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Monday, May 4, 2009

The thread - A poem

The Snap -

The thread - The Poem.

Sacred and Scattered;
Along and across the long lonely nights
Spent pinning,

Are the blossoms of my dreams,
Of you my love; of whom I love -
With all my heart; my soul apart,

And of from those blossoms and buds that lie;
Lie across a million miles,
A million miles across my heart -

To garnish a garland for you, my queen,
A beauty, even moon cringes to face -
And wanes away into the night -
Wading away with shame at it's plight;

I search a thread to thread my love,
From blossoms, blooms, flowers & shoots;
Of a million miles -
A zillion times....

But fail and falter;
Every time;
Every attempt.
The more i try the more i fail;
Remorse rains, remains & drains
My pain, failing to find a worthy thread;

A worthy thread to thread my love,
As flowers and dreams it lies scattered,
My love for you.

In your eyes, then i see....
A strand of light,
A twine of delight,
As the embers of your eyes sparkle when you laugh,

Oh.... I stare mesmerized
And hypnotized,
With rejoice and joy infinite,
I stare.....

At your love, my dove;
Your love for me
That spindles threads out for me...

As the line of light
In your sight....
That jumps and twinkles out of your eyes.....

I love you.

Author's note -

Guys I usually write poetry in my native tongue Tamil in which I am spontaneous. The above poem - The thread is my first full length poem in English. The idea of the poem is based on tamil poem of the same name that i penned a year ago. I have posted the tamil poem as an image for you guys who know tamil. I would love to have your comments on my venture into English poetry.

The tamil version of the poem -

Tamil is a beautiful language that was tailor made for poetry. It is the soul of my inspiration as a writer. You need not think in tamil, words will flow in tamil. I love my language with a passion so fierce that when i write about it, I am overwhelmed with love for my language - tamil. I dedicate this poem to my mother - mother tongue - Tamil. May all praise go to her for seeding in me the germ of poetry.

PS -

Guys, If you liked this poem of mine, then do check out the other poems of mine here. Hope you enjoy them. Cheers.


Keshi said...

ur very creative urself :) Lovely poem!


Vasanthan said...

Tamil is no doubt a wonderful language. But Tamilians are the only ppl who would speak in english when they meet another tamil.
why aren't we proud of our own language?

muthu said...

@ keshi - thanks keshi... must be quite a compliment coming from you...


Aditi..............:) said...

Lovely poem buddy......the message reaches so beautifully...
Btw I wish I knew Tamil...but I dont!! :(
You have fun in Coimbatore....all the best for the exam!!

muthu said...

@ vasanthan - May be, you are right - But I am happy to know that people are there to care about my language. But I think that not all people are like you say so. May be a hand full. But

Tamil will live on, with pride and joy -
as long as tamil people people cry, laugh, lament, sing in her.

( en undaiyum muchu varai -
en kadaisi kanneer varai
tamil thalaivaal -
thangam tharai pattu tharithu pp povathillai,
Tamil lum kalam kadanthaval,
marana thalam maranthaval...

en kangal man noodu maraintha pinbum,
en kavitheigal thamil kaakum,
nanba tamil thalaivaaal.....) -

rough eng translation -

until my broken breaths,
until my last lost tears,

Tamil will flourish on,

Gold doest rust,
though out in rain & pain,
Gold doesnt rust,

Tamil too has seen her time line
to go beyond the death line,

Even after my eyes dry up as manure to the ground,
My poems and writings will be still wet with love and care -

protecting tamil-

With passion - muthu

muthu said...

@ aditi - thanks 4 your compliments aditi - later I will do a more elaborate post on tamil. and yeah.. trust me i will have fun in cbe..



Vinnie said...

Well, when u wrote the original in tamil, was it only Tamil that inspired u?? :-)

loved the English wala, though Tamil would be the better expression of the two since u think in Tamil...sadly i cant understand Tamil:(

All the very best for the have fun n post the pics as proof...take care..ciao

muthu said...

