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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The murderer - A 55 fiction.

The Snap-

The Fiction-

"I did'nt kill her...."

"hmhm hmhm"

"Really! I am innnocent...."

"hmhm hmhm"

"Ofcourse, You do not believe me!!!"

"You think so."

"Afterall, instant refusal shows guilt. Doesnt it???"


"So you think that, I am the murderer. Dont you not???"

"No! I dont. But you do know something about who killed her. Dont you? Tell me now or I will kill you too."

Author's Note-

I wanted to write a crime fiction in just 55 words or less. & I did not want the fiction to be something predictable or dull. So, I took this idea of a dark comical twist to a murder fiction and expanded on it. I hope you guys like it. Will soon post more on the same idea. Do leave back your comments & criticisms.

See you guys soon.


Pavitra .... said...

Nice..!! Well done!! liked the twist..

muthu said...

@ Pavitra .... --


& I am glad that you liked it.

A_N_Nanda said...

Great ideas come in flashes, so be on it and scrap ahead.

Thanks, by the way, for touching my blog.


Aadya. said...

Or I'll kill you too? Nice.

Vinnie said...

hehehhehehee...that was a smart i always say..u should work on ur crime novel instead...

dont forget me when u get famous!

hows u? :)

muthu said...

@ A_N_Nanda --

It was a pleasure.. :)

muthu said...

@ Aadya. --

Glad you found so..

muthu said...

@ Vinnie --


It has been so long, since last saw your comment...

It gladdens me.. :)

I am doing good. What abt you...

& Ofcourse.. How can I 4get you.. :D

Aditi..............:) said...

lovely twist in the end...keep it up! :-)

muthu said...

@ Aditi..............

:) Thanks.. am glad you liked it..

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