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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Guidance-- A 55 fiction

The Snap-

The Fiction-

"Papa, He took my ball...... took my ball...."

The child came whining at the top of her unbroken virgin voice.

"It's your ball. Right??"

The six year old looked up at her father and nodded.

"So, What are you going to do about it??"

The sharp question put the child to silent thinking.

Her father just smiled.

Author's note-

A child is an individual with it's own thinking, capabilities and creative intuition. More often I come across parents who feed their children on what to do, rather than kindling their own child's problem solving quotient. In a culture like ours, where kids stay with the parent until almost they get married, I think parents guide their children a little too much.

After all, how many times have we heard parents saying- "I made all the decisions for her till now. I care for her. So wouldn't it be appropriate for me to find her a good suitor."

Parenting is a gift, a bliss. To see a child make it's own mistakes, it's own choices and to take part of it's tears and laughs in it's life is a privilege in it's own right.

Guys, If you would like to read more of my 55 fictions, kindly do so with given link. Hope you enjoy the same, Cheers.


Sowmi said...

Beautiful Post Muthu :) :)
I love kids for their innocence and their INQUISITIVENESS :) and yes I loved this post :) brought me smiles...

I think I'll be a good mom to my kid in future :) I'll give her everything for which I long from my parents :)

muthu said...

@ sowmi--

am sure.. U will make a great mom. :)

(but of course your kid will have to bear with your mokkais.. :P )

Keshi said...

I know that if I hv a kid some day, I'll be a good parent. But being a good parent doesnt mean I 'parent' them even after they've become adults. I guess it's upto an adult to choose who's right for them to share their lives with...I can only support it :)


Mohamed Javith said...

hey bro.. how are you..? long time no see.. read this post.. high five.. cheers bro..

*KHUSHI* said...

*Thums Up* as a Parents I think I learn somethign new from this post :)

Arv said...

just the way it should be :)

kewl one mate :)

Shakthi said...

Hmm , This is exactly the way I deal with my son . Nice post . Like it !

Netika Lumb said...

Very nice topic.
ANd I totally agree. I like it the way it is in America;leaving the child to take charge of his/her life. I mean, I don't expet kids to get indifferent, the parents can/should HELP but not DECIDE for sure!

muthu said...

@ Keshi-- absolutely right...

I second your thoughts yaar...

muthu said...

@ javith- am doing good. Good to be you in blogging space....

Cheers... :)

muthu said...


wow... thats a great compliment coming from a parent....

am so glad..

thanks 4 dropping by...


muthu said...

@ Arv--

thanks man...

am glad U liked it...


muthu said...

@ Shakthi--

:) people are changing and am glad to see that my blogging buddies are a forefront for that...

cheers mate.. :)

muthu said...

@ Netika Lumb --

hmhm... allowing the child to decide it's life for itself is not just the best thing to do but

to see the child decide 4 itself is in itself an immense pleasure....

and things should be such not only in America but everywhere....

cheers..... :)

abhi said...

It's really a nice post. I like it

muthu said...

@ Abhi --

thanks a lot....

am glad U liked it. :)

Haris Gulzar said...

Thats a great post. Actually the idea and observation is what I like about this post. Parents do get way too far in spoon feeding and don't realize what their child might lack in future, the power to decide, to solve and to fight...

muthu said...

@ Haris Gulzar--

My thoughts exactly.... The more the space children are given, the more they get to grow for themselves...

and thanks 4 your comments...

cheers... :)

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

this post made perfect sense to me.. it was bang on target... current times parenting should be on these lines..

Parents think 'I have taken all decisions for her till now so I should find her a perfect life partner etc etc'

on the other hand the kid, when she grows up, thinks, 'I have listened to my parents till now, so now it's time for me to take my own decisions'

and not having much experience in decision making, and judging people and/or situations, they end up making wrong choices.. mostly..

the world is changing so the way kids grow and take things is different from what it used to be ages ago... so this post and things like this should not only be in stories but should be practised...

that was an amazing thought and you have crafted that short story (55 fiction i guess) really well..

God bless
Kajal(the pink orchid)

p.s. the comment turned out to be really long.. apologies.

muthu said...

@ Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) --

thanks 4 your comment...

& no need for any apologies--

I love long comments.. even more I love people critiquing me...

So no worries... whats the fun in just reading each others stuff, if we are not gonna talk abt it... :)


deeps said...

haha no yaar ... no majouring ... getting little time use that thing inside the skull ...

then the interest ....

as for the book .. startd off writing articles in newspaper ... so had some kinda xperince ... then .. approched a few publishers .. got clikd ... thats in nutshell ..

Anonymous said...

I hope I can be a mom who balances both facets. Helping her child when he/she needs support but stopping myself when the kid can pick himself/herself up.

I like the idea you've given. :)

muthu said...



Good luck 4 your book.. :)

muthu said...

@ Ki -

am glad u liked the post...

cheers. :)

Deepika Gupta said...

its good! with a message....
thoughtful and true!

अर्शिया अली said...

Nice Blog. Congrats.
{ Treasurer-T & S }

muthu said...

@ Deepika gupta --

thanks a lot for your compliments...

& yup, I love the truth- the bare facts and hey after all my blogs tag line is

Reality fictionalized.

muthu said...

@ अर्शिया अली --

thanks 4 your compliments...

Cheers.. :)

surya said...

short yet powerful article.
nice idea and nice post.

muthu said...

@ surya ...

thanks... :)

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