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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The prostitute - A 55 fiction

Warning - The following content is of abrupt sexual nature, so people who would rather not read this are advised not to read it. Please do not read it and then blame me for not warning you.

The story:

“I think 55 fiction comes naturally for me.” I said to my sister.

She looked at me with her eyebrows raised “Really…..??”

“Yeah, Wanna hear one I thought of, when taking a piss in the can….” I looked at her with challenging eyes……

“hmhm……. Ok… Go on..” She replied.

Story 1 – The making:

The prostitute returned his money coolly “it’s on the house baby…….”

“Really, Did I fuck that good? Wow this… this was my first time” He said.
She gave him a satisfied wink and went off.

She later said to her pimp “His father paid double for him. Said something about making him a real man.”

My sister gave me her worst frown… “That’s a sick story.”

“But it had some meaning I suppose” I shot back.

“hmhm….. yeah some meaning…” She replied to me skeptically.

“K, wanna hear another one as I craft it. Hot on spot……”

“Go on…” She said.

Story 2 – The difference:

The prostitute crooked….“No baby, I don’t even want your money this time. You were so good.”

“You have got to take the money. I insist.” He said thrusting the money in her hands.

“Why??” She asked.

“Then how am I going to differentiate between you and my wife” He replied back in his nonchalant voice.

This got to my sister. “That’s even sicker and shittier. You degrade women.”

“No, my stories are always meant to ask questions. I never decide upon things.” I paused. “The stories are just perspectives and you need to know what shit happens to appreciate the good things you have.”

“hmhm” My sister was silent.

“And such situations may be happening somewhere…. We just want to ignore them.”

She was still silent.

“Ok, wanna hear another one…..”

She looked at me with those accusing eyes, which seemed to blame me for every single bad thing ever done to the feminine race.

“Trust me….. This will make you laugh” and I started to craft another one as I went on.

Story 3 – The choice:

The prostitute said in a as a matter of fact attitude “I have just upped my prize….. baby. You have gotta pay be 400 bucks extra for my services from now on”

“What……. No way….. I always pay my regular amount…”

She smirked “Bigger money bundle or bigger cock …….. your choice stud…”

And on hearing this she started laughing and I thought to myself ----and god finally saved the world from the wrath of my sis. (Jus kidding ….. she is reading this as I write you see….. :))

Then I went back to what I was doing before and not long after my sister laughed to herself.

“What?” I asked.

“What what???” she shot back.

“Why are you laughing???”

“The story… I just thought another one.”

“Really….. Let me hear it.”

After a bit of cajoling and persuasion, she told her version.

The final story - Story 4 - (Idea of the story – My sister.)

The prostitute asked with an idle curiosity in her voice “You are paying me more than my usual amount. Any special reasons????”

He stopped wearing his pants and looked at her, then with a casual shrug he said… “Well, you did not ask me whether the grocery bills are paid when I was coming. Did you??”

After the story was told, we both cracked up laughing.

Author’s note:

The above is a fictionalized account of what myself and my sister were chatting on Saturday afternoon, celebrating her return from our native. :)

And Please don't mind the following philosophy..... It's just the way I am. Always getting kicks out of saying something philosophical. Damn, I am pitying my future kids... They sure have a lot of philosophizing and advising to hear from me in the future. LOL...... :)

The Philosophy -

I believe in openness and in discussion whatever the subject matter may be. Only when we talk about things, we will get to know how we feel about them. Sex, Religion, Culture, Marriage, politics, death – I think are a few of those topics on which every one of us have their own strong opinions and we prefer to keep it to ourselves rather than discussing them. We protect these opinions like we protect our own eyes; we get angry when people with a different set of principles express their views.

What we forget is that, it is these basic opinions that we hold dear to us, define us. Make us into what we are. Hard to believe….. but it’s the naked truth. So all I ask from my readers is that please keep an open attitude. If else you may miss more than you think……

Take care guys…. Ciao.


Vinnie said...

yey!! me first:)

1) the making was damn funny!
2) the difference was typically bhaiyya-types thinking, meaning women r just objects for sex fulfilment, its sad there r men who think this way too,
vaise, the difference between a wife n a whore isnt money, it's love :) (try n weave a story around this)
3) the choice is good:)

4) final story - still trying to figure this one out...i'm sorry yaar..getting old now :)

P.S: u r getting too godd on 55 fiction :)

muthu said...

