In a way all humans are masochists, even though life has shown us it's painful face more than once we still learn to enjoy life.

There is no such thing as a clear conscience- It s a myth like tooth fairy. U make it up 4 kids who still believe sex is kissing.

The snap- A wicked definition.

Out of the box--

When sum1 asked me 2 inspire him fast. I slapped him hard& "boom" he was inspired 2 slap me back. After all hate 22 inspires.

Some1 said real beauty is skin deep& am still searching him 2 kick his ass. Wat really is d use of having a beautiful pancreas.

Of course all guys are jerks and shit heads. How else do U think we manage to fall for gals. :P

Bathing everyday is just a reminder 2 let U know tat- there is space 4 improvement everyday-

Wen people say they don't have regrets, they just don't want to accept that they could have done things better. Its OK 2 regret.

The snap- Sometimes it's fun, even inside the box.

Of Politics & Society-

Sharad Yadav says- Pass d women's reservation bill& I will consume poison& die- I say- Thank U Sir, Indian govt could really use your early retirement

Comedians are not politicians but of course U cannot always say d same about thing about politicians being comedians.. :D

Politics is of course a potty hole of shit- but then we do need to keep our toilet clean. Right??

Lalu says- d society is adversely affected by gay sex. I say-Of course Lalu ji-Ur wisdom trespasses all boundaries just the way ur family size has.

Why does Lalu think Gay sex is a crime- He is afraid that some guy might make a pass @ him. After all he is the father of a dozen children :P

Of course everybody watches rakhi ka swayamvar - It feels good 2 know tat even Rakhi has competition for her hand. :P

My mom is totally against same sex marriage. She think tat its against nature. But then mom- even dressing is not natural Y should we do it?

The snap- Too much thinking can also have adverse effects. Do be careful-

Author's note-

Satire is one of my favorite genres. To ridicule with wit is the basic idea of satire. The tweets posted in the political section are a bit old in the time line(Since I wanted to post them as a collection, I delayed the post). & also these tweets are not absolute truths(they are variable with difference in opinion) and If you feel different, do feel free to spar words. After all it is the difference in Ideas and Ideals that makes life chaotic and beautiful.

If you liked the above, please do follow me in twitter. My handle is @aarthycrazy. I may not tweet regularly but then my tweets aren't that regular either.


Vinnie said...

hmmmmmm :)

creative as usual...keep it up man!!

Netika Lumb said...

Really nice :)

Netika Lumb said...

Some1 said real beauty is skin deep& am still searching him 2 kick his ass. Wat really is d use of having a beautiful pancreas.

AWESOME Is the word..

Americanising Desi said...

Of course sex is the most natural thing in the word& that why people's faces usually turn red when U say anything about it.


hmm i wonder where this sorta morality exists ;)

muthu said...

@ Vinnie --

Has been a real long time since I saw your comments..

am glad..

thanks a lot.. :)

muthu said...

@ Netika Lumb --

thanks 4 your compliments...


muthu said...

@ Americanising Desi --

where else, it's on our own earth... :P


Keshi said...

tnxx for ur comment in my last post Muthu :)

**I am foolish enough to believe that life, people, blogging and what ever it is can be fun forever. Because I am still not beaten enough by fate to give up on everything in a fit of depression.

however Im not in a fit of depression. What makes u think so? :) Neither am I foolish. Im just numb on Blogging. I cannot blog anymore. It's all gone. Like how every good thing comes to an end, Blogging for me too has come to an end. Life is the same. Life ends some day too, doesnt it? Nothing is forever. Life is made of chapters of Goodbyes. And it is the end of Blogging phase for me.

u cannot see from where I am, cos u r not yet where I am.

TC and all the best to ya!

Keshi said...

Hvn said that, I may post on a rare occasion. So dun be too sad :) And ty for ur great posts too, during my stay in Blogville.

God bless!

Benny said...

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Blog Name: Welcome to my world -Benny

muthu said...

"u cannot see from where I am, cos u r not yet where I am."

hmhm--- yeah, U are right in saying this...

Life is just a series of good byes..

OK, Rhetorically speaking, I don't really know how to reply to you...

I wish sincerely that things go great 4 you..

& am glad that you enjoyed my posts..

and Yeah I too enjoyed your lovely posts....


muthu said...

@ Benny-

Will Sure check your posts Benny...

I am under a busy schedule right now..

Will do so in a day or two...

&& thanks 4 your compliments on my blog.. :)


venus66 said...

First time here and I feel so good reading you. You always have that beautiful flow in all your writes.
Thank you.

muthu said...

@venus66 -

Welcome to my blog venus66.

& thanks 4 your compliments....

pranksygang said...

I loved the quote man!! Its very true! And you are very creative!! I'm sorry for noticing this very late!!

and i have something for u .. just peep into my blog:)

muthu said...

@ pranksygang --

Thank you 4 your compliments and also for your award.

I am indeed honored.

cheers. :)

Anonymous said...

i loved it
veery creative
my favourite one is the beauty being skin deep
i have often wondered if so then why are the heroins in the novels are always the ones who make the men go flat
i will visit u often
keep up

muthu said...

@ Anonymous --

thanks 4 visiting..

& heroines in novels are usually put like that coz.. men who are the majority of the readers like it that way...

:) --

yup it s a sexist answer but i think that it s also the truth...

&& am glad my one liners interested you.. :)

jjamwal said...

Definitely, don't need any inspiration

numerounity said...

Wonderful post Muthu!

Loved it...very thought provoking and that picture (carton box) was awesome. Keep it up! :)

jaish_vats said...

"even dressing is not natural Y should we do it?
" ha ha Lol! I feel when writing as a post you could avoid the short forms like Some1 for Someone, just a suggestion :)

Ajeeth boaz said...

Nice and creative, Liked the pics and its quotes!!! (

muthu said...

@ jjamwal --

:D -- :D

Welcome to my blog. Nice to have you here.

muthu said...

@ numerounity -

hmhm... yes, that's a cute pic. :)

muthu said...

@ jaish_vats --

Will sure do so. I simply copied the tweets directly from twitter and that's why all those short forms.

Thanks for your suggestion..


muthu said...

@ Ajeeth boaz --

:) - Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comments.

Shovon Chowdhury said...

So were you wearing clothes when you posted this?

muthu said...

@ Shovon Chowdhury ---

hmhm.... I don't exactly remember. :D

Ghazala Hossain said...

Refreshing :D

Shareef S M A said...

One of the finest posts i've seen... That dress thing, i liked much.. Reminded satirical best Fight Club

muthu said...

@ Ghazala Hossain --

Glad to have served the refreshments. :)

muthu said...

@ Shareef S M A --

hmhm... I love fight club- not just for its satire. Its adrenaline, the questions it raises, the insanity associated. For me - Its a cult classic. Have you tried - Sin City. Its insanely brutal but It can be seen as a dark comedy on the darker side of human nature.

& thank you for your comments. :)

Shareef S M A said...

@muthu - yes.. fight club is miles ahead of many movies... It changed my perceptions of various things..
I've seen sin city too, but I loved the cinematography more than other stuffs...

muthu said...

@ Shareef S M A --

hmhm... yes, Sin City show cases some very good moments in cinematography.

hmhm... Would love to chat about movies and stuff with you. I have just sent you a chat request from my mail.. :)


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