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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two Minutes- a 55 fiction

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 29; the 29th Edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The topic for this month is 'TWO MINUTES'.

The snap-

The fiction- 

"Remember our first time....."
She almost smiled. "yeah, until those noodles got cooked"
"Two minutes..."

Silence hung, hard.
"I want to go back.." she whispered, eyes closed.

A lone tear, few seconds dragged by.

"Here we are" he whispered back.
She smelled noodles in the kitchen and started to sob. He bent down & kissed her still healing, scarred face.

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Kappu said...

Lovely :) thats a lot to convey via FFF!

muthu said...

@ Kappu --

Thank you. I might have gone some 5 words more than FFF limit but did not really have the heart to cut anymore words.

Vikas Khair said...

Just Great Kappu very moving All The Best for BAT-29

Rajrupa Gupta said...

Brilliant indeed for a F55!

C. Suresh said...

Superb and superbly moving

Manasa said...

Tender!Touching and true to heart!!

TTT said...

Superb ! It was so touching ...

Oldfox004 said...

hey Muthu1

great to see u blogging man:)

Diwakar Narayan said...

Excellently written!

Someone is Special said...

Loved it so much... Keep writing more 55's.. All the best for BAT 29..

Someone is Special

aativas said...

I wonder - is it about domestic violence?

muthu said...

@ Vikas Khair --

Thanks for dropping by. And it's muthu....

Shashiprakash Saini said...

nicely written
all the best

Shashiprakash Saini said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shashiprakash Saini said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
muthu said...

@ Rajrupa Gupta --

:) ... Thanks a lot. I love writing stories with endings that be guessed.

muthu said...

@ Rajrupa Gupta --

Am so glad it moved you.

muthu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
muthu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
muthu said...

@ Manasa --

Thank you.... I wanted it to be something honest.

muthu said...

@ TTT --

:) Welcome to the blog...

muthu said...

@ Oldfox004 --

I am glad to see you here. After such a long time. How are you??

muthu said...

@ Diwakar Narayan --

Thank you & welcome to my blog.

muthu said...

@ Someone is Special --

Glad you loved it. And yeah, will sure write more 55 fictions. (Do try the older FFF on the blog).


muthu said...

@ aativas --

hmhm.... Not really. When I imagined it, I wanted it to be about a couple recovering from a disaster. (The wide with her healing scar and it's emotional trauma). I wanted the 2 minutes to represent a warm memory that they cherish and hold on to.

And yeah, after reading your comment-- The story does have a possible connotation of domestic violence. Thank you for your comment.

muthu said...

@ Shashiprakash Saini --

Thank you for your comments, Sir.

Sandy said...

Wow. It is people like you who inspire me to try my hand at 55 writing. I hope I can be as good some day!

Anonymous said...

Nicely expressed!! :) ATB!

Ash Sharma said...

A lovely 55. Nice work

JJ said...

Ah!..Thats a really sweet one!. And 55F has been done good justice with this post!

jaish_vats said...

Hi muthu

Even I thought of domestic violence like Aativas. Re-read after reading ur reply to her . Very well written

muthu said...

@ Sandy --

Thank you. I am so glad to have inspired you into trying out 55 fiction.

muthu said...

@ rohanabstractedly --

Thank you..

muthu said...

@ Ash Sharma --

Thank you....

muthu said...

@ JJ --

hmhm... I am glad you think so. :)

muthu said...

@ jaish_vats --

Thank you... And Domestic violence is a very sensitive subject. May be I will try my next 55 fiction on it. Would be great to have your comments then. :)

Panchali said...


That was NEAT!You have a delightful way with words... Beautiful imagery....And I loved the way you concluded....but, did the sore heal really?
Great take...

muthu said...

@ Panchali --

hmhm.... I think, time heals- even the worst of the wounds. but then it really helps to have company during that, Don't you think??? :)

sakthi said...

it felt good just lik it was supsd 2...

muthu said...


Thanks.. :)

Richi Baidwan said...

Love is a blessed thing. Good Job with the short narration/style :)

muthu said...

@ Richi Baidwan -

:) -- Thanks -- :)

Bikramjit said...

Love is beautiful and lucky are those who find love ..

and the story is SAD but awesome hope she gets well veyr veyr soon


muthu said...

@ Bikramjit --

Yes, the story can be sad but then I think that their love will overcome the same. After all, the 2 minutes noodles is not just a memory but can be said as a shimmer of hope, lit from him to her. What say??

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