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Friday, July 10, 2009

The tag- A few books that have stuck to me.

The Tag-

A couple of days ago, I got tagged by pranksygang to name 15 books that will always stick with you in your memories. Thank You for tagging me girl. I am a voracious reader (both fiction and non fiction). I love to try out new genre of writing, new authors and after almost a decade of reading a whole lot of books- I found it funny that, my most memorable reads were just a few(have written detailed description of them).

The Books-

Don’t stand too close to a naked man- Tim Allen

An outrageously funny, truthfully bold, satirically sincere book by Tim Allen. He talks about men, women, the differences, the quirkiness, the compatibility issues and everything else in between. Even his silly rant on sex seems to have a mild philosophical edge to it. A bawdy laugh-out-loud-book that I guarantee will sure tickle your humor ribs.

Men look at women the way men look at cars. Everyone looks at Ferraris. Now and then we like a pick up truck, and we all end up with station wagons. -- Tim Allen

The day of wrath- Sever Gansovsky

A book that I caught my attention when I was going through aimlessly at a garage book sale. A book that cost me just Rs.6. A book that redefined my entire perception of what science fiction should be. A book that was not only original in idea but also revolutionary in what it incited me to think. A book that I am addicted to read whenever I feel down.

I researched the author after I read the book & found out very little information about his work. Most of the articles were in Russian & there was not much in any encyclopedias either. I was a bit disappointed. Why is that people who are doing research thesis in their post graduation studies always choose the much treaded path like Shakespeare to work on. Why can’t they take an initiative & work on much less recognized authors like Sever Gansovsky. How else will people know the geniuses that are lost in the treading of the time?

Pillars of the earth-Ken Follet –

Not just a novel, A epic. Not just a story, a memory. Not just words, but lives. Not just plots, but people. Not just cathedrals & churches, but history. Not just faith but love that eats up eons on its path.

Such is the intensity of the Novel by one of my all time favorite authors. And also it is in this novel – that Follet brings to life the fictional girl who I will eternally pine for.

Ellen -- A rebel who defies the orthodoxy of the medieval church. A free thinker who stands up against every form of oppression, a beauty with a passion for life that will burn even the sun, a virago with a tongue that can sting & curse with vengeance when scorned, A lover with a zest for love that will throw you off guard, a drizzle that wets you to your heart but, still somehow her warmness refuses to wash off you.

The Sicilian – Mario Puzo

Yes, Of course- Godfather is the holy grail of all mobster novels. No questions. The perfection of the plot, the staggering visual display put up by the easel of Puzo’s words, the bluntness of the violence and gore, the twists that always keep you on the edge – It has no rivals.

But I think “The Sicilian” has something more. It is not perfect but unlike Godfather, it has a rawness to it that attracts me. It has poignancy to all the blood shed. A dark deep satire in the plot that wretches the soul. People lost in a way of life that reeks of greed, money, freedom, fiefdom, beauty, love, violence, governance and a lot and lot of Sicily, so fresh and sunny that U may smell the olives that are grown
over there.

The other books that I seriously recommend reading are

White out- Ken Follet ---

One heart gripping page turner that has so many twists & surprises that take care, you don’t fall down as you read along. :)

Air Frame - Micheal Cricton ---

The world’s best science fiction writer gives you a bite of what it is that makes a aero plane fly all the while keeping you on the seats edge.

The timeline- Micheal Cricton ---

The most perfect snap of history to be done by an author with strong characters and a story line that leaves you wanting more.

The life of Pi- Yann Martel ---

My most favorite booker prize winner – a book that treads between the realm of reality & fantasy. A fairy tale set in the modern times. Said in words that will not only make you believe but will make you doubt what you imagine as real.

Angels & Demons – By Dan Brown

The da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

The horse Whisperer -Nicholas Evan

If tomorrow comes – Sidney Sheldon

Faking it – Jennifer cruise

Lord of the Rings – J.R.R.Tolkien (Strictly for people who love epics with verses.)

Mahabharatha – Vyasa (Again strictly for people who love epics with verses)

Happy reading guys--

am kind a working on a short story-

Will post that soon.

Until then. Cheers.


Hopeless Romantic said...

The day of wrath - what topic of science fiction it is about??

i read the complete Mahabharata when i was 16 though in Hindi, it is still one of the best epics i have read.

Have read all Dan brown's books, waiting for his latest coming up in Sept. I found Life of Pi inspiring and insipid at times during the reading of the book !


pranksygang said...

hey.. thanks for responding and please don be sorry! your list is amazing! i would try some of them ..

muthu said...

@ Hopeless Romantic-

the day of wrath -- is a collection of seven short science fiction stories under mir publications-- the original version is in russian but a few english translated versions also have been released-

The topics range from answering several questions of science such as- Is intelligence inherited??

Can possibly time travel be a feasibility in the near future--

Can science & genetic engineering change a mans talent to accomplish something such as singling sonorously??

If animals too can evolve into a species that can talk & think for themselves-- then what really is the diference between men & animals--

what really is art?? why is van gogh and picasso are given price tags in millions??

rust me- the stories are great- will change Ur entire perspective of thinking & will inspire U

muthu said...

@ pranksygang - Sure do try them--

happy reading.. :)


Chriz said...

i stopped reading books.. someone has to read them out for me :)

muthu said...

@ chriz -

like bed time stories a ---