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"Nope, I don't really have anything new to say. but then, I always have something amazing to tell about things that you already know!!"


Thursday, March 25, 2010

A few tweets tweaked-

Guys, these are a few tweets that I tweeted over the past week. Its part thoughtful, part gibberish and part satirical. Hope it entertains. Do leave your opinions on them.

The snap-

Women’s reservation –

Of course, I 22 want women’s empowerment but then with numbers alone in the house (& tat 2 of the elite), can U really guarantee it ??

Reservation within reservations– am happy 2 see tat Indian politicians still have their sense of war intact. If U cant win, at least assure ursef a piece of d pie.

Politics ?? -

Mulayam Singh says- If women belonging 2 affluent families were elected MPs, they wud be “whistled” at by young boys. I say- dude 1st of all, Do you know 2 whistle.. :P

US vice president joseph biden says- this is a big fucking deal 2 Obama during signing of the health care bill. I say- ah, so good 2 know tat they 2 know. :D

Alagiri says- I cannot accept anyone as leader after Karunanidithi. I say- Good that U cleared that up b4 that fellow kicks the bucket. So U 2 in the run for future CM :P


Waugh says- T20 is seductive. I say- Hmhm… good 4 U. Afterall it’s the new money spinner & u 2 deserve a few swings. Don’t cha.. :D

Tiger woods says- I was living a lie. I say- no offence dude. I can see tat u r saying stuff 4m ur heart but after reading abt ur liaisons, I realized am 2 living a lie.

The lighter side -- :P

Did U see headley’s pic. Crap. I mean He luks like a villain straight out of bond movies. & still our police force missed him until the last second. God save India.

Katrina kaif luks so hot in the new Panasonic fridge ad. Argh.. I hate those AD photographers, coming up with new ways 2 make me want a girl frd. :(

the next best thing other than being bored is being bored and being able to share it with people on twitter.... :)

Its easy to inspire me. Just tell to me -- tat you love me.. :)

Author's note-

If you guys do like my tweets, you can follow me @aarthycrazy - & do trust me 4 hot & sassy tweets.


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