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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A wisp of a wet smile – A short Fiction

The Snap -

The Fiction ---

“SShhh… She may be sleeping…”
He persisted. “Then I just want to hear her snore”
“Oh Really!!”

He did not reply. Instead, he bent down & held her.
Silence tangoed with love.
Nobody moved. No legs shaken. No trumpets Blown. But the dance floor burned with passion red.

A few seconds melted; Warmth coated.
She whispered “So, What did you hear….”

Holding her pregnant belly, he mouthed “Her smile ….. She is smiling in her sleep”

Author’s note –

I still remember – when I first started my blog, the rush of happiness, I feel every time, I saw a comment on my Page & it still is the same. Your comments always put a smile on me. I just really wish my stories & posts – do the same for you.

It has been quite a while, since I posted my last Fiction. My sister always used to say, I can rarely dish out a simple story – without much of philosophy or dark themes. In a way, I can agree with her. If you would go through all my stories that stretched more than 150 words, you would realize most of them tend to have a dark streak.

So, I wanted my come back fiction to be warm, simple & short.
With this fiction, I would like to thank you guys- for going through my sporadic posts. You guys make my blog – What it is.

Thank you.