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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The dynamism of happiness .......

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for you to get depressed? Oh.... Do you really think its not the truth. Then I am absolutely sorry to awake you to the bitter reality my friend. Welcome to reality. Trust me - Anyone can be easily depressed for any of those silly reasons that are normally seen as unreasonable to be depressed by the same person some other time.

Still you think i am kidding.... Ain't you ?

Ok... Sit down now. Try to think of the last time you really got yourself down?

Lets be honest.. This is not a shrink's test. Nobody is judging you.

Let me see.... When did I got depressed last time?

It was yesterday when the internet bill came to home and to the surprise of my father (who needed a hell lot of persuasion from me to get me internet at home), the bill stood at Rs.2600. WOW..... I did not browse that much. Hey I know my limits?
I always check my account when I am online. Ain't I that sensible? But my father got really angry and he being one of those neo dads of India who think that its not right to beat or scold their kids for their wrongs - simply said to my mom that he will pay the bill until he can afford and went out with a long face and my mom took it her prime task to enlighten me on how much my father's happiness always is important to her.

Now I can face scoldings, beatings or any other thing but when people you expect to trust you do such things that undermine your trust, that get to me.

I was depressed. So depressed i slept the entire day off. Well some people eat when depressed, some people cry, some drink, some smoke, some even watch TV( I think most watch TV ), I either Sleep or call one of my friends. I really wasn't in the mood to call my friends, so i slept.

The day passed on as uneventfully as a day spent crying over lost love.

The next day, I got up and went to the BSNL office to enquire about the bill and found out that the cost of the modem and deposit were included in the bill which tallied a good sum of Rs.2100.

Now I felt relieved and called my father and related him the details. Things were settled - at least to me.

And then I got thinking(one of my free time passions), I knew in a corner of my mind that the bill was steep because of the modem and not because of my browsing. But still I got depressed when my father did not trust me. I did nt really have the mind to defend myself to him because i wanted him with me in all circumstances. I did not want to explain every one of my move to him.

Yup thats it.

Then thats where the dynamism of happiness lies. In the warm compartments of your mind where you you hold the people you trust.


nan said...

Leaves me pondering :)

Rahul said...

the heading many be the most suiting one....& i think you could have written .........

and thinking (something that does not cost 2600!!)

muthu said...

@ nan - really..... :)

muthu said...

@ rahul - hehe.. :)