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Sunday, March 22, 2009

What makes a celebrity?

Is it their charisma, good looks, their lineage (well, one can get noticed simply by being born to a celebrity couple) their association with the media which in most cases happens to be the movies or reality television (No new surprises there), and may be some more good looks. But really

Is that it to become a celebrity?

Well looking into the dictionary, there are 2 definitions for celebrity.

1. A widely known person.

2. The state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed.

OK. The definition meant is understandable. But not every widely known person has the quality of being honored and acclaimed. Then what may I ask is the difference between celebrities like Mother Teresa and celebrities like Abishek Bachan.
Hmhmhm…… To sort out the difference I think it would be better if I am a bit blunt.

Ok.... Lets take Abishek Bachan – He got Rajasthan’s most coveted honor award last year and what is his achievement – he acts in movies (Hey dude, that’s his job and for god’s sake he is not even that good at it) and please do note that He doesn’t even live in Rajasthan anymore. It seems he hails from there. And what’s his latest achievement – He made a world record for the most number of public appearances by a celebrity in a single day.

Wow – now that’s a worthy record. Come on who else can do something so meaning less and so so childish a record as such other than our rising star of Indian cinema – Abishek Bachan.

Lets take my another favorite example.

Nayanthara – a south Indian movie star who is primarily based in Tamil Nadu won the much coveted kalaimamani viruthu* (which roughly translates as the artist of immense talents) and the fun part is this girl simply doesn’t even act. You don’t believe me. Ask anyone who has seen anyone of her films. Then you may tend to ask how she sustains in the industry. Well, she moves across the screen in provoking attires, hmhm hmhm……… that’s it. She rarely does anything with any minute indication of a semblance of acting on the screen.

But still the Tamil Nadu Government had to give her the award, after she was born beautiful and that in itself makes her much of an artist, doesn’t it??

Dr.Vijay – He is an actor also based in Tamil Nadu who was given honorary Dr Degree appreciating the work he has done in his field. Vijay has done two or three good films including his blockbuster movie Ghilli but he has yet hell of a long way to go before he is awarded such a huge title that was given to cine field geniuses like Dr.Kamalahasan. And the fun fact about actor Vijay is that I have never for once seen him make one decent and intelligent interview in his whole career which is of course is too much to ask of him anyway.

And What does Vijay TV do to show its appreciation to his one hell of an actor (Hmhmhm who really gave the title actor to these guys – you need to act to be an actor), The channel celebrates his birthday in a grand manner. Wow dude When was the last time you wished your mom on her birthday but that of course is different you can’t market your mothers birthday? Can you? Hmhm… I think will kindly refuse. She isn’t that dumb, I suppose.

The awards and honors that have been stated above are just the tip of the ice berg. Looking into the media scenario, the line between the worthy and the famous are pretty blurred. And the government awards that are meant to put these lines in the right places aren’t doing their jobs right.

May be, they are getting a bit of money under the table to favor the famous or they are simply too dumb. How else could you explain South Indian actor based in Tamil Nadu Silambarasan getting the Kalaimamani Virithu*? And sorry critiquing Silambarasan, his father T.R.Rajendhar goes beyond my credible capabilities. And if you really wanna know about them, youtube these guys and watch their interviews for yourself. It’s pretty pathetic, their silliness easily shows.

May be money can buy you anything but credentials and awards should always go to the deserving. If it isn’t so, the award simply loses its value just like the way the honorary titles in India have become. It’s a pity especially in the Oriental land that gave birth to the geniuses such as Akira Kurosowa, A.R.Rahman and Mani Ratnam.


nan said...

A sad plight !

muthu said...

@ nan - yeah... and what s more silly, people young and old, poor and rich .... all adulate celebs.....