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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who cares, who screws….

The Snap -

The Tale-

There is just one thing, only one thing- that can make really angry and all pumped up. And that’s when my sister is being intimidated and I cannot do anything about it. But then, it rarely happens. No. It never happens. You see guys….. I have always nurtured this fighting tendency in my sis that almost all the guys studying studying with her, who knew her for awhile,  would have already tasted a good bite of her casual sass and thus they never mess with her.

So I never almost have any reason to get all angry and pumped up. Almost. I repeat. Almost.

And that's because like all  my mothers, my mom knows me a bit too much, and when she is upset with me, she shows it to my sister to get to me.(She can’t make me to fight back otherwise.)

I hate these situations. Really really hate them.

And that's exactly what happened today morning when I refused my mom when she asked me to accompany her to her sister’s home for a couple of days. She showed her anger to my sister.

Like you can guess easily, I felt pretty enraged. Furious and still suffering like the guy who just got kicked right in his balls. Down depressed and seething about it like those active volcanoes just waiting to explode into a million bits. Do add ample more similes to the list and trust me however creative you are going to be, it just would not do justice to what I felt.


My mom left for her sister's home with my sister in the afternoon.

She called me up late night to tell that she has reached there safely and as we were talking, she suddenly slipped in a sorry.

“For what?” I asked.

“Just that I was angry with you and made you feel so bad”

“That’s Okay mom. No big deal.”

“Really I am so sorry. I felt so bad, when I thought about what I did while traveling”

I hate to see my mom apologize.

“You did nothing wrong mom, what you did was absolutely natural and I am cool. Okay.”

“Okay…” She paused. “I will never do it again.”

“Mom, you did nothing you shouldn't do and stop talking like this. This isn't like you. Can we just stop talking about this.”

“Right. Okay” My mom answered back.

And then after a few minutes of consoling and cajoling my mom and another few minutes talking about other mother son stuff like lock the back door when you go to bed, do not over load the washing machine while washing clothes, bath daily, brush daily (spare me the rest - its too embarrassing.) etc….. she allowed me to go back to what I was doing.

Damn women. I was the one in anger and was in the need of some consoling and a hug. I was the one depressed and was feeling like shit. She was the one who must have been doing the prep talking.

But everything happened in reverse. I ended up trying to cheer her up. Some tough luck.

The philosophy – It never matters who screws up in the first place, the girl or the guy but it always ends with the guy trying to cheer the girl up.


The photo is of my sister and was took while i was experimenting with my camera, when I first brought it.


Jagadha said...

Hi Muthu
It has taken me along time to think with my daughter's cap on my head rather than mine. It is human tendency to take out disappointments in places where you can afford to (I mean where you can expect them to undestand your folly when you come back to apologise). I know it is not fair but my daughters do the same thing when they have a bad day and always apologise later. As a mom myself I know your mom must have felt pretty bad about her actions and so she apologised. Thanks on behalf of all moms for understanding!!

Vinnie said...

A woman looks funny 'when cheering someone up'...its better a man do it...loved this post:)

ur sis was threatening someone??

muthu said...

@ jagatha - you are too kind with your words jagatha... and yeah I can understand your stand and I think my mom and every mom rocks in spite of our occasional fighting and angers. it s all a part of the relasionship. I guess.....

cheers to motherhood jagatha....

muthu said...

@ vinnie - Yeah, you are right...a women does look funny when cheering up a guy... anyways in a way we guys love cheering girls up....

making a girl laugh out always put s a smile on our faces too.... :)

And what i meant abt my sis is that, she is bold and can handle it when some guy drools behind her or tries to tease her.... she has a wild spirit... And she thinks and talks in a way like guys (She can really curse and talk abt sex bluntly without flinching - she got that from me...).

and what you really meant by "ur sis was threatening someone"

Vinnie said...

by now i know ur sis inside out...i was referring to her pic here..she is standing akimbo :)

muthu said...

yeah vinnie... she definitely has a graceful boldness....

Anjan Roy said...'s always the boy's who has to do the cheering up :)

Yashodhan Walimbe said...

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muthu said...

@ Anjan Roy ---

haha... Well, at-least they did not coin the word chivalry for naught... :P

muthu said...

@ Yashodhan Walimbe ---

well, honestly-- that's something interesting. Will sure check it out. :)