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Monday, July 9, 2012

Overdue - A poem

The Snap-

Overdue- The Poem.

Bunch of blossoms;
Wet and wilted.
Pinch of thunder;
Set and shorted.

Writhed around;
Tethered abound.
Lightening adrift;
Heightening in shifts;

A few wings tore;
From dew drops sore;
The cloud petals bore;
It started to pour.

A pregnant blast;
The rain’s ballast;
Sloshed soaked;
Terrain naked;

Filth; Grime;
Soil and Slime;
In spurts, it ran; rivulets sang;
In leaps; coy peeps;

Along with the flow;
Alone on the plough;
Furrowed through;
A few lost blood drops;

The last few of the million hewed;
Bled with gusto; Honor presto;
Crimson patches; raw earth’s swatches;
Of long forgotten; War begotten;

In satin swirls, those last blood drops;
Ran along in swills;

Searching along;
For a few drops of tears;
A few drops of tears;
A few centuries overdue!

Author's note-

I simply love to write poetry in Tamil. It just flows.Tamil in itself is so phonetically worded, It's orgasmic to create a lovely thought in the language. It's like my first love- each and every time i write poetry in Tamil, the fleeting sensation of immense pleasure, the more you love, the more you enjoy, getting drunk with words.

The above poem is a roughly translated version of a Tamil poem, I wrote a few days ago. I wanted to capture the pain of war and violence in a melodramatic fashion. I hope that you guys enjoy the same.

The Tamil version of the Poem-


This is the second Tamil Poem that I have posted. If you liked this one, do check out the first one at the link here. Cheers.


nan said...

Needless to say I am a bigger fan of your tamil verses :) Class apart than the regular ones I come across //

nan said...


Too much rhyme kills the feel.. (Am referring to the English translation)

muthu said...


Thanks.... I love writing in Tamil. It feels natural.

hmhm... And yeah, I can see your point when I re-read the English poem, Well- I will be more crisp the next time around. :)

Kochjmcq said...

Needless to say I am a bigger fan of your tamil verses :) Class apart than the regular ones I come across //

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