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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The fox and the grapes- Fiction (Aesop's Retold)

Retelling the Aesop's Fables-

The snap-

The tale-

A royal purple, rich & ripe the grapes smirked at the fox. But then, at a height it cannot reach, the only thing that the fox was able to do was stare at the juicy fruits with a calm disdain. A few seconds passed & along with them, a few wise cracks by those hanging safely high up in the branches.

After all, they were sour. Weren't they?

The fox turned around & started to walk away from the grape tree. Cheers rang out from the celebrating bunch of fruits. They wont be eaten by the likes of such failures.

But then, they didn't know did they, that the fox was already thinking of what story to weave to the elephant to make it mow down the tree holding them.

Author's note-

A homage to the Aesop's fables. An alternate version of it, with it's own untold morals with a bit of twist from my own stables. For the original story, please visit the following link. & do visit again for another one of my attempts on retelling the Aesop's.


Anirudh said...

What a crazy co-incidence! I've got a little version of the same story on my own blog! I think all romantics write at some point about it, what say?

Swathi Pradeep said...

Nice one!
Pls check my comics blog:

muthu said...

@Anirudh -- Yup.. I read your post buddy.. Yeah, Romantics do have their roots somewhere near the vicinity of Aesop's ... I suppose.. :)

muthu said...

@Swathi Pradeep --

thanks a lot..

Was busy for the past few weeks. Got little time to blog. Will soon go through your blog. :)


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