@ vinnie - yeah - I think in tamil so tamil gives me the words to put what i think in words....

tamil is like a gal, the more you look into her, the more she surprises you, the more you talk with her, the more you fell in love with her..

Some time later, i will tell you the exact meaning of the original poem while chatting - you will love it.... :)

Swetha Padakandla said...



Cinderella. said...

I wish I could read Tamil now !

Long poems arent really my kinda thing, they remind me of Shakespeare !!

But your language was very succint and lucid. Which made the piece endearing.

Read your attempts at 55 fiction. Wonderful !!

I'm gonna have to come back for more.

thnx for dropping by.

muthu said...

@ swetha - :) :) :)

muthu said...

@ cindrella - Thanks for your comments yaar..

I myself never knew that the poem was going to be this long but i had to do justice to the original Tamil version. So the English version went to be a bit long...

cheers.... :)

Ria said...

nice poem. :) Alas i came at a time when u r leaving for Coimbatore.never the less....u write well.all the best for the exam.

Chronicwriter said...

i loved it when i read it in tamil in your own handwriting..
nalla irundhuchu...

idhudhaan nool viduradhaa?

all the best for your exam bro.. God bless you


muthu said...

@ ria - Thanks 4 your wishes... :)

muthu said...

@ chriz - :) ... :) .... :)

nool vidu rathaa... appadinna...???

and thanks 4 your wishes bro.

Pree-yea.... said...

U're a great writer...
I love 55fiction thread..
I put u on my blog list...:)

Rahul Viswanath said...

Good luck Bud !!!

Radhika Saxena said...

Not bad! I really like the poem!
Doesn't seem like your FIRST poem in English yknw,its really good.
Love the way its been penned down,no particular rhyme scheme and all,I like! :D
Continue writing,
would love to read! :)

Kartz said...

I am certain it would have been more than just wonderful in Tamizh.

Beautiful thoughts,


Thank you for stopping-by to leave a note. I appreciate your time.

See you around. Good luck!

Peace. Have a nice day.

Beloved Dreamer said...

This my friend is beautiful. I read it on WUC.Your images and the quiet stead flow of your words, is excellent. Well done.


muthu said...

@ pree - yea --- thanks 4 your compliments... and am glad you liked my stories...

muthu said...

@ Rahaul - thanks bud...

muthu said...

@ radhika - hmhm... I write to my flow radhika... So rhyming schemes dont jus jell with me..

and am glad you likes it... :)

and yeah, it s my first full length poem in English...


muthu said...

@ kartz - yup kartz... it smore lovely in Tamil....


muthu said...

@ beloved dreamer - thanks 4 your compliments dreamer. :) :) :)

Renu said...

Wish u all the best Muthu !!
Even I like Tamil, though i dont know much, trying to learn:)

яノςんム said...

i read it and did comment. i dunno where did my comment go.. :(

but it is a b'ful piece.. love seems to be b'fu;l feeling too.. :D

muthu said...

@ renu - thanks 4 your wishes renu..

and you can always depend on me to teach you some tamil.. ;D

muthu said...

@ richa - Love seems to be a "beautiful feeling TOO" .......

Oh really... let me tell you something, some day you will experience love first hand and yeah then you wont be kidding my love, you will be spinning your own poems.... ;D

Pavitra .... said...

wow....the poem is beautiful...
keep it up..!

muthu said...

@ thanks pavitra....your display pic does look pretty cute.... :):)

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numerounity said...

Thanks for sending me the link...liked the verse you wrote in tamil and us of the same pic for blog.

PS: I do not know how to read Tamil.

muthu said...

@ viagra online --

hmhm... I am always in love. :)

muthu said...

@ numerounity --

hmhm... Tamil is a lovely language, tailor made for poetry. It just flows. Its not happiness, it's ecstasy to hear a good poem in Tamil.

And am glad that you liked the same.

(and if you don't know how to read Tamil, I am guessing somebody read the same for you!!)