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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The lost emotions of love: - A short story.

He was dull. That’s it. You simply could not think anything else about him. Even roadside tramps might have had an once in a while happy face to wear and prance about but not he. May be the color grey was defined after seeing his face or after his face. Such was the bleakness that soaked and dripped from the ridges of his face. There just wasn’t any other expression, any other expression other than his nonchalant sigh, a sigh that seemed to be his answer to all the questions that might have lost their way and found him.

People never knew what he did for a living; let alone did he do anything at all? - Was a question that was seldom speculated because people rarely knew he existed.

Days passed into months and years and one day he too passed away like they all do one day or the other. Fate always has its mockery in the weirdest ways. He died in a spectacular road accident. So spectacular was the accident, So much huge was the traffic pile up caused by it, So much effort and time it took to clear the impaired traffic, that everyone was amazed to learn that he was the one and only fatal victim of the event.

The publicity generated by the single victim carnage was so enormous that the authorities thought that it would be a bit of a promotional material to find his living relatives and hand them over his remains. The authorities as it can be guessed found no living relations, friends or any living soul who in the least knew him. This baffled them and when the media got to know it, they made a bit of a circus out of it.

“Can someone be in such isolation in today’s crowd of a society?”

“Don’t people need other people to enjoy life and to cherish the thought of living?”

“Even in today’s age of nanotechnology and robotics, can the spontaneity of joy in other people’s company be replaced?”

“If not for love, what’s the purpose of keeping on living?”

----Excerpts from the Digital edition of the magazine - Life dated 12-10-3078-----

Experts in human emotional evolution say that this incident in a very odd way has become an eye opener for the people who have simply lost their touch with the human feelings of isolation, loneliness and forlornness. In an attempt to capture the public opinion, on the spot questions were put to the passerby on a busy street.

--College student: Let me tell me tell you something man. After I got my hand fit with the molecular mobile, you know the kind that uses your own bio- energy and your thought process for its other functions like dialing and other things; I am 24*7 in contact with my friends man. It even has inbuilt MP3 music. But you know what’s kind a funny. Nowadays I rarely take time to visit my friends or to greet my fellow passengers on the fly bus. My grand father used to say that his grand father told that these things were cool creating real human bond. But anyways man like him, I too never tried it.

--Doctor: May be I should have mastered in psychology. Those Psychologists get more patients calling than me, a diabetic expert. Patients nowadays simply send me their digital urinal imprint via mail and ask me to mail their medicines. Totally ridiculous. With total physical care supplied by the corporations who ensure you with 80 years of healthy life, what can doctors like me who are practicing alone accomplish?

--Rushing share market expert: Pardon, Oh sorry I have no time for any comments.

--Retired psychologist: I think that people are a bit more preoccupied for something so spontaneous like love to be expressed and to be expressed to in our present society. Totally preoccupied with how to run life that it’s simply easy to forget the simple things that really matter like perhaps to kiss your child good night.

--Road side tramp: Yeah, as I always say to my friends, the worlds gonna end my boy, the worlds gonna end. For sure. You can trust me. No not nuclear war or anything. Just humanlessness. Let me repeat - just humanlessness. Yeah I discovered that word “humanlessness”. When was the last time you went and saw someone just because you felt like it? Answer me you young man?

--A twelve year old on the way to school: The guy was dead and there were no relations or friends to cry over him!! I……..I am really sorry for him.

The responses that were obtained on the street were varied and gave considerable insight into the subject in a rather subtle manner. The technological leap in the past century may have made our life easier but what the humans in an emotional level need may not always be the easy way through says the EQ (emotional quotient) Expert of our magazine. Having a work book idea for almost everything single problem, not only provides an immediate remedy but also isolates people. In fact too much technology eliminates the need for other people.

So next time, you are about to take your digi dog out for a walk do consider buying yourself a natural dog. Of course it pees on the couch but it can also surprise you with an unexpected loving lick on your face.

----Book beforehand for your next edition and get to know the ideas our magazine doctor suggests to find your lost emotions of love. All the ideas have been tested and the experimental results have also been established. Zero chances of random events happening.

---The End---

Author's note -

Guys, I jus arrived from Coimbatore. I cleared the GD and I think that I did the PI reasonably well(the results will be announced in 20 days.). Thank you guys for all your wishes. They made my day. And a lot of really interesting stuff happened at the PI. Will blog about it in my next post.

And this is the first story that I wrote so it may have a lot of holes in the plot. And I am happy guys, happy 2 know that I have really come a long way from writing a poat and praying to god that someone would read and comment on it. Thanks to the inspiration that you guys have always been, I love to write 4 you. :)

until the next post.

cheers then.



Keshi said...

Good writeup Muthu!

**Can someone be in such isolation in today’s crowd of a society?”

**“Don’t people need other people to enjoy life and to cherish the thought of living?”

yes, we need ppl to enjoy life but feeling alone amidst a 1000 ppl is not something one can avoid. It somehow happens sometimes.


muthu said...

@ keshi - I couldn't agree more keshi. And you know the weirdest thing keshi, when we feel alone, nobody can really help us out. it s like getting drunk with oneself, you will have to vomit out a bit to get out of it....

You have jus given a topic 4 a 55 fiction. crowded & alone. Will post it soon. :)

Sowmi said...

Gloomy post but you've thrown light on what actually happens...

Loneliness is like blood cancer.. It'll eat you and lead to depression.. for am feeling lonely for 4 months except when I visit blogs and comment.. for it is like talking to a person.. See, I've to imagine wierd things to kill loneliness....

Chriz said...

kootathinul oru thanimaiyaanavan... would love to see the 55 fiction..

so true regarding the college wala, doctor and retired psychologist part

Meera said...

Very true and well written. This is a fact of life.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Very well written .. This is my first visit to your blog , im sure i ll be a regular here .

BTW, from your twitter pic I jus realised you look very similar to one of my child hood friend , his name was muthu kumar as well . So jus wanted to know if you did your schooling in SBOA CBSE ?

muthu said...

@ sowmi - Yup, I can imagine what you are going through.

Ans yeah loneliness is the worst thing that can happen to people.

and I think tat reading blogs in a way is like talking to people, u r of course reading and commenting jus the way u would listen and talk back in a conversation.

So cheer up mate.

muthu said...

@ chrony - Will post the 55 fiction soon chriz...

I am thinking of doing something poignant.

muthu said...

@ meera - thanks 4 your compliments..

:) that was my very first story..:D

muthu said...

@ Shalini - Thats quite a coincidence.. But nope I did my schooling in RSK CBSE trichy.

& thanks 4 your compliments yaar... would love to see more of you here.. :)


Hopeless Romantic said...

that was a nice read...well done:)

i love the quote at the top of the blog:)

all the best for the MBA result :)


bondgal_rulz said...

Very very well written. And very thought provoking too.

It just amazes me to see how things that were invented to keep us in "close touch" with our near and dear ones have ended up being the very reason for us moving away from them.

(Wo)/Man really have it in them to corrupt everything I guess.


bondgal_rulz said...

And oh!! All the best for the result. :)


muthu said...

@ hopeless romantic - thanks 4 your compliments man.

and yeah.. i 2 loved the quote. A pity I haven't yet had sex, to know what i meant by the quote... :P

And it isnt MBA results man. It's ICICI PO results...

thanks again 4 your wishes....

muthu said...

@ bondgal_rulz - Yeah man redefines everything to suit him and in the process he losses a lot of small small stuff that really matters....

And thanks 4 your wishes yaar...:)

яノςんム said...

the story is very well woven really.. and it is piognant and touches the heart. and the points u raised, i say, ppl are so hasty and lie is so fast, tht humanity is almost dead..
sumtyms we are afrais to get entangled in police case and we avoid helping ppl, sumtyms we are in a hurry, su other time there must be some other reason..

but the truth is we are not ready to help anyone..

Rahul Viswanath said...

Was away for a while .... But I guess this is life ..... Smart piece Muthuji ........ ;-)

Jo said...

Wow! Amazing story. It proves we do not live in close-knit communities anymore, where people care about each other.

There was a very large truck parked in a parking lot on Vancouver Island for three years. A few days ago they decided to open it up, and they found the remains of a homeless man who had been living in it. He disappeard three years ago, and no one missed him. Very similar situation to your story!

Keshi said...

**crowded & alone

wow Im glad I inspired u ;-) waiting for that post now.


muthu said...

@ richa - without minsing words that was bulls eye richa.

In a way I think it not the people who don't want to help others, it s just the way society functions that it gives too many reasons for not helping and people like cattle follow the general norms.

Glad 2 see u back gal.

cheers. :)

muthu said...

@ rahul - good 2 see that u are back and thanks 4 your compliments ji.


muthu said...

Jo - yup jo, close knit were words of the yester year when people still used grinding stones to do their milling.

But still I think we have in us what it takes to help each other out. Like I said to richa, people are not bad, its just that they have been brought up thinking that it is OK to be the way they are. And thats where the mistake is.

And yeah, tramps and beggar - people never really care abt them. what happens if they die was the idea that led me to this story.


muthu said...

@ keshi - Am working on it yaar. Will post it by tomorrow. :)

Cinderella. said...


This makes me sad. I cant imagine a world where I wouldnt have anybody by my side, n I wouldnt be by anybody either.

There are loners yes, and then there;s the guy from your post. I wouldnt wish this even for an enemy.

Beautifully conjured Mutthu !

pranksygang said...

wow! that a nice story.. your narration was amazing..

i enjoyed the Student's and doctor's response!

Rajlakshmi said...

this one is so thought provoking... loved how you have tried to portray the scenario...
wonderfully narrated...

muthu said...

@ Cindrella - being a loner is always a choice yaar. People always respond when u love them. Its the natural flow of things.

and yeah i too wouldnt want this to happen even to my enemy. I will be there to torture him with my bad jokes... :P

cheers... :)

muthu said...

@ pranksygang - thanks 4 your compliments gal.

and yeah i too pretty much enjoyed writing the responses.... :)

muthu said...

@ Rajlakshmi - am glad u liked the potrayal, coz thats my first story and I think I come a long way from it.

cheers.... :)

Vinnie said...

u did it again, Muthu...what a splendid expression!
i too see this in future...but praying that the world doesnt go that way
all the best for ur results:)

Keshi said...

good on ya!

**Oh, Thinking is much better than sex, it doesn't always need to end in orgasm

LOL that was a good one!


muthu said...

@ vinnie - I 22 hope that the world would be better than what my satire suggests... :)

& thanks 4 your wishes yaar.

muthu said...

@ Keshi - yup, I too enjoyed it writing that tweet...

Chk out my new quote.... what do you think of it??

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