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Monday, March 23, 2009

A few jabs at story writing - a short story

The snap - In the dark - femininity in words.

It has been quite a while since I wrote my last short story and tonight for some unfathomable reason i feel like writing one. Something experimental and exiting st the same time. Like may be having sex for the first time.

A story too short to read for a while but with too strong a message to last for a while. Like being hit by a bullet.

Attempt 1 - The girl in love. (no of sentences - 7 )

She still loved him, loved him deeply and fervently and it was that love that carried her till now. And now that she had finally killed him, she loved him even more like the earth that tries to retain the kisses of the rain in the drought of the summer. But she had to do it. Had to kill him. No other go. After all it wasn't a crime of passion, it was a crime of reason and the reason was as simplistic as it could get. The drought was getting worse and she had to feed her child.

Attempt 2 - The drunken stupor. (no of sentences - 5 )

She was so much in pain, a white, hot and sheer blunt pain that no amount of alcohol seem to numb her suffering. She went to the same pub every single day, got drunk till her hilt every single day, and made a fool of herself every single day blabbering gibberish nonsense that took the fancy of her troubled mind. Not even one soul tried to stop or question her behavior. They were simply too happy to see that there are still people who cry out their losses without regard to what others may think. After all in the modern society, people are defined by what other people think of them.

Attempt 3 - The oppressed. (no of sentences - 3)

Coming from the segregated flock of humans, who were suppressed for so long in the chronology of time that god himself must have shed a few tears, she had no choice but to defend herself and her opinions even if she herself knew that she was wrong and for having that basic survival instinct, she was named a virago. A pity but she will last as did her feminine ancestors till date. After all she is the birth giver - the women.

Attempt 4 - The lost and found. (no of sentences - 1)

May be her virginity was lost when she was raped but the rose plant doesn't cry over fallen flowers nor the moon over its the fading whim but she will cry, cry out dark bitter tears until she succumbs to the same dry tears and dies or until she realizes that she can still bloom and that the flowers that bloom the second time are the most divine of them all.

The End.

Note -

I have tried to write the stories by reducing the number of sentences in each one progressively. I have tried to maintain a streak of connectivity with all the three stories the idea being to explore the different facets of the modern women. Do tell me what do you think???


nan said...

DUH so poignant and your experimentation paid off ;)

introspection said...

very good attempt. First time here.
good stuff. will be back to read more, if I may.

muthu said...

@ nan - thanks... :)

muthu said...

@ introspection - yup.... do be back... :)