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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another love, lasting?? - A short story

The snap-

The fiction-

“So you loved her?”

“And she loved you back??”
“hmhm hmhm”

“But it did not last!!”

He took a deep drag at the cigarette hanging from ridge of his mouth reveling in its crisp vapors, sighed. “So good!!”
“Huh!!” he looked at him flabbergasted.

“Good….. Good for you!!” He blurted out, once again trying to empathize.
He started to laugh. “May be… May be not. But that doesn't really stop the pain. Does it?”

For once, his friend fell silent. 

Author's note-

I watched the movie- The swingers yesterday. I loved it. Its an awesome movie that follows a bunch of wannabe actors, their love lives and their careers. An honest depiction. No mushy stuff, just the bare truth. Do try it. And I was  inspired by the same movie to write the above short fiction. Hope you guys like it.


Ghazala Hossain said...

Hey, this is so real life like :)

Would like to see the film~

muthu said...

@ Ghazala Hossain --

haha... Really!! Well, Sadly right now- I am out of producers- so the only thing I can assure you are more to come- stories...

And thanks for your comments. The one thing I really want from my stories is people to relate the same.


Bikramjit said...

yeah the pain does not stop..


muthu said...

@ Bikramjit --

That's a crisp comment.

Honestly I think (Just my own experience) The pain eventually subsides, but the memory of the aching is very hard to let go off.

Deepa said...

Now I got to watch the movie! Very real like dialogues!

Deepa said...

Now I got to watch the movie! Very real like dialogues!

Deepa said...

Now I got to watch the movie! Very real like dialogues!

jaish_vats said...

Sometimes pain is just not worth it! rt? Nice read!

the little princess said...

time is always the best healer...not only will the pain go away, but also make one fall in love again..and again!

muthu said...

@ Deepa --

yes... do try the movie. I loved it- esp the climax.

And I hope you enjoy the movie. :)

muthu said...

@ jaish_vats ---

Yeah, that can be said. but I would like to stick to - At-least I got a lot of poetry and stories out of my pain. :)

muthu said...

@ the little princess --

Thank you for those warm words. I hope the same for everyone.

And thank you once again for your comments.

Cheers. :)

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