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Friday, April 17, 2009

Romance: enigmatic – A short story.

The Quote:

As for Micheal Corleone, he found himself standing, his heart pounding in his chest; He felt a little dizzy. The blood was surging through his body, through all it’s extremities and pounding against the tip of his gingers. All the perfume of the island came rushing in on the wind, orange, lemon blossoms, grapes, flowers. It seemed as if the whole body had sprung away from him out of himself. And then he heard the two shepherds laughing.

“You got hit by a thunderbolt, eh” Fabrizzio said ------------

----Direct quote from Godfather by Mario Puzo (book six, chapter 23)

The story:

He found himself staring at her photo with a part of his mind wondering whether such lovely girls really exist and another part marveling that such lovely girls do exist. The new moon of her eye balls, black, stark black, raven black with a tinge of a mischievous twinkle set on a face, a lovely face woven from the moist strands of zephyr, the dark hair, darker than the darkness of eternity parted to a side and crowning all that divine beauty - the curve of a smile, a bend of the rainbow, sweeter than a mother’s first kiss to her new born and . She was much more than beautiful and he simply couldn’t get enough of her.

He saved her photo from her profile to his desktop. And stared at it for a few more long seconds. The more he saw her, the more he liked her. He then went through her profile and after reading her posts, He liked her even more.

He wanted to get to know her. Talk with her. Ask her what her favorite color is, Ask her to smile once, ask her about her movie preferences, ask her whether she likes tea or coffee, listen to her laugh and do million other things of which most of the readers may consider silly but silly was the last word on his love struck mind. Euphoric, elated, drunken and delighted, with his heart buffeting in places he never knew there were, he was in love. And all this happened in that split of a moment.

He then went to her profile to comment something that would say that he really liked her. But after placing the cursor in the comment box; he really did not know what to write. Words must have deserted him for he sat there undecided for quite a long time with too many questions bouncing around in his heart.

What do you write to a girl that would get her to reply to you?

You just want to get to know her, Right….. No wrong in it but how do you put it into the right words without going overboard?

Will ---- “Hi, cool blog” - suffice……..

Or “hey, you are cute” suffice……..

Or would “hi, you have nice posts and a sweet smile” be better…….

What comments should he leave? Should he leave some intelligent comment on her posts…….. or……..may be something complimentary……

What would she like --- an intelligent comment or a funny quote or a compliment on her cute smile or a decent remark or something like that for her blog………

Oh boy…. He had no idea on what he was going to do?

After a good deal of mulling over with every single contrivable possibility he remembered someone once telling him that the simplest ….."hi" – would be the most candid and the best approach towards girls and that he decided was the best Idea. He sent the message, logged out of his profile and went out into the flowing rays of the golden dusk completely satisfied, completely happy.

His mobile sang and his sister talkative as always was ready to launch into her stories when he answered it. After listening to a few of her stories when inevitably always ran a minimum time of half an hour, he barged in-between her narratives and said “I saw someone on the internet…….”

“Where” She asked.

“Internet, I saw her profile and liked her a lot”

“How did she look”

“Cute, beautiful”

His sister hit back “Beautiful than me”

He paused and answered carefully “As beautiful as you, I think…… Dark eyes, Dark hair, lovely smile”

“So what’s her name?”

“Oh……. boy”

“What??” she asked with a hint of concern.

“I was so full of her that I forgot to look up her name”

"What?" She rebuked “you have just displayed the worst male character ever……..”

“Hey, it’s not like that, I was just too exited to look for her name. I know her page, I will look up her name first thing I log on next time and ……………….…..” He paused “Shit, I am a jerk….. I did not even look up her name”

“That’s OK…… describe her to me”

That he did in vivid details. And after hearing out, she answered back with a thoughtful voice..

“You know something, once in a while I wonder. Is some guy out there, swooning over me like you are now doing over her”

“Most probably, You are adorable and you are worth it but anyways all guys think like this about one girl or another but only about 5 to 7 percent of them do something about it” After a pause he added “Boys are terrified of being rejected,you know..... We just don’t know how to deal with it and anyways being hit by a thunderbolt though heady, it is a good feeling – getting to like a girl just because she had a cute smile”

“Thunderbolt - Godfather huh……..”He could hear her chuckle on mentioning the quote from one of his all time favorite novels.

“Yup – the mother of all novels and anyways real life is pretty much weirder and stranger than fiction. Huh….. After all this ruckus I am causing, may be she will never reply to me and all this will just reduced to a memory”

“May be she will reply and you will get to become friends” She added.

“May be” He continued with a significant pause “May be, then we will then forget each other in the monotony of every day chores”

“May be” She added again “May be, You will get to know each other, love each other, get married, have a lot of kids and then grandkids and I get to play with your grand kids”

“hahaha” He couldn’t help laughing “Too funny, If not too easily said.”

“Ok, Mom’s calling…… Gotta go…. Will call you later”

He said Ok and pocketed his mobile. Tomorrow he thought may be tomorrow, she may reply……….. And looked into the distant skies with his hopeful eyes……..

A few early stars were shimmering though a fast darkening inky sky. The sun with its masculine strokes of light rays was painting his last masterpiece on the skyline palettes of the western horizon with the moon in its feminine element looking on with a pleased curve of a smile.

Love is Life.

The end

P S – This is a fictional account of my own real life experience a few days ago and the enigmatic ending says much about my own state of mind and I am still pretty much in the fog on what would be the best way for me to get to know her, So guys if you have any ideas, please I plead you………please………. Help me out.

The quote at the beginning is from Godfather – the novel ……when Micheal Corleone falls in love with Apollonia at the first sight.


WritingsForLife said...

just be yourself. You dont have to impress her to get her attention. if you have the best intention, and she is single, you will be fine.
Good luck :-)

vinny said...

jus leave a comment on her post with ur honest opinion..things will start happening :)

honesty is the best policy!

muthu said...

@ raaji - thanks.... Yup I think I will need a lot of good luck.

@ vinnie - a bit easy said than done. Ok I am thinking of posting something tomorrow hey but does "hi, I think I like you a lot (from what I read saw and read in your blog), would like to chat with you sometime" count as an honest opinion. Wont i freak her out.... I really don't want to do that....

pink dogwood said...

If you start out by saying, Hi I like you a lot - it will most probably scare her. I think you should give it some time. Leave an honest comment about her post, not about her and then see where it goes - take it one blog post at a time :)

muthu said...

@ pink - thanks..... Am thinking along the same lines.....

vinny said...

hehhehee...definitely not..i meant what u have in mind now..leave an honest opinion on her posts...take it slow n dont blow it up!!
All the very best again:)

muthu said...

Thanks again vinnie.... and god help me... she doest even seem to be a regular blogger... rather instinctive she is... i would say.. shit at times like these patience is the last thing on my mind but you are right.... I will do my best... :)

Bizzare said...

Send her this story... she will fall in love with you ;)

muthu said...

Girl.. your comment made my day.

Do you really think that she will fall in love wid me jus by readin that.

omg... Trust me, I will write sonnets of such love that it will resonate through the times that are to come..

If only she is to read them.

But u see the pity, the gal i fell 4 does not read my blog. :(