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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two Minutes- a 55 fiction

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The snap-

The fiction- 

"Remember our first time....."
She almost smiled. "yeah, until those noodles got cooked"
"Two minutes..."

Silence hung, hard.
"I want to go back.." she whispered, eyes closed.

A lone tear, few seconds dragged by.

"Here we are" he whispered back.
She smelled noodles in the kitchen and started to sob. He bent down & kissed her still healing, scarred face.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The cat got their tongue - a 55 fiction

They tried not to breathe. Maybe they just heard wrong. May be they never did hear. The suction tube was still humming, wet from mucus.
 Nobody dared moved. Their jolted faces lit by the incandescence of the theatre lights tardily widened with shock.

The new born sighed “Oh boy, did I speak too soon!!”

Author's note-

While going through my sister's old books, I found an interesting note of hers. She wrote that, the most peaceful sleep is in a mother's womb. A clear observation. This inspired me to write something, to make this into a memory. First, I thought of writing a small poem but then this idea of a dry humor piece took hold of me. I felt using a picture for this story will simply spoil the ending. Hope, you guys enjoy the story as mush as I enjoyed writing the same.