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Monday, September 24, 2012

Lyres of Lust - Poetry

The Snap-

The Poem-


Plunderer unpermitted,
Her Surrender –
Pepper minted.
He escaped; with the loot;
Unscathed; his wicked suite;

Without even a trace;
He left, except;
She alone simmered; blushing;
Just for a few moments-
With the memory of his touch;


Her warm lips; Indulgent sips;
Hot & wet; in bartered bets;
Lisps truncated; thy cusps violated;
Shudder & shiver; Blunder & shower;
Her warm lips; kisses; nips;

My eye lids close;
Darkness binds.
Ten fingers blind;
Fumbling to find;
Thy elephant’s kind.
Nobody’s wiser; nobody cares;
Her warm lips, in relishing zips,
Do care.

Very few are thy flowers,
Their buds; Warm suds;
Sodden; unbidden;
Pardon; alone not ridden;
A binge in bed; a tinge of red;

In ecstasy they burst;
Blossoms & Bust;
Blooms in thirst;
Bits of Pollen; bits swollen;
Drips; drops; dew props of honey.
Very few are thy flowers,
That flower first;
& root last.

Wine tasting; Thine lasting;
It’s Aroma arresting;
Relish riveting;
Each drop savored;
Each one love flavored;

Wine tasting; Fine yeasting;
A rare finesse;
Flair of rich ease;
Taste buds rejoice;
Chaste duds devoice;
Two cups together;
Wine tasting, in tether.


The sax was played;
 In silence of sorts;
Notes of parts; Keats of tarts;
Held & sled; around thy bed;

Man & women;
Not in parts; not anymore;
Listen close; your ears might lose;
Their embers of melody;
& there lumbers a sweet parody.

Author's Note-

Writing poems about sex and lust in a covert way- in it subtle hints and shy words has always held my fascination.There is I think a sublime line between the aesthetically pleasing and the vulgar in such poetry. With the above poetry, I wanted to make my readers blush and feel warm with love at the same time. And hence I indulged in a tinge of wickedness in the simple lines of love. I leave the shrouded implications to your mind's child. I extremely enjoyed penning the above lines. I hope, you guys- have a pleasurable experience reading them.

Tamil Version of the poem-

Tamil is a beautiful language tailor made for writing poetry. It is the soul of my inspiration as a writer. You need not think in Tamil, words will flow unbridled, bumbling in fountains, simply if you love her, love Tamil. She will entice you with her teasing curves, those sonorous syllables, the fierce passion of her written embers. 

Like most of my poetry, my initial version of the poem was in Tamil and I roughly translated the same to English.(Since a direct translation would water down the poetic allure of Tamil.)


The second poem is a direct reference to the famous story of blind-men and the elephants. If you want to know more about the related story and the John Godfrey Saxe's Poem about the same, kindly visit the given link.

The fourth poem contains direct references to wine tasting. (Though in Tamil, the poem is primarily about how to serve is joy, rather than being served.)

It was quite a task translating the Tamil poems to English. I have taken poetic licence in the translation to keep the wickedness and the joy in the poem true to it's original. For, guys - who could read tamil, I would really like to know - how I have fared.

If you would like to read more poems penned down by me, kindly follow the link.

And finally, I would like to thank my friend Joy for suggesting the title to me and also, asking me to write the English versions of the poem in a more descriptive and elaborate manner so that it will retain the beauty of the Tamil version and do justice to the same. And I hope, you guys can enjoy the Tamil version of it too. 


sathish kumar said...

mesmerizing muthu.... I looooooooved this.... Hats off

umashankar said...

The first one is a killer! The rest of them use use a collage of elements to a very satisfying effect.

muthu said...

@ sathish kumar --

Thanks.. :)

muthu said...

@ umashankar --

hmhm... I myself loved the second one- esp in Tamil it's reference to the elephant and the blind men was sublime in it's hidden meaning. I loved it to bits- after I wrote it.

Panchali said...

Fabulous...I read it again after reading the footnote. Amazing :)

muthu said...

@ Panchali --

Thank you for you comments. And am glad that you enjoyed the read. :)

jaish_vats said...

I dont know much about poetry muthu...But your lines are awesome...and I love Tamil poetry too..Unfortunately my knowledge there is very limited. I did not learn Tamil at school and so my vocabulary is not all that good, though I can read Tamizh. :) Your poetry is simply too good ...You should keep writing like this!

nan said...

Needless to say again ...

