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Monday, November 23, 2009

A city that will get to you - Hydrebad.

The snap--

The tale--

The dark night's landscape sparkled with a million electric fireflies as maruthis, Hyundais and Accents rushed past, tiny but still luminescent adding flavour to the crisp coldness in a warm distant manner. The sky was filled with heavy clouds that looked down empathetically at the miniscule humans rushing about in the chaos commited to keep themselves fed and comfortable. A few pigeons tired after a day of searching for trees in this concrete maze of a city had settled on some rooftop corners, complelled to be satisfied with whatever that left green in the city, even the green paint of the nearby walls.

I always love heights. Seeing things from above puts everything into perspective- your own life, your commitments, your own heart and the world buzzing around you. And standing at the 7 th floor of my hostel, the paranomic view Hydrebad gives, always astounds me. I look back at the last 50 days of my stay in hydrebad. Quite a few days and yeah, quite a few emotions that the city has put me through.

A city where I got my watch stolen, A city where I found friends whom I could cherish for life, A city whose zest for life has thrown me offgaurd, A city where someone had the dare steal my mobile which was under the pillow with me sleeping on it, A city whose hot biriyanis and spicy cusine- I have grown to love, A city where I am learning a lot, may be a bit more than I bargained for, A city where even beggars compete for your money, A city where your everyday pedestrial activity on the road becomes quite an ordeal with all the vehicles trying to run you down, A city where the same local newspaper boasts about some achiever everyday while the last page of the same news paper carries the sad news of some young fellow taking his own life.

A multi- dimentional spectrum of a million colors, A girl who will always remain a mystery to you. An engima. A quest. The more you try to get to know her, the more she throws at you twists & turns that you never expected.

A city which you can never love completely but then you cant even hate her completely.

A broken glass -- a lost cause.

A kaleidascope -- of broken glass.

I took a deep breath and turned back slowly tracing my steps towards my room. I need to rest. Who knows what the city is planning for me tomorrow.

Author's note--

This is a way is a short reminescense of my stay here in Hydrebad. In a couple more months, I will be back at my home with ample time at my disposal, then- I will sure write in detail about the varied experiences and people that the city shared with me.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The honors-- A short fiction

The snap-

The fiction--

She welcomed him with a sad smile...

"I was waiting for you... What took you so long...."

"Really" he prodded. His rusted voice visibly surprised.

"It's just that I dont have the nerve to do it. Can you do me honors..."

Freddy shrugged before ripping her apart.

Killing rampages on Friday 13 does have it's wierd moments....

Author's note-

Guys, I am writing 55 fictions and short stories a lot nowadays coz I dont get to be online for a wholesome post. Hydrebad, I must say is too intense a lady who keeps me busy most of the time. And this particular story, I wrote keeping in mind the last Friday which came to be on a 13th.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

An arabian tale with a twist - A flash fiction

The snap --

The tale -

"Is that all you want?... "


"You sure"

With a calm voice Alladin persisted - "Yes... I am sure of it.."

The genie frowned completely puzzled. Nobody in it's history has placed such a weird wish. Gone were the days of simple minded guys who wanted to become rich overnight and court the princess of their land. But then people do change with time.

A second or two passed with the genie lost in thought, at the end of which it shrugged & asked it's master --

"OK.... done- So you want her with fair skin, blue eyes, dark flowing hair, melodious voice, red lips, ample bosom, accommodating and sweet personality,luscious cleavage and of course she should love you to death. Do you have any other calibration changes in your jasmine."

Alladin beamed. "Nothing more"

The genie sighed as it started to create the girl.

The best things in life do come customized.

Author's note-

This fiction is my own satirical dig at how all most everything nowadays is being made available customized. The story itself was inspired by the movie Alladin -- starring the BIG B as the genie -- which was severely disappointing to me- failing miserably to retell the age old Arabian tale with any new twists. But then what else could you expect from a film industry where originality is becoming a rare commodity.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The second life - A 55 fiction

The snap-

The fiction-

"So, Did you name your daughter after me...."

"No.. What about you? Did you name your son after me..."

"Do you even need to ask... Of course... No."

They both chuckled.
Dry humor, as always....

Just like the old days. A cool breeze swept past them as they inquired about each other health and family.

Living on with a broken heart isn't really that bad. Is it??

Author's note-

I wrote this story after reading in a daily about how a lot of people end their lives because of broken hearts. I believe that love should make people live & enjoy life rather than the opposite.