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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Fox and The Crow - Fiction (Aesop's Retold)

The snap-

The Tale-

Rich, Sweet & relishing goodness; the cheese slowly tumbled down falling from the open mouth of the crow, bouncing along the tree it was perched on and landed right in front of the fox. The fox suppressed a malicious grin, as it moved to pick up the piece of cheese. What a sucker!! Still falling for his “you are so beautiful, do you also have a sweet voice to match” scam. The crows, they just can’t resist direct flattery and just like their ancestors have been doing for generations now, they always end up cawing. What a dumb bunch!!

And just as he started to taste his loot, he heard the crow laughing; laughing in roaring guffaws. Curious, he looked up at his victim.

“Still pulling that two bit scam with your flattery eh??” the crow rasped. “Grow up. Think up something new. How long are you going to be nicking crows for cheese, you pathetic moron?? Do you know if you can find the right person and flatter him, like may be the one who actually made this cheese, you can have a shot at something better!!  ”   It calmly sighed. “Where do you think, I got that cheese? How the fuck do you think, I ended up with such a big piece? 

The crow paused and suddenly felt sorry for the gaping fox. “It’s okay, you can keep that piece, and I am not really hungry anymore.” It calmly shrugged. “And just in case you were wondering, why I let you have the cheese in the first place, it’s just that, I couldn't help bursting out laughing when you tried that silly old scam on me. I just couldn't help...” 

Author’s note-

I have always been fascinated with the Aesop’s fables from when I was a kid, simple, interesting and always inventive. I have been experimenting with the same Aesop’s fables for quite some time- Writing up skewed up versions of the same tales with twisted morals. Do let me know, your take on my version guys. Also, do check out my other Aesop’s tales retold in the same manner in this link.

For those interested in the original Aesop’s tale, kindly follow the given link.


nan said...

Umm perfect after the evening break :P Of course I am commenting from work :D

muthu said...

@ nan ---

haha... enjoy pannu!! :)

Anonymous said...

This is one hell of a good replay!

I am sure Aesop would be happy to read your side of the morals!

Thank you!!

muthu said...

@ untony --

:D -- Thank you!!

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