Angilatha kuppaila poda :P

Not that your translation is not good.. I just don't find it as much entertaining as the original one

Tamil version rocks as always. I still remember the small poem you wrote on my orkut page. About tamil language and ariviyal tamil book :P

2nd one was my pick too .. :D

muthu said...

@ jaish_vats --

Honestly Jaish, I don't know about poetry much. Whatever I write- I do so simply inspired by Tamil language.

I think poetry is just opening yourself up to the world. Tamil just holds you in her warm hands while you sing your heart out.

Its just that- the entire language is lyrical, descriptive, sonorous and melodic even!!

It simply pleasures me to write good poetry in Tamil. I rejoice Tamil. :)

muthu said...

@ nan --

haha... Yes, when compared, the original Tamil version still packs the punch(well, at-least with regard to me).

I love writing in Tamil. Its simply bliss.

hmhm... Yeah, I too remember that. Good poetry does create warm memories. :)

Cheers to that !!

TTT said...

fabulous !!! Unfortunately I can't read Tamil and though I do understand Tamil but not sure if I will be able to understand poetry . But if the english version is soooooooo...good the original version must definitely be great !

S said...

Neat poem..!! and awesome snap..!!

muthu said...

@ TTT ---

Thanks a lot for your compliments. hmhm - I love the original version. :)

But then, I love Tamil too much -- for any other answer.

And I think Tamil itself is poetry. Trust me- anybody can enjoy the beauty of it-

In fact, my friend Joy, who suggested the Title of the post is a Mallu (from Kerla)- He enjoyed the lines (He knows only some Tamil.)

muthu said...

@ S --

Welcome to my blog and Thanks for your compliments.

And yes, I too loved the pics - Wanted something that's aesthetic and sexually charged at the same time.

I got them from - Do try the site. They have quite a collection of good pics.

Jae Mac said...

I enjoy your poetry. I also like you're saying I Think, Therfore I'm Dangerous. Me too. Great minds think alike. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I see there is no need of my opinion in your blog.

There is a cultural barrier that only touch us lightly on the English side.

I followed the numen that guide the rhythmic dance performed for the English words, but I cannot , for my life, to embody the sentience of a language so far related to those I know.

Being a translator, and an interpreter, I know how much stay in the ink of a language not understood, nor interpreted, mostly when the author pour out the creativity of a rhyme that brings together the ancient colour and taste of years of development in song!

Anyway, I took advantage of my shortcoming enjoying, utmost enjoying, the arcane joy that brings carnal love when it is not tarnished by the touch of concealed spiritual promises.

Thank you for all these beautiful moments.

muthu said...

@ Jae Mac --

Welcome to my blog and thanks a lot for your comments.


muthu said...

@ untony --

That comment is going into my book as one of the most memorable ones, I have ever read in my blog. Honestly, I am now satisfied & happy that I took the effort to put up the poem in English.

The one thing, I really aspire when I am blogging is to create something that would not just engage people but something that people would enjoy reading. I am so happy that you enjoyed the poetry.

I am in awe at your perception of languages and its nuances.

Thanks a million for that comment.

ilakshee said...

Loved the subtlety of the poem.You are good in poetry!

Kumar Suhas said...

Awesome , dealing with love in so gentle word. Great done Muthu.

muthu said...

@ ilakshee ---

Thank-you for your compliments. Yes, poetry is always beautiful when the meanings are implied and subtle.

I am in bliss- when I write a piece of poetry, that I myself love. :)

& the second one of the lot is one such piece. And am doubly glad that you loved the subtlety.

Cheers. :)

muthu said...

Kumar Suhas ---

Thanks a lot for your warm words. Like I said in my note- I love writing such poetry -- where the words play with your taste buds. :)

Pavil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
muthu said...

@ Pavil --

Thank-you Pavil. And you are absolutely right.

The last poem in Tamil is so filled with nuances- that in a single line it brings out the idea of luck without mentioning a word related to lust or sex.

That's the real beauty of writing ina language that loves you... :D

Pavil said...

I would not call it subtle....Its rather passionate & loved it.... & English is no match for any mother tounge no matter how good one tries to translate. It can not convey the smell of the earthy words & the dance the words make in the heart of the writer & the mind of the readers. My Tamil is as good as may be your Marathi :-). But yes...I must thank you for the translation. That at least gave me the glimpses of the passionate poem.

muthu said...

@ Pavil--

Sorry that was a typho-

luck* was actually lust.

Thank you. one again.

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