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Monday, April 1, 2013

A king's Tale - Flash Fiction

The Snap-

The Tale-

A dry smile hung on his bloodied face apropos the stark struggle it had taken for him to claw his way to the top; to have had the guile to be ruthless; the gall to war tooth and nail with his own clan, his own brethren.

All of them, every single one of them fierce warriors, now defeated; now lying broken on the battleground beneath his feet; their tired breaths echoing around the empty embers of the open sky; their astute eyes fixed on him, their very fates hanging by the tethers of his decision.

 “I win” His deep voice shattering the slip of silence welling after the din of the conflict. “I am the alpha and I am the king”

Then he got down on his knees to help them up.

Who's a  king.......... alone??


jaish_vats said...

INteresting ...The line Who's a king ...alone? speaks in volumes about the senselessness of the hunger for power!

muthu said...

@jaish_vats --

hmhm.... Well, I never intended that particular meaning. I just thought that -- even the defeated needed respect. Even the defeated had a role to play. And it's imperative for a wise ruler to recognize the same.

As for -- Is hunger for power senseless?? How about I put my opinion in next fiction. :)

b for benign...

Cheers and thank you for your comments. :)