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Saturday, August 21, 2010

In Search Of A Smile-

The Snap-

The Smile-

The sun, mellow with the dews of the left over drizzle from the Rain Goddess who just kissed and kindled his domain- lit me up with warm evening rays. Colors a million in-between the chaos of the Billions. Streaks of Gold and Silver – slithered amidst the vast carpet of the blue sky. Earth, raw brown after its day out with the shower, breathed life into Greens- a cupid's wave of vivid virility. A litany of noise, A cacophony of voice- Vehicles stampeded on their gravel tracks. Life glowed breaking down all it’s barriers. Even the dark ebonite road, reeled in the rainbow in the skies- A wet reflection- A lover’s distant embrace.

A few silent seconds passed unnoticed leaving me alone to take in the loveliness of her highness. Ah…. All I would ever want from a girl- If only I could court her - Princess Dusk. Warm, Caring, Beautiful, Exciting, Unpredictable and always Dependable. May be, being single has its memorable moments. I sighed to myself as I walked past the milieu.

It was then, that something caught my attention. In an evening, as lively as this- Nobody smiled. People drained from the day’s work- seemed rather keen on getting to their destinations than on enjoying the moment- or rather than to share a smile.

Are people really that lost in their everyday lives, that they do not even have time to share a smile. What a weird world- In a world where everyone wants to smile and be joyful, Nobody cares enough to start a simple smile.

Does our personal life blind us from the people around us? I think we cared about what’s around us more when we were kids than now. Somewhere along the way, when we learned to stand for ourselves, we must have lost the zeal to care and love for life around us.

May be, this is the reason- people love kids- who have the innate ability to smile at everyone for no particular reason. Genuine happiness – Explicitly spread.
In getting to know things about life- In growing up and facing things that life throws at us, I think we have lost the ability to be spontaneously happy.

Hahahaha…. Now, that’s what I would like to call a - Precarious Predicament – A smile – mostly satirical in nature escaped from me. Mostly a natural gesture- an end product of thinking too much- May be.
But… But….. Hey wait… I think the old lady who just passed me returned my smile.


Finally, I smiled. So what are you waiting for? Share my smile.

Author's Note-
It has been quite a while, since I blogged. So I wanted to post something warm & lively. I really hope my Post put a smile on your face....

On the Snap of the girl's smile- While was searching for an image- I saw her & I was so caught up with her smile, that I did not have the heart to search on further. Wow -- What a smile !!!


preposterousgirl said...

Yes really.. What a smile the girl has!! :-)

Rajlakshmi said...

glad to see you after a long time :)

muthu said...

@ preposterousgirl --

hmhm.... Some guy is dead lucky !!!

muthu said...

@ Rajlakshmi --

Glad to be back after a long time.. :)

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