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Saturday, November 7, 2009

An arabian tale with a twist - A flash fiction

The snap --

The tale -

"Is that all you want?... "


"You sure"

With a calm voice Alladin persisted - "Yes... I am sure of it.."

The genie frowned completely puzzled. Nobody in it's history has placed such a weird wish. Gone were the days of simple minded guys who wanted to become rich overnight and court the princess of their land. But then people do change with time.

A second or two passed with the genie lost in thought, at the end of which it shrugged & asked it's master --

"OK.... done- So you want her with fair skin, blue eyes, dark flowing hair, melodious voice, red lips, ample bosom, accommodating and sweet personality,luscious cleavage and of course she should love you to death. Do you have any other calibration changes in your jasmine."

Alladin beamed. "Nothing more"

The genie sighed as it started to create the girl.

The best things in life do come customized.

Author's note-

This fiction is my own satirical dig at how all most everything nowadays is being made available customized. The story itself was inspired by the movie Alladin -- starring the BIG B as the genie -- which was severely disappointing to me- failing miserably to retell the age old Arabian tale with any new twists. But then what else could you expect from a film industry where originality is becoming a rare commodity.


bondgal_rulz said...

This reminds me of something I had read in the papers almost a year back.

Apparently it is now possible for parents to have "customised" kids. They can decide their skin colour, hair colour, and even their IQ!!!! (to some extent)

I mean wtf!! :|

Anonymous said...

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muthu said...

@ bondgal_rulz ---

Yeah... I too read about that one....

hmhm... I think people nowadays want achievers to boast abt as their childrens... not loved ones to be cherished about.. :)

What say??

muthu said...

@ Anonymous --

thanks 4 the compliments.. :)

bondgal_rulz said...

Totally agree. Corroborates the fact tht ppl see their children as an axtension of their own personality. So these "made to perfection" kids actually represent their (not so) perfect parents.

muthu said...

@ yeah...

But then perfection is perspective....

& nothing is perfect...

But then I think imperfect things can be loved more than thingts that are perfect...

Like us-- humans.... Dont you think so??

the little princess said...

lucky Jasmine...she will not have to wait for the fairness creams to make her fair, neither have to buy coloured contact lenses...nor hair colour....alladin got it all customised for her!!

now where's my phone..have to make that all important call to hubby dearest.....!!

Meoww said...

This post would be perfect for the shoppersstop contest, i think! :D Good one, Muthu!

muthu said...

@ the little princess --

Wow... your comment just gave a fresh perspective to me. Thanks a lot for the comment. :)

muthu said...

@ Meoww --

hmhm... yeah, customization indeed is the idea of that contest. Anyways this post was written quite a while ago.

Thanks a million for that warm thought and the initiative for the comment. :)

TTT said...

he he he I don't think this will end in happily ever after ... on second thoughts a customized Alladin would be great ! Who cares about Alladin , I WANT THE GENIE !!!!

A lovely twist ... :D

ilakshee said...

That was a good take Muthu! alladin's requirements were no different from the matrimonial columns!!!

Bikramjit said...

He he he I like that ..
I guess customization is good , you get what you want how you want :) so no more complaints ..


Jayadev Menon said...

Yes, this modern tendency of recreating everything and twisting them to be in line with new thinking falls flat quite often.

Well said.

muthu said...

@ TTT ---

Honestly, I lost faith in happily ever after - when I came to know that Santa Claus were not real. :P

And like you have said. If there is a happily ever after, then this is just a dark comedy of the same.

muthu said...

@ ilakshee --

Yeah, I think men as well as women can over-think too much when it comes to their partners.

hmhm.. may be that's why we make too many mistakes. :D what do you think??

muthu said...

@ Bikramjit ---

hahaha... yeah, that's until Aladdin sees the custom ordered princess Snow White.. :P:P

I think that - if we start to change things the way we want it- there is going to be no real end to it.

What do you think?

muthu said...

@ Jayadev Menon --

Welcome to my Blog and Thanks a lot for your comments.

And yes, I second your exact words. If you are going to get everything to your choice you simply fail to appreciate things as they are.

I hope to see you over here again. Happy reading.

medha kapoor said...

Good post. Thought provoking.

muthu said...

@ medha kapoor said ---

I am glad you think so. :)

Kartik Jagdale said...

think like he is standing in a 'bailbazar'
if all things were perfect in life than wats life.

muthu said...

@ Kartik Jagdale ---

Couldn't agree with you more. If everything is to our choice, then even choice loses its meaning and value.

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