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Monday, March 23, 2009

The ultimate oxymoron....

It was a beautiful morning that glowed with the promise of new beginnings when i opened the door basked in the radiance of the dawn for a while to day morning. And what more could make such a lovely day even better. A news paper that carried all the floor crossing and political games of our democratic India. But today was even better than that.

The comment given by Mr.Modi(IPL CEO) on the reasons for why the INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE games have been planned to be conducted abroad on the same dates, rather than postponing the game after the elections were so humorous and full of crap, that it tickles you to tears.

Extract from the hindu "The cost and the revenue model is of no concern to the IPL. Revenue is not the issue. Its the integrity of the tournament. The issue is that a high quality tournament is delivered at the full at the right time to the Indain and the world television audience."

Now that's some colorful crap or what? From when was the IPL isn't about the revenues? The stake holders are not sacrificing something for the entertainment of the people. Now, I do hope - that Modi will give us more credibility  than  10 year old kids to preach such BS.

They did not want to change the dates because they have already given the slots for the players - they have already done the deal for the commercials - they have too much of their face to lose if they cant make this happen - and finally the main and the most sweet reason, as my father rightly pointed out.... They want to cash in the maximum revenue from the viewers around the world spending the prime time of their summer vacation on the TV seeing the IPL.

Media always boils down to one thing and thats to entertain people so as to make more money. And thats the same when it comes to IPL scenario.