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Monday, November 19, 2012

Love her smile- A poem

The Poem-

Of Latin celebrated;
Coliseum scarlet painted;
An epoch of aristocracy sainted;
Dagger tips tainted;
Lips regal anointed;

Matins of a Red satin empire
A culture cooped on attire;
Sung &
In a land of Caesars departed-

In Rome –
The home of glass blowing;
Silica Silver warm & glowing;
Fair slivers of-
Flair Rivers;
A million colors; them pillion weavers-

Raining away those brush strokes of light;
Loaning away lush rainbows in flight;
Glazes of glass;
Lazes in class;
Shades shivering in pastels & all ells;
Shimmering allure; their simmering azure;
Such a lovely art; of arcane sort;
Simply lost!
Quite simply lost!!

All the etchings; plaid in pane;
Glass blowing in plain;
Simple lost!
Quite simple lost!!
Its mystery lost-

And all she did was simply smile.
Just smile.

The dip of her lips;
The curve of its nips;
The Dew drop dimples;
The few prop pimples;

Her crimson smile
Thy blooming isle;

With summer's sparkle;
A bit of winter's crinkle-

Just let her smile-
Just once, Oh please-
Just... Let her smile

Oh!! for 
I love her. 
I love her. 
I love her smile.

Author's note-

I wanted to write a poem where the smile of a girl is put in a sublime and poetic way. Hope you guys like it. I learnt the facts of glass blowing and the influence of roman empire on it from wikipedia. Kindly look into it, if interested further.


the little princess said...

very shakesperean, the words and language!!! i didn't understand it when I read it for the first time...then read ur explanation at the end, and read it again...still a little tangent over my head!! will come back and read it again...:)

muthu said...

@ the little princess --

Well, What I wanted to convey is that glass blowing is a subtle art. Sublime one. Has so much beauty and mystery attached to it.

But even it cannot measure up to her single smile and lost to the beauty that the smile created.

hmhm... I should have done a better job of putting the thought across. Thanks for your warm comments. I appreciate it. :)

the little princess said...

wow that was some thought behind it!! now it surely makes sense...!

and u did a great job of it..seriously...a poem is not the same as a prose, and it is all the more difficult and skillful to convert thoughts into verses...u did great!

Noopur Kothari said...

Touchy and beautiful lines...

Thanks for supporting my post on indiblogger.....
Do land in my world some day...

muthu said...

@ the little princess --

Once again I am lost for words at your kind comments. Thank you. :)

muthu said...

@ Noopur Kothari ---

Will sure do so. And in the mean time-- Cheers and Happy reading.

Bikramjit said...

it is true SMILE and the world smiles with you :)

beautiful romantic poem


Harikrishna said...

A beautiful poem with beautiful notes... Nice one :)

muthu said...

@ Bikramjit ---

Thank-you.. :)

muthu said...

@ Harikrishna ---

I am glad you thin so. I loved writing the same.. :)

GI Pipe Fittings said...

of course like your website but you have to test the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very bothersome to tell the reality on the other hand I’ll definitely come again again.

muthu said...

@ GI Pipe Fittings --

Okay, I will be more careful in my oncoming posts...

Kappu said...

//Such a lovely art; of arcane sort;
Simply lost!
Quite simply lost!!

Very very cute Muthu!
Would love to hear from you! Do stop by my blog! *cheers*

muthu said...

@ Kappu-

Thanks a million for those war words. Will sure visit your blog. :)

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