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Monday, December 28, 2009

A perspective war-

Author's note-

A few sketches of random Dialogs often hit us in the face with some fresh perspectives. Sometimes silly, sometimes outrageous, sometimes even unacceptabe but then, don't perspectives make the world what it is?? :)

This post, guys is a conversation I had with my friend a couple of days ago.

The snap--

The dialog-

Pari- "How about you muthu. Will you take any dowry."

Myself- "Nope. I think that dowry in a way degrades the man more than the women. What kind of a man will take money from the women he promises to love and care for."

Pari- "hmhm.... but didn't you say that you want a working girl."

Myself- "Of course, yeah.... I paused for a second.....Why??? Whats wrong with that.. "

Pari- "Well... she going to bring her earnings along with her for life. Isn't that dowry enough."

Myself- "But...... " I paused, my mind scampering for a proper reply and returned back empty handed. I thought aloud. "I have never thought of it that way"

"But then..... " I retaliated. "A marriage is not a buying and a selling issue. You are going to share your life and I wanted a married girl coz I want the girl to be somebody on her own, have a passion of her own, a story of her own."

Pari sighed. "Yeah... yeah... yeah... but then you could not really refuse my argument head on. Could you...."

I replied back. "It's just perspectives my friend. Just perspectives.... "

I had no other reply.


A happy new year guys. I hope that every single one of you have a great year ahead, do what you guys always wanted to do, get everything that you guys always wished for.

& I wanted to see where the Telangana issue is heading before I write about it as a post. Since this issue rises a lot of questions of rather uncomfortable in nature- I felt it would not do justice unless I write a complete trilogy on the subject. My last trilogy which indeed was my first was a self satisfying, in a way self questioning experience. So, I look forward to write this. Do give me some time.

(If you do wanna try out my Trilogy on sex and society :- Do chk out- the links are- part1 , part2 , part 3 )

See you in my next post guys....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Of lives being wasted. -- A fiction.

The snap---

The fiction---

He spoke with a vested passion words pouring out of him. Anger coated, pulsating with agony.

"A pure waste. How can people throw away their lives so easily. In a world where even the hungry and the beggars choose to live..... Teenagers molesting themselves is just too much to bear."

He paused and coughed. The cigarette was at it's end. Todays 12th one.

He sighed. At least he was taking the longer route to meet his maker.

Author's note-

I wanted to write a simple satire on Teen Suicide. I wanted to keep it short and sharp. Hope the tale pricks your conscience!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome to heaven- A 55 fiction.

The Snap---

The fiction--

"Welcome to heaven...." They greeted him warmly.

Luminescent halos,
flowing robes,
floating angels,
beautifully divine: Everything a joyous shade of crystal white.

Suffocated with cascades of escatasy he blurted out "But what did I do to deserve this..."

A kind voice answered him back

Of course you deserve this. Afterall Arent you coming from the planet earth???

Author's note-

In this story, I have left the ending open so as that people can draw their own conclusions from the vague but slightly leading ending. I would like to know your views on this write. Do humor me on your thoughts.


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