Thanks 4 your comments vinnie....

I myself loved my sister's idea, it was pretty interesting...

The idea borders around the fact that married women can be paranoiac about paying bills in time that they tend to ask about that stuff in the most inappropriate times like when climaxing during sex, and he seems to be a victim of such behavior from his wife.... :) So he pays more to the gal saying that she didn't do the same as his wife.

Vinnie said...

hey Muthu...thats too funny man n the best of all 4:)
thanks for the 100 word explanation...readers like me should be banned :)

P.S: am still laughing....

Ani said...

ha ha that was really funny..

n i can see that u r very frank n open.. thts nice..
oh well i enjoyed it :)

thank u for checking my blog out :) hope to keep seeing u around..

anoop erakkil said...

muthu, am dropping in after quite a longgggg time..!
dude u rock! too good the way you conceptualised this post..!
me havn't much time to read thro the rest of the posts..seems some of em were re-posted..the milk choclate, goddess Kali ones..rite?!
will sure catch up...

muthu said...

@ ani - am always frank with my sis... better me educating her abt sex and stuff than TV and friends....

and am happy that you enjoyed it.. :)

will be seeing more of you. :)

@ anoop - thanks 4 your compliments anoop. and i jus kind a fictionized what happened between me and my sis... and welcome back after a long time. :)

Rahul Viswanath said...

Fun at its best ...... So you mentoring you sis now !!! Way to go ...... Ideal siblings in the making :)

muthu said...

@ rahul - We are far from ideal man but anyways i think we compliment each other..

and i dont believe in mentoring people.... children left alone always grow up wonderfully and spontaneously..

Aditi..............:) said...

the first one was really funny.....very bold topic though!

Anonymous said...

funny bold frank.. and had a message...

wives need to act sane! coz prostitutes sometimes seem more sane to certain husbands.. .

lol.. your 55 fiction is good..

came here following your comment on raka's blog..

muthu said...

@ aditi - i am addicted to bold topics... :D

and happy the stories were fun....

muthu said...

@ pink orchid -

thanks 4 your comments yaar....

your comments made my day....


magiceye said...

Wonderful crisp narration!

Defiant Princess said...

haha funny stories! :D

Anonymous said...

it was quite interesting to read.. hope to read more like it..

muthu said...

@ magiceye ---

Thank you... :)

muthu said...

@ Defiant Princess ---

Yeah.... I too think so.. :)

muthu said...

@ eternallydeniedsoul ---

Try my other posts. You can trust me on this -- If its not interesting and original, I do not post it on my blog. :)

numerounity said...

Well I didnt understand the 4th story..but different attempt..

Not here for moral policing though...

Try writing more 55 word course diff themes.

muthu said...

@ Numerounity --

The idea borders around the fact that married women can be paranoiac about paying bills in time that they tend to ask about that stuff in the most inappropriate times like when climaxing during sex, and he seems to be a victim of such behavior from his wife.... :) So he pays more to the gal saying that she didn't do the same as his wife.

And yes, will sure write a lot of 55 fictions on different topics. If you want it to be on any particular topic- ping me, It will be fun to oblige you. :)

Kartik Jagdale said...

I love the 55 Fiction
I used to read the Fiction of Deepak Karthik(one of the indiblogger)
Loved your Fiction stories too they are short and sweet.
I think I am going to be regular visitor of your blog.(if you regularly write Fiction lol)
( )

muthu said...

@ Kartik Jagdale ---

Thank you... And yes, I love writing 55 fictions. Kindly follow the 55 fiction tag for more interesting stuff.

And I would love to see more of you here... Happy Reading...


domesticgoddess-nextdoor said...

it was super fun reading it....very well written

Jay Singh said...

Hi Muthu,

That was quite a read. So many 55s in one place, you're on a roll.
It's ok to write true to your mind, only then can good work can come out.
This was pretty good Muthu, keep it up. Following you now.



muthu said...

@ domesticgoddess-nextdoor --

Thanks for that warm comment and Yes, I am glad I pleased a Goddess.. :P:P

muthu said...

@ Jay Singh ---

Thank-you for the follow. I sure hope my posts engage with you - with vivid reading experiences.

Also, If you liked that fiction try the Navratri - 55 fiction. It has a total of 9 stories to it.

Happy reading. Cheers. :)

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