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Saturday, August 29, 2009

An Everyday Tale - A 55 fiction

The Snap-

The Fiction-

“It’s the same everyday. What’s the problem with you? Don’t you know how to cook anything else?”

The Television resonated with resentment.

The couple stopped eating, looked up at the television anticipating the wife’s reply.

--- Blip ----

The dining room was thrown into darkness. A power failure. The couple sighed to themselves, lost in their own thoughts.

Author's note-

PS- I left the fiction to be open ended so that people can draw their own conclusions from it. What I have written below is my own general observation.

Sometimes I wonder, Why is that everyone gets married at one time or another. Is that the only course of life thats available or to put it in more blunt terms, the only course of life thats possible?

I have nothing against marriage. In fact, in a way I am happy that the majority of the society still goes along with it. I was born because of it & it does give a sense of order to the society that would otherwise become a chaotic fist fight of which guy gets which girl.

But what completely eludes me is that why do couples who learn that they don't get along with each other after marriage, still prefer to be together.

Maybe, they are afraid of their own loneliness that they choose to live on with their partners, cursing fate for the predicament they are left with.

People are such fragile creatures.

Will meet you guys in the next tale. (I am planning to write a fable next time. :) )

Until then,



venus66 said...

Hi, nice post here. Something to ponder. As for me marriage is a bond. It's beautiful.

bondgal_rulz said...

Yes. People are definitely fragile.

But don't you think maintaining a relationship which is dead, just for the sake of it and to avoid loneliness is what will lead to an even greater sense of being all alone? For isn't loneliness has got more to do with the mental disconnect rather than the physical one?

Marriage - the third most highly overrated concept in India. (after love and virginity that is)

As to why people continue such empty marraiges, it's really not that difficult to fathom the answer. Societal stigma, upbringing of the child, if any, are the two major reasons.

Great write-up. More than the fiction, I liked the point that you have brought about.


muthu said...

@ Venus --

Yeah marriage is a bond. Something beautiful. You cant put it more simple than that.

In a way, I think we as humans all search for acceptance by other individuals. by the society as a whole and marriage in a way solves that.

Marriage brings pits two people together to understand each other. If they can do so, then they will learn to enjoy each other and then I think that, that marriage is a success.

That I think is the entire purpose of marriage put in a shell.

muthu said...

@ bondgal_rulz --

Loneliness is more of a mental disconnect than a physical one.

Yeah, you have made a valid point.

OK, now lets try to define connectedness.

I think connectedness is an interpreted feeling of interdependency, both in emotional as well as a physical way.

& to feel connected, you need people.

More or less, thats the reason people always follow the norms of the society like marriage. They don't want to be left alone. Being pioneers isn't really an easy job. You see!!

& yeah like you have said, marriage is overrated. Just like love, virginity and of course you have forgotten the most over rated aspect of Indian social structure-


What say??

oRange* said...

great. marriage again, my favourite topic :D

i totally agree with u. i dont understand how people can stay together in a dead relationship. its so much wiser to just take a stand and move out.

reasons range from loneliness to what the 'society' will say to children to money to what not!

marriage is overrated, yes but i dont understand why u think love is.

btw, great post. keep writing!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

do you really believe that couples who are not happy with each other prefer to be with each other or that the society pressures them to stay with each other? Think about stereotypes associated with divorce, Financial instability etc.

muthu said...

@ oRange* --

Yeah, sometimes its better even for the kids if people can get separated.

(I think that kids can understand the facts when its explained to them and its much better than putting then through the tension & the fights between the partners everyday. Though if the kids are too small then it would be real hard.)

If there are no other options, then people can wait until the kids get old enough to understand stuff.

After all divorce isn't the end of the word. Right??

& as for the other reasons like society & loneliness, thats for the couple to decide.

&& As for love. -- Possessiveness is often misinterpreted in our social set up as love. I will make a fiction based on this soon 2 make a better point.

muthu said...

@ (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯)

Financial stability -- yeah, nice point.

hmhm.. But I think things are changing. Times when women need to look up to men 4 money are fading away.

Women are becoming more independent financially.

Don't U think so??

Renu said...

I also wonder why? lonliness may not be the sole factoras sometime one is lonely in a marriage also..may be financial stability or society.

Anonymous said...
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muthu said...

@ Renu --

Yeah, you are right...

loneliness is not always the criteria..

pranksygang said...

Hell Yes people are weak .. and are very afraid..

muthu said...

@pranksygang --

:) -- well rather than weak, I would like to put the term as fragile....

Weak in a way invalidates the strength of humans but fragility says that we humans though strong choose to stay fragile -- when it comes to relationships... :)

Rahul Jain said...

People often get bored of the thing that surrounds them..

It's not just the marriage..
In fact, if you have the same food every night or day.. definitely you'll get frustated on the one who is in front of you, irrespective of the fact that person have nothing to do with it..

muthu said...

@ Rahul Jain ---

hmhm.. yup- what U have said is infact the truth ..

but I would rather like 2 see couples who would never get enough of each other.. who will always see each other with the same love that sparked up between them when their eyes met for the first time.

anyways thats another topic for another story... :)


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