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Friday, October 23, 2009

The last Parody - A 55 fiction.

The snap -- A final prayer--

The fiction-

Nothing was lift behind,
but ashes & death....

Humans were finally extinct.

& all it took was a few true Indians, Pakistanis, Americans, Chinese, Palestinians, Iranians and other country brands -- all heavily nationalistic and armed.

But one couldn't blame them.

Finally a nation did prevail. With brown wings, they flew around eating away at the unblinking human eyes.

Author's note-

Regional feeling, Nationalistic feelings are good and an important part of our society & but then when the same feelings are taken too deep into the heart, it becomes a fanaticism that does not accept anything other than it's own kind.

The same is the reason for India's heavily region specific politics & also this sense of regionalism is the reason that every country is trying to develop it's own technology, wealth & arsenal of weapons - without any consideration for others.

If there is to be an apocalypse, then possibly, it will be at our own hands.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Randomness - a few selected dialogues-

Of a random lot of people we get to talk to and of the chaos of conversations in our daily lives, a few do stay with us. Having it's own sense of sense of humor and satire, even a mild bit of romanticism included, this is a summation of a few interesting conversations that I had with the guys I met over here in Hyderabad.

Of girls and future partners-

Deepak - "I want a nice cultured gal. A girl who hasn't been introduced yet to the fast life style of the modern society, preferably a village girl. Perhaps a bit cute and bubbly. Imagine all the fun, I will have taking her to all new places, looking into her eyes when they go wide with awe as she looks at all the new things to which she hasn't been introduced to in life."

"Ahh... It will be a total blast. I want my marriage life to be an exploration for her. May be, I will convert her into a village girl into a modern girl."

He paused. Took a deep breath taking in the bliss of his dream. After a second or two of silent reminiscence, he turned & looked at me.

"What about you? What kind of girl, you want?"

"hmhm, I want a modern girl. Someone who knows about everything. Someone knowledgeable and yeah, She should have a great smile"

"A modern girl" Deepak retorted.

"Yeah, Perhaps someone who has already been in a relationship..."

"What" His voice punched me back.

"Yeah, someone who has already been in a relationship. Someone who knows the value of what it is to be in a relationship. Someone who knows that relationships are more than sharing SMSes and flirting. Someone who can be mature when I get silly, Someone who can see me beyond all the facade of hormones. Someone who knows, what it is to be heartbroken. Someone to share life with."

"But, in that case, you won't be the first love for that girl, Muthu. They wont be fresh for you." Deepak looked at me questioningly.

I calmly answered back - "That's OK. I never said that I am fresh either."

The snap-

Of Morality as a life issue-

Harish- So you drink?

"Yeah, Occasionally & when I do so, I prefer vodka."

Harish did not reply anything back. He just sat there looking at me with a mild smile.

"What da?? Do you think that drinking is that bad?" I asked him.

He shrugged. "Of course, It's bad. Right?"

After a second of silent thought I replied- "Depends on how you look at it..."

"Really, & what do you mean by that?"

"Well, lets say, you are a guy who always has stood for what you think is good. Righteous. Always living your life by the norms of the society. So you get a good job, get married to a good girl, create a good family, leave a good legacy behind. In the end, what do you think you have achieved. You have achieved nothing. You have just followed the road that was taken & still being taken by countless Indians, who live their lives not for what they desire but for what the society desires out of them."

"People will say - Accept today's pain for tomorrow's happiness. That's the most silly piece of advice anybody can give you. You can never enjoy anything that you did not love doing. It's no different from school education, we study because we are told that's what everybody does. A bunch of sheep following another bunch of sheep. So, you work hard to get accepted by the society, what next. After you have achieved, the so called public acceptance, what are you going to do? Is your life that all... Trying to gain the approval of someone doesn't even have a face to be identified with."

"I live life the way I love it. Maybe, it's not in accordance with the morality that's usually defined. But I do not disturb anybody. I just want to live life for me, do things that I rejoice, Be happy for what I am. I wont be appreciated for that after my death. But then by my death, I would have millions of cherished memories. So what people are going to say about me, now or ever- doesn't really matter, Does it??"

"& anyways only when you love what you are doing, the spectacular best in you comes out... Right??" I challenged him with a questioning smile.

"You are dangerous guy da. I should try stay away from you" He replied back.

"Really!!" I laughed. "Why??"

"You almost had me convinced there.."

Of Love & Marriage --

Mukesh- "What about you da... love marriage or arranged marriage."

"Hopefully, Love marriage da." I replied.

"Really, do you have a girl friend now"



"Well, I think, I will fall in love in the near future."

"What if, you never fall in love da"

"That probably wont happen...."

"I only asked, what if??"

"Then probably, I wont marry...."

"What?? Really" He asked me incredulously.

"yeah, a marriage for the sake of marriage is a waste of everything da.."

After a second of thought, he asked me back-

"Then what about your sex life da??"

And for once I did not have a wise retort to answer him back. I looked at him blankly for a moment before changing the topic with a mild joke. But then, It did make me wonder- Do people really get married so that they can have legalised sex.

Author's note-

This post is not an attempt to criticize anyone's point of view but I wrote it, so as to bring the variety of opinions that people can have with regard to everything and anything in life.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Romance; Eternal - A Poem

The poem -

An evening's eve
Orange light in sieve.
The sky majestic,
Loudly artistic;

-the vibrant spread of blue
Red, yellow & white in hue;
A renaissance painting,
The dusk's lovely setting.

A fleeting stage,
For the last act;
Of a love's pact;

A romance eternal;
A passion Infernal-


He looked at her,
A warm look;
-his charm's brook,
Gushing care &
lust a bare.

He looked at her,
his love; his heart,
his spirit set apart;


A fairy; fair,
A beauty rare.
In a sari white,
Gracefully light.

A classy lady,
His eye's own candy.

With coy blush; her face,
-A pink flush;

She looked at him.

Her love's knight;
Her night's light;

An angel regal;
Simmering passion-
Her love's paralegal;

She looked at him.

The love-

Time halted;
It's chime thwarted.

Nothing was spoken &
Nothing was needed to be; When

Silence was heard &
Silence was all that needed be.

The end of her lips,
Cringed & crooked.
The bend of her smile,
Singed & sparked.

As drunk he was;
Of her beauty
He got drunk more-

-in her love,
In her love for him.

They rushed.

They hugged,
their lips locked.
Nooks & corners,
caressed and kissed.
Million stories,
shared & cherished.

Sweat & semen-
Wet in heaven.

No- body moved;
No- thing was seen;

Love alone moved;
Love alone was seen;

Seconds were savored;
By two hearts love favored.

The parting-

Like every sublime
that moment too passed.
Like love, time too
doesn't fall nor
does it falter

A moment had; unhad.
A love had; forever had.

He kissed her hand &
took his leave.
Bidding him adieu,
She smiled - exquisite.

They parted their ways,
Still lost in each others rays.
Still red, the warmth of the brace,
They parted their ways.

A Romance eternal.
A passion Infernal.

Never did they show
the tears they swallowed

The sun and the Moon ----

Author's Note -

I dedicate this poem to My blogging & online chat friend Richa, who got married recently. Girl, I wish you with all my heart - A blissful married life. & a love as divine as between that of the sun & the moon during the dusk.

Guys,you can wish her at her blog --

About the Poem, I have tried to bring out the love that I felt between the sun and the moon in the passing moment they shared in the sky during the dusk time. & Since I wanted it to be special for Richa- I took my time to write and post it. Hope you guys like it.

Will meet you guys soon..
With more of my experiences in Hyderabad.

Until then...