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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Of humans & humanity -

The city-

A city that was found on the banks of the river Musi, A juxtaposition of the magnificence of the old and trendiness of the new. A city whose development in the last decade is not just astounding but mind boggling. A city that still reeks of a rustic charm with the edges of sophistication and refinement creeping in. A city that once courted the Nizams. A city where the beauty of the language Telugu flourishes along with lavishes of Urdu and Hindi added. The city of pearls, of lakes, of a climate red hot and of girls hotter than that. :D

A city which will be my home for the next three months -- Hyderabad.

The snap-

A chaotic hub of activity welcomed me when I arrived here, at the junction of Secundrabad one week ago. The buzz of rushing human life played around me, always constant and engaging. Dozens of stores with a million goods of every sort; T shirts, bags, flowers, combs, locks, fruits, trousers, Remote control covers, Cushions, Cushions covers. A multitude of things that were being haggled over for better prices by both the seller and the customer.

Auto Rickshaw wallahs looking out for everyone and anyone coming from inside the junction for a prospective passenger. People with pale shirts clean and pressed rushing over to their destination unknown, offices probably to confront whatever the morning has prepared for them. Students with ties and a twinkle in their eyes hurrying past the milieu, their heavy bags lugging behind their backs. A few teens fooling around; A couple of men in lungis* sitting in front of closed shops reading the news papers; Buses, taxis, Autos and what not zooming past loaded with people and their early morning concerns; A haste of activity, An onslaught of life.

And as I stood there, a kid enthralled by the flurry of whats happening around him; I saw her.


White wisps of hair; greying in the frays probably from the dust billowing from the road, dry and lifeless, a sad shine in it's last days in those old eyes, clothes beaten and faded; colors long forgotten, A face wrinkled blue more with the worry of hunger than of age, A poor old women looking around for someone who would be her savior today; giving her a few coins; winning her today's bread.

And of all those people who moved past her in haste or of even those just loafing around, nobody seem to even notice her. They were too lost in the maze of their own life that they have just become a bit too immune to see the pain and sufferings that's at their door steps.

As I stood there waiting for my bus, I really wanted to see someone help out that frail figure of an old lady. But alas, even though the explosion of activity increased ceaselessly along with the trickle of time and the blooming of the sun, nobody, not even one seemed to mind her. The hunger in her eyes,her dry, parched lips, the streaks of her tears; dried.

A lost soul amongst a million lost souls.

Humans if needed may learn to eat humans to live. But can we be called humans then?

A few more moments crawled by. The lady lost all her hope that she will get to eat something today and sat down with hunched shoulders trying to bear another day of her drab life.

May be I was destined to buy the lady her morning food. I smiled to myself. Quite a destiny.

I gave the lady some money and asked her to go and eat. She looked at me with those silver eyes with mixed emotions. I moved away before she could thank me.

After all, I was just trying to salvage the reminder of the humanism and kindness in my heart & for that, sorry but you don't really need thanks.

Author's note--

This post is but what I felt when I looked at that poor lady & by no means, do I credit the city for the plight she was in.

And Guys, I am having quite a time in here in Hyderabad. Will soon post about my wanderings and experiences here. :)


Guys, Since I am staying here in Hyderabad in a hostel and doing my blogging from a nearby net cafe, I am not able to keep up with your blogging. So, so pardon me. Will sure catch up soon.

Until then... Cheers.


Rajlakshmi said...

The city of Nizams looked even more beautifl in ur words.. Beautifuly narrated.. Poverty is everywhere and it has become a business too.. Urs was a very kind gesture.. Waiting 4 more :)

Anu said...

beautifully written!!!!! and all the best for your days ahead in hyd......

Antarman said...

So you are there in my favourite city..waiting to read more about your expereiences......hyderabad is a lovely place and very comfportable city.

bondgal_rulz said...

You sure did paint a splendid picture with ur words.

Great work .:)


muthu said...

@ Rajlakshmi --

thank U 4 your compliments....

yup.. people become so used to suffering that they choose to ignore it...

will soon post more .. :)


muthu said...

@ Anu --

thanks 4 your wishes Anu....


muthu said...

@ Antarman ---

Yup, Will sure post more...

Welcome to my blog--

Hope 2 see more of you here..



muthu said...

@ bondgal_rulz ---

I just painted the vivid city as I saw it..

Am glad U liked it.. :)

surya said...

that was really a thing u must feel proud about.

manu said...

And you never told me that you went to hyd ?
i had been trying your mobile for quite some time now
a scrap would ve been gud enough !
damn !

manu said...

btw it was me -> Nandhini

surya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Apurva said...

vivid description of Hyderabad, fantastic, very well done

Interestingly, my visit to and observations of Hyderabad in December- January of 2009 started my blogging journey..

muthu said...

@ surya --

hmhm.... well, I just felt sorry for both the women & all the people who went around her ignoring her plight....

that's all..

muthu said...

@ Manu --

yup.. am in HYD gal....

Will call you... (sorry.. everything was planned @ the last moment, so I was nor able to intimate you)


muthu said...

@ Apurva--

hmhm.... yeah, HYD can be a juxtaposed inspiration....

As for me, my own journey in blogging started coz of 2 of my frds ---

Manu (alias nandhini) & Ram..

Am glad you liked the piece...

Do keep visiting 4 more interesting stuff...

:) cheers....

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