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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The honors-- A short fiction

The snap-

The fiction--

She welcomed him with a sad smile...

"I was waiting for you... What took you so long...."

"Really" he prodded. His rusted voice visibly surprised.

"It's just that I dont have the nerve to do it. Can you do me honors..."

Freddy shrugged before ripping her apart.

Killing rampages on Friday 13 does have it's wierd moments....

Author's note-

Guys, I am writing 55 fictions and short stories a lot nowadays coz I dont get to be online for a wholesome post. Hydrebad, I must say is too intense a lady who keeps me busy most of the time. And this particular story, I wrote keeping in mind the last Friday which came to be on a 13th.


Renu said...

tell us sometimes about your impression of Hyderabad,

bondgal_rulz said...

Is it only Hyderabad or some other lady too eh? :P :D

And could you please explain about the rampages on Friday the 13th wala part. Or I'll google n comment again later. :)

Nice 55. :)


muthu said...

@ Renu ---

Sure..... My next blog will be a short account of my experiences here.. :)

muthu said...

@ bondgal_rulz ---

Now thats 4 you 2 decide....


Friday 13 th is the day that is used as a bad omen when monsters go on a killing spree in a lot of slash fest movies....

Arey, there is even a phobia to it's credit..

Thats I went along with that story..


Inty swetha said...

wow! you have expressed your feelings in a beautiful way... even i fell in love with hyb the day i saw it.. its so busy but lovely place acc to me!

have fun and find a real lady soon :)

muthu said...

@ Inty swetha ---


Thanks a lot yaar...

yeah.. I will find a real lady soon.... :)

& yeah.. when I do so, I will sure write about it. :)

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