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Monday, May 11, 2009

Alone – A poem

The snap -

The poem -

Mad moments few,
Will be drenched in dew
Lost in the darkness; my wry laments;
Just a handful
A handful of bitter tears;
Deeply blistering tears –
Scarlet scars painted; on
Crimson cheeks tainted;
Of pain;
Of love slain;
Like Cain;
Of Abel slain;

An elegy;
Of a love lost.
An orgy of a melancholy;
At a hearts cost.
Anguish; Ache;
Vodka; Sake;

I cry alone every night,
Dipping and drenching my shattered soul; in
A handful of bitter tears;
Deeply blistering tears –
I cry alone every night,

To remember the moments I spent laughing with her.
The bliss; the heaven;
The kiss; the Beethoven;
My love, my bow;
My Soul, my Spirit;
Lass of an angel;
In the bass of love;

Oh…. I lost her, I lost her
I lost her, I lost her……

Please do not disturb me; When

I cry….. Alone every night.

Author’s note –

The above poem also is based on a Tamil poem that I wrote while travelling to Coimbatore a few days back (I haven’t posted the Tamil poem but if you guys want to read the original Tamil poem, I will post it later). My sis says that I can be pretty depressing with my words sometimes. The above poem according to her is one of them. I don’t really agree with her. I think that pain in love is the ultimate salvation in life.

PS –

I actually am posting this poem from a browsing center nearby my home. The broadband connection in my home has been having a lot of problems lately and I have not been able to tweet or to blog regularly because of that. I have registered a complaint and I think that those BSNL guys will take a couple of days to look into the problem. I will be offline till then. Really funny things have been happening lately and I do have a lot of smiles to spill to you guys and will do so once I come back online. :):)

Until then.




AD said...

ohh great the poem is absolutely fine!
and the smiles you are surrounded with make me a lil curious :)
how how do you do it!

Chronicwriter said...

oru kiss-ukey beethoven effect kodukum bodhu i thought, is this another love failure poem..

but there are other lines which say , it is not..

liked this one..chriz

Cinderella. said...

"Pain in love is the ultimate salvation." !!

This piece wowed me off and this particular thought pushed e off the edge..I'd never, before looked at love with such a perception.

Wonderlicious !!

sm said...

nice poem like it
pain in love
if there is no pain can we call it love ?

Vinnie said...

Love n pain is the same fact i was shocked when i started reading this...some time back i was just juggling with the concept of pain being love turned around n vice versa n how ridiculous it is on our parts to think of love as 'happily ever after'.....n then i read this piece of creation...which summarised whatever i had concluded!!

what a lovely coincidence!!

i loved this a lot n cannot pinpoint any stanza as the best because all the lines were beautiful...just wondering who u lost? :)

All the best with BSNL! ciao:)

Rahul Viswanath said...

Dude r u in serious love pain always ?? Wass cooking ?? Go fetch her !!!

Velu said...

I think this pain was for the loss of the broadband! :)

But I do agree that the pain from love is a privilege of the few. But its like that Bacchan ad where he says, "Dard hame kuch sikhata hai".

I think its best to love and learn from others get hurt in love. :)


Puneet Parakh said...

This was an amazing Poem !!! Gr8 work :-)

яノςんム said...

Wat does travelling do to you?? To me It does fascinates to look out of the window or to read only!! :D

this work is b'ful though it projects the itch..

P.S. things okay with Sakthi??

muthu said...

@ Ad - thanks 4 your compliments yaar..

and really... I think we need to smile to see some 1 smile... :):)


muthu said...

@ chronic writer - thanks 4 your compliments chriz....

yeah.. even i liked it after i saw what i had wrote.... :P:D

will soon a write a poem on a kiss alone.. :)

muthu said...

@ cindrella - I am glad you my poem moved you... :)

muthu said...

A sm - pain, no pain i have no idea but it sucks to miss her at the same time it is wonderful to think of missing her....

get me.... paradoxical = love.. :)

muthu said...

@ vinnie - hmhm... am happy to have written what you were contemplating.....

will be on line as soon as possible....



muthu said...

@ rahul - my love life is a trajectory of romantical mishaps... bro.

will write abt them in later posts.... :)

muthu said...

@ velu - you were right on the bulls eye bro..

"Dard hame kuch sikhata hai"

and love lets us learn abt ourselves.... :)

muthu said...

@ puneet - thanks 4 your compliments puneet....

muthu said...

@ richa - haha.... traveling always wakes me up to everything around me....

and whats the itch???? :D

and abt sakthi....

ask her.......

ABHISHEK SiM said...

very powerful imagery - i haven't read anything like this before.

"The bliss; the heaven;
The kiss; the Beethoven;"

- very powerful imagery indeed.

my first time here and i will definitely visit back for more.

nsiyer said...

Great Muthu, a lot of touching and nostalgic thoughts

Amal Bose said...

amazing work buddy :)

In my line of sight

Femin Susan said...

Wow, you have a great poetic heart! Keep up the great posts….. Good job!
I have a poem blog....
Meet me at

muthu said...

@ abishek sim - thanks 4 your compliments.. and do visit again... :)


muthu said...

@ nsiyer - thanks 4 your comments sir... I am glad i made you nostalgic... :)

muthu said...

@ amal bose - thanks man.... :)

muthu said...

@ femin susan - thanks 4 your comments... will sure visit your blog....

cheers... :)

Ms. Neha Gandhi said...

awww... what a poem..touched me through and through...

muthu said...

@ Neha - Am so so glad my words moved you..... :)

bondgal_rulz said...

Painful. :(

But great work nonetheless. :)


muthu said...

@ bond gal - thanks and yeah I myself found it painful reading it after i wrote it. :)

Anjan Roy said...

i always believe to know what is have to know the extremity of sadness...

this poem was heart touching...i like d it a lot...!!!

anurag hundal said...

loved it!loved it!

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muthu said...

@ Anjan Roy ---

Thank-you for your warm comments. :)

hmhm..... I think sadness depends on perspective. But anyways, a good deal of sadness does help in writing good poems. :P

muthu said...

@ anurag hundal --


Meenakshi Malhotra said...

the bliss; the heaven;
The kiss; the Beethoven;
My love, my bow;
My Soul, my Spirit;

There us flow in these lines that makes you float. Muthu, very fine writing!

Nasir said...

I could feel the pain along with you..Beautful poem :)

Keep Blogging!

muthu said...

@ Meenakshi Malhotra ---

Thank you... And am glad that you liked the poem.. :)

muthu said...

@ Nasir --

hmhm.... Welcome to love!!

Deepa said...

Beautiful expressions there. Initially I thought this was a tribute to the innocent children and lives lost in the shooting and slashing. It was only when I neared the end, I realized its something else. But its still so poignant. And I'm still in a depressed mood from the weekend, so I guess it touches a raw nerve somewhere :(

muthu said...

@ Deeepa---

hmhm.... I think a piece of ourselves drip into the words we are writing. And if we can write what exactly we are feeling- then that alone, I think will make one insane writer.

Thank you for your comments. I do hope I did not put down you too much.

Will sure make it up soon with a nice humor post. :)

Deepa said...

Hey its not you, its just the mood that made the post resonate with the happenings! You keep doing the good work you always do!

Noopur Kothari said...

I turned emotional after reading this... :(


muthu said...

@ Deepa --

Thank-you.. :)

muthu said...

@ Noopur Kothari --

That's the best compliment anyone can get about what they pen. That people can relate to the same.

Thanks a lot. That meant a lot to me. :)