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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good bye my love - A poem


The poem-

Oh! I will forget, just like them fingers in my hand, babe-
As they strum thy guitar strings
Rapid strokes of mambo jambo-
To the rhythm my heart rings.
A single solo I sing,
Of a man gone hollow-
Breathing sorrow- with each and every ping!

Oh … Yeah!  We danced around with words, babe;
Of the few that were said;
One or two- here and there; Nothing more than that;
Too much a-bare; too much to bear;
Like the distant stars in a lonely sky;
We scattered them too much-
And in darkness, they were.
Waiting for you, girl- Just waiting for you.

To reach out with your hand- babe, them five member band;
Thy strumming; ramming at my heart;
For with each and every move, your warm eyes tend to move;
I root alone for me- for you to look at me
And say something- girl.
My jumping parts are praying thy lord;
Say something girl; Just anything, my girl.

Oh yeah! I am just a fool;
Laying in my pool of a few bitter tears- dried long ago,
My last words to you- a simple song for you;
Hewed broken sods- just if you may;
Just before I leave, somewhere away,
Ahoy in a sway!

But my girl- Don’t you worry,
I am never sad- Nothing’s ever bad.
My love for you will always be there; so bitter and so sweet;
Not that I notice- my own parts; of those young and jumping sorts,
Just like I forgot the fingers of my hand,
Strumming along with me,
Humming alone with me,
Good bye, my love –
One last good bye, my love.

Author's note-

Last night as I was listening to Bob Dylan, It stuck me how simple and lucid his lines were, yet so sharp and honest that they carried his pain, anguish, thought across. And hence I was inspired to write the above poem and I dedicate the same poem to his legend. I tried to model the theme of the song around one of my own favorites "Don't think twice, Its alright" by Bob Dylan. I kept the lyrics quite simple. Hope you guys like it.

And for people, who haven't listened to Bob Dylan, Guys, you just don't know what you are missing. Bob Dylan is the guy who gave the lyrics not just meaning but soul. His songs "Blowing in the wind" and "Times they are a-changing" are anti-war revolutions. The man is a cultural icon, his music an ode to the times that there were, the times that will be. Do listen to him.


Well, I have tagged - New technique, since I wrote the poetry more as a song to be sung rather than a poem to be read and yeah, I tagged the same with social problems. I mean what's more than a social problem than a heart break nowadays. What say?? :P


deeps said...

thats a lot of things in one single post !!

muthu said...

Yeah, Like a Bob Dylan song- a Lot of things in a few words... :P

Welcome back to my blog. it has been quite sometime, Since I remember your comments.


jaish_vats said...

While reading I did think its more of a song than a poem and then found your footnote...Good One...And Congrats on winning the silver at the Blogathon :)

muthu said...

@ jaish_vats --

Thanks and Thanks again. :) - So try Bob Dylan. He is the best there is to give the most non-traditional but hard hitting songs. :)

gunjan kumar said...

read your posts ,,,nice one .
_Gunjan Kumar

muthu said...

@ gunjan kumar --

Welcome to my blog. & thank you for you comment. :)

D.Nambiar said...

You've done justice to the inspiration. Your poem was also simple yet profound.
Yessir, to Bob Dylan, I shall pay more attention. :)

muthu said...

@ muthu --

Thanks & Yeah, Bob Dylan, Beatles and Elvis - These guys can always revitalize you - you will just have to allow their music to flow through you. :)

Sabyasachi Patra | Tales from Wild India said...

Nice Lines. "I am never sad"... Great. If this becomes the motto of life....

muthu said...

@ Sabyasachi Patra --

Yeah, but i think it's pretty hard. hmhm.... Even in a way, I think I enjoy some doses of sadness, just to know how great it is to be happy.

And writing about sadness, and poetry about pain is always something that exist as long as there are romantics. :)

What say??

Ghazala Hossain said...

Congrats and many more prizes to you :)

muthu said...

@ Ghazala Hossain --

Thank you and cheers. :)

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