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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Of fair women & fairer men

Disclaimer –
The following is just the author and his friend shooting the shit together and is not intended to establish any credible facts with regard to anything. It’s just another day with two argumentative Indians talking about some crap but then who says shit ain’t interesting. : P

The Snap -

Myself- Do men actually fall for that bull shit. John Abraham all smiles and muscles, asking people to care for your skin. Pathetic.

Kishore- hmhm….. It always cracks me up, the way they usually show your skin color getting fairer in a very short period in such ads. Imagine the world if that one was really possible, there would not be a single fellow with dark skin.

Myself- Oi…. Don’t say that. Our skin is our identity. I like its brown color. I just can’t understand the idea of men trying to get fair.

Kishore- Yeah, but then you speak for yourself. I know people working with me who use that men’s fairness cream.

Myself- Dude- Seriously! Oh god. I think that men are losing the idea of what it’s like to be men actually. Men are supposed to be worldly, funny, burnt from all the roaming in the sun. I mean, not all of us market our asses to wine and dine, only a few like Abraham-ji get to do that.

Kishore- I think, that all this has to do with- love for white skin. I think it’s rampant even more so, than when we got our independence. May be some mind set that’s left over from our colonial era.

Myself- No, that really isn’t it. I think that corporate work is making pussies out of men. What kind of men wants to be groomed and fair for his girl? You want to be strong for her. You want to be funny, yeah intelligent but fair. I can understand that it’s in the nature of women to be concerned with their looks. But men! I find that hard to digest.

Kishore- Now, you just being a sexist asshole.

Myself- yeah, I am if it means to save the last piece of honor left for men. Hey, did you know that Miss.World this year is a Chinese girl.

Kishore- hmhm…. I remember this mock group discussion we had in our UG days. The topic given was whether all these beauty pageants were doing any credible good or just a waste of time and resource. I remember this guy’s argument. He was quite convincing actually. His assertion was that all these beauty pageants are but vehicles for all these skin care and cosmetic items to enter in to the country. He did have a few valid points. Like how, after Aishwarya Rai was crowned Miss.World, the influx of all foreign cosmetic brands in India increased exponentially. It was like, she gave credibility to them. And I think that, it’s pretty much the same with all the countries.

Myself- Damn…. That’s one heavy argument to make. Yeah, it’s pretty hard to defeat that argument. Even if you say that, the selection process is democratic and everything is done for world peace, you just cannot avoid the fact that it’s just a great publicity vehicle not just for the girl but anything brand, industry or life style associated with the girl.

Kishore- If you ask me, all their concerns about the world, the way those girls talk about poverty, and peace and any other issue dressed up in their cleavage arresting designer clothes is pretty much a satire in itself.

Myself- hmhm…. You got that one right. It’s like KarunaNidhi suddenly caring for the Lankan Tamils now. Pretty much BS. And hey, did you know that he has started an official twitter account.

Kishore- who? KarunaNidhi. No kidding. Hey, I think I am going to open a twitter account just to follow his tweets.

Myself- hahaha…. Do that. You don’t want to miss the BS of the master of BS.

Author’s note – 
We had this conversation this week end. Though, we talked about a lot of things, Like P. Sainath’s lecture at a Kollam university (which we buffered it on YouTube), the immense stupidity of the movie my friend saw (battleship), the prospective market and the features for the new counter strike global offensive, about some music and some politics. I limited the exchange to general issues so as not to bore you guys. Hope, the shit was worth shooting.

And yes, Mr.KarunaNidhi has started a new twitter account @Kalaignar89. You can get your daily dose of BS in just 140 characters.


Rajlakshmi said...

aha the eternal debate on fairness creams have now shifted it's focus from women to men :)
Even I agree with the point on beauty pageant. Hard to counter attack that one.

muthu said...

@ Rajlakshmi --

hmhm... Still I just cannot agree with the notion of men wanting to be "fair" - Sorry If I sound sexist.

Yeah, If beauty is skin deep as these pageants usually claim- wonder why the contests are always hot and sexy..

jaish_vats said...

I have read somewhere that the way fairness creams work, the skin gets more vulnerable to cancer! Whatever be the natural complexion, one needs to carry oneself in style and speak intelligently with a dose of humor as you said..This whole fairness thing is stupid! And Kalaignar really has a twitter account? In English? Phew! And I agree to what you have mentioned abt beauty paegents!

muthu said...

@ jaish_vats --

hmhm... I don't know about cancer, but I think that these fairness creams just try to bleach the skin with varying degrees of success.

I think it simply has to with accepting yourself for what you are. Easier said than done, I suppose.

And Yeah, KarunaNidhi does have a official twitter account now. And yeah- "PHEW"

hmhm.... And yes, personally nothing entertains me more than hot girls parading around in awesome clothes. It's just when they try finding meaning for the same in glorious world everything attached to the word- world- world peace, world happiness and such, I find the entire exercise becoming the parody of the same. And that's just a personal opinion.

prasanna raghavan said...

Yes, I can see you are radical too.

the whole skin whitening process as u said is to find market for products. Well, when India entered into liberalism in 1991, it is left with little choice as a nation. All products make their own means, pathetic they seem, to find markets. But there is the individual choice. Informed individual choice. How much are we informed? Very little, If you are not informed then the product will work on your inferiority, then your are doomed:))

muthu said...

@ prasanna raghavan --

hmhm.... In all honesty, I agree with you (in parts). I think that- Liberalism is good. I think its the best thing that happened to India- But then until we promote self thinking and reasoning in primary education itself, people will listen even to John Abraham.

Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comments.


Love to Experiment said...

Well written. Girls need to read this too.....

muthu said...

@ Love to Experiment --

Thanks and welcome to my blog. :)

Hyperbolic Hues said...

hmmm...i agree with you, recently there's this fairness thing going around with men jumping to but anything that guarantees a white skin. But i think its stupid not to accept the colour with which you were born.
Btw, you right really well:)
interesting topic, and a cute footnote:)(dont mind the word "cute", we, of the opposite gender,love to use this word:P)

A Frivolous Analyser said...

The irony of this world is that the so called whites will remain white and blacks will remain black irrespective of skin colour, yet we blindly trust the fairness products whites manufacture. Can there be a bigger joke than this?

muthu said...

@ Hyperbolic Hues --

Yeah, you are right. Thank you for you comment and the foot note- and yeah, your foot note does add cuteness to the comment. :P

muthu said...

@ A Frivolous Analyser --

well, that's a fresh take on the issue- yeah, most of the cosmetics company are indeed white- Unilever, Maybelline, Loreal - nice point my friend.

And yeah, this is a parody on our (Asian's) identity with skin color.

Bikramjit said...

well even if i use all those creams I doubt if i will be FAIR.. maybe the skin will be but what about the HEART.. if that is not fair then the skin will never be ...

I liked the above comment too, whites want to be brown - brown want to be white..
WELL TOUGH.. we are what we are and thats not gonna change ever ..


muthu said...

@ Bikramjit --

hmhm.... I think its a story of its always greener on the other side of the coast.

And honestly, I think -- the quote, beauty is skin deep is the biggest croak of all time. Its trying to belittle the issue of skin color and replacing the same with morality.

I have nothing against beauty skin deep, in fact I support it but then, as a replacement to our real skin color and physique, I think it holds no real water.

I think the quote should be - Everybody beautiful, but not all everybody sees it.

Now, that's a good answer to people trying to get fair.

hmhm... thank you you have just given me an idea for a tale. :)

(And the above is just my opinion- arguments are in fact invited.)

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