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Friday, April 23, 2010

The rabbit and the tortoise- Fiction (Aesop's Retold)

The snap-

The Fiction--

Nobody can call the tortoise a slouch. Nor can anybody criticize his efforts.

Sweat poured across his face; drenching his soul, as he plodded along the race path, one step at a time; each harder than the earlier.

Every minuscule molecule of his might, exhausted. A dry throat gasping for breath; battling with the heat and exhaustion – dieing to give up. Just give up this unjust race already.

Of course, his opponent is tough and obviously faster. It would be a child’s win for the rabbit to win. But then, all the odds staked against him, made it the more important, more important for him to win.

And no, the chance for the rabbit to fall asleep, once again- after the Aesop’s race would be, like the Americans say; a fat chance. But then, it was his dignity that’s at stake. He took a deep breath and sighed. Sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. With a rebuilt resolution, he plodded on.

Just then, just for a flash of a second, he couldn’t but help think that – Maybe, his claiming reservation was not a bad idea at all.

Author's note-

Like the last post, this one too is retelling the Aesop's in relation to the modern circumstances. Hope I have made a interesting dent to the story.

Regarding reservations - I do not intend to support nor oppose it. I merely would like to rethink reservation depending on circumstances. Isn't that all democracy about ? To decide for ourselves, whats to be done to ourselves. So, tell me guys, what do you think about reservation? and it's implication - both in the story & in real life.

For those interested, the original Aesop's tale- can be read at the following link.


Rajlakshmi said...

a new look to the aesop fables... loved your take on the mordern way...

muthu said...

@ Rajlakshmi --

hmhm.. & I am glad you liked it. Though, I would have loved to hear- whats your take on reservations.. :)

Meow said...

Yes.. interesting as you said :) :) How are you Muthu???? :)

Jo said...

I have always loved Aesop's fables, and the beauty of them is that they still apply today as much as when they were written. Yours has a different twist. :-)

Pavitra .... said...

Ah...Interesting twist to the tale...!
Loved it!

Anu said...

very interesting take on the fable! and as usual, the end with a twist!

as to reservations, I have never been in favour of them, feel that there would be better ways to handle things...... all this has done is reduce the efficiency!

muthu said...

@ Meow ---

I am doing good. How about you ?? How are you doing??

Read all your recent posts...

As spontaneous & free as ever. :)

muthu said...

@Jo --

Yeah, Aesop's eternal.

& the reservation is an issue that on the discussion at present over here in India. (after the govt proposed a plan to provide reservations for women in the house)

muthu said...

@ Pavitra --


& am glad U loved it. :)

muthu said...

Anu ---

hmhm.. yeah, you do have a point. Reservations do not ensure efficiency. What I wonder is that- Will the segment of the feminine society, that this reservation was meant to help out, really receive any help from it....

Or will it be forgotten once it s implemented.

Do, keep in mind that- 50 years ago, the govt implemented reservations for SC,STs in education & work to give them an opportunity. but that in today's case scenario does really help much. After all, it s the rich & well to do SC & STs that get the benefit.

Is this what, people were thinking when they first implemented the reservation ??

*** just pondering & thinking out aloud.

manan guju said...

twisted kabirs answer to a twisted aesop:
raam chandra kah gaye siya se
aisa kaliyug aayega
hans chugega daana tinka
kauwwa moti khayega

muthu said...

@ manan guju --

Yeah, that's quite twisted.
Welcome to blog and cheers...

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