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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Something to die for – A 55 fiction.

The snap -

The Story -

“If I am death, will you embrace me…?” She asked.

“Things may go wrong, our parents may curse, make things horrible for us, our relatives will downcast us, the society will cook us into gossip, we may have no support in life tomorrow, may be we will suffer the worse.” She paused and said in a strong decided tone “But I love you.”

She stood there waiting for his reply. His brown eyes were unfocused lost in thought.

Please say yes… She thought...... Please say yes….. please say yes….. please…. Her insides were shaking... What is he thinking? What is there to think? I am ready to take the leap. Please let him just say the word. I love him, love him more than I ever loved myself. Does he know that? I love him. love him. Love him. Love him. Please I beg you god, let him say yes…. Let him jus... And then her thoughts hit a wall and her mind went blank.

He had hugged her………. hard.

Note –

Guys, I thought that the original i wrote first spontaneously was good and did not have the heart to cut it down to 55 words. So I left the story as it was though i have labeled it 55 fiction. (all the bloggers were writing something mushy, chronic writer, hopeless romantic - after reading their posts, i got inspired and wrote my own contribution to the mushy fest.)

PS -

Guys, while i was searching for images of couples hugging, the pictures i found at were so good; I felt like i suddenly needed a hug in the middle of the night. Pity I didn't get one. [:P]. I chose the snap that best resonated with the story.

The link of the snap -


Rahul Viswanath said...

Hmmmmmm its all about hugs !!! ;-)

muthu said...

@ rahul - I couldn't agree more... i love the idea of free hugs... :D

sm said...

nice article few years back scientist have proven that everyday for good health human requres hugs in thousands daily.
like the post.

muthu said...

@ sm - hmhm.... yeah man, nothing is more hearty than a hug. :)

Hopeless Romantic said...

hey dude, nice piece of mushy magic here...n i was surprised to see myself mentioned here...n its jst nt a wave for me...most of the time i write only mushy stuff :P

keep penning :)


Vinnie said...

good one!

(though in my case, they ran away!)

vaise, u r getting notorious at 55 breaking the main rule itself:)

but i'm loving it!!!

muthu said...

@ hopeless romantic - thanks man.. i love quality mushy stuff but you rarely get those these days... the last book that shook me at my roots was "the horse whisperer". (tat was almost 6 years ago)have you read that stuff... wow. it was divine...

you should try it....

muthu said...

@ muthu - haha..... :) am glad that you are enjoying it....

Sneha said...

Love the story.well written .:)

яノςんム said...

no wordds can convey the feelings a hug can say...


muthu said...

@ sneha - happy that you loved it.

@ richa - well said richa... well said.

Femin Susan said...

Love the story and it is beautifully written.

muthu said...

@ femi susan - am happy you loved it. :)


Swetha Padakandla said...

that was really well written!

nice pic too..


muthu said...

@ swetha - :):)

Aditi..............:) said...

Good one...I could visualise the whole thing!! :)

Vinnie said...

hey Muthu,

u talking to urself ah??
"@ muthu - haha..... :) am glad that you are enjoying it...."
yenna iddhe??

muthu said...

@ aditi - am glad you liked it and visualized it.... :)

@vinnie - omg.... what i meant to write was @ vinnie and i somehow clearly messed it up.

but yeah since it came out as I am enjoying it. Yeah vinnie I am enjoying blogging. :)

"yenna iddhe??" - you know tamil??

Vinnie said...

hehhe..i knew that reply was for me:)
ammam, konjum konjum Tamil pesitein..forgive the grammar!

muthu said...

@ vinnie - :) cool... tamil is a lovely language. hey mein bhi hindi kuch kuch jaanta hun... (courtesy a wide range of bollywood movies)...

Rajlakshmi said...

lovely story... I love how you end your stories... a part of it remains in out hearts :)

muthu said...

@ rajlakshmi - :) am glad that my stories that are remembered.....

surya said...

lovely story on love..nice..really nice.

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