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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Short Stories - Topic "Thy Exam, Thy Fever"

Author's Note -

Quite a while back, I experimented with writing short fictions based on a same theme. I just wanted to explore the same in a mildly different way- Different faces of the same issue. In this case exams. This being the exam season, hope you guys find my fiction relevant.

Short Fiction 1 - The reason to smile !!

"Whats the big smile for?"

The hall examiner asked as he was collecting the answer sheets.

"I just remembered the answer for a question."

"hmhm... But It's of no use. You just submitted your answer sheet & I am not going to give it back to you...

The Student shrugged.

"Yeah I know - But the irony of it .... I cannot help but smile."

Short Fiction 2 - A season of tears

Suddenly she suffocated.

One silly mistake.

Her centum has been ruined by a single silly mistake.

Far once, she felt helpless.

Tears surged. Her vision blurred. Uncontrollable sobs slowly shook her.

Never once - did she cry foul against the education system, that has made her into the memorizing machine that she has become, nor did she find fault with the monstrous emphasis - that has been laid on the exams.

Piece by piece, she slowly broke down. Alone.

Short Fiction 3 - The single right guess !!

The question paper stared back at him.

He gave out a calm sigh.

At peace. At last.

No surprises there.

Of course he knew- he was going to fail. But then, thats no reason to fret.

After all, he did guessed today's subject right. Didn't he???

Fin -

PS- Do try out the original experimentation for short fictions of the same Idea at


Rajlakshmi said...

//After all, he did guessed today's subject right. Didn't he???
// hehe ROFL
nice stories

Raajii said...

Ah - these are very interesting pieces :-)

Anu said...

wonderful take on exams and the different kinds of students!

muthu said...

@ Rajlakshmi --

hihi... One of my friends actually -- mixed up his time table some how & ended up preparing for the wrong exam.. But you know what he did..

He simply wrote the answers he studied to the questions that was asked-

muthu said...

@ Raajii --


muthu said...

@Anu --

thanks... :)

Vinnie said...

hey Muthu!!
remember me? i hope u still do:)

it felt nice to read u here...the same old look n stories...the fiction 3 is funny n reminded me of a guy in college

so hows ur novel coming up?

me is trying to sort back to blogging yaar:)

muthu said...

@ Vinnie -


How are you??

& yeah.. Of course I still do remember you. & what kind a statement is that??

My novel is right now - kind a - replaced by other priorities...

Know what--

It's nice to hear from you after such a longtime